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Monday, 22 March 2010

One week on...

This article has been pre-written.

There may have been quite some fall out from last weeks revelations and allegations by me.

One thing it is not is sour grapes.

Tanya Lumby single handedly led a witch hunt to oust me from The BNP, a party thatI supported till my death, and hopefully beyond.

My rapid rise within the local party had been met with jelousy by many within the local network.

Well all that is now over, and no one is bigger than a team or group. Not the Lumbys. Not Titvs. and certainly not Frank Chance. Frank Chance is the sort of person who pushes others to do his dirty work. He is a bigot, a racist


Monday, 15 March 2010


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Friday, 12 March 2010

The “Melon Party”: Is Pink the New Green?

With the Green “Melon Party’s” interest in environmental issues being increasingly eclipsed by its growing fixation on cultivating the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community vote, no few political pundits are wondering whether “pink is the new green”.

For those not “in the know”, the “Melon” appellation alludes to the non-botanical observation that the Marxist Green Party, just like a melon, has a green exterior but is otherwise red throughout.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s the Marxist Green Party were virtually alone in riding shotgun on the environmentalist bandwagon, a ramshackle vehicle from which they purveyed, like 19th century snake-oil vending quacks, a range of half-baked and often contradictory “cure-alls” as environmentalist policy..

Since then practically every party in Britain, including the ever opportunistic and perpetually deceitful Tories, have embraced “environmentalism” to a greater or lesser extent; a development that has severely reduced the Green Party’s potential for organic growth.

Recognising the limitations of their quack environmentalism in light of prevailing real-politics, this Marxist party has now “pitched its yurts” on new ground, the political equivalent of quagmire, that of LGBT politics.

Where this Marxist party chooses to position its political tepees is, of course, wholly a matter for them; we are, naturally, aware that their decision is based entirely on deeply and long held convictions and principles, rather than naked political expediency.

Their choice, it is claimed, has absolutely nothing to do with Brighton’s Pavilion constituency, which boasts Britain’s largest LBGT community, a community that they hope will deliver to them something that green politics so far has failed to – that being a Westminster parliamentary seat.

Yet even this is problematical for them; how they will “square” their avowed support for Islam – a faith notorious for its homophobic attitudes – with their promotion of LBGT issues, remains to be seen.

Respect tried to square this particular circle and failed miserably.

That’s not to say that these Marxists have abandoned serious green politics altogether, but they really do need to address some of their many environmental policy inconsistencies if they are to achieve a modicum of credibility in that sphere.

For instance, on one hand the Marxist “Melon Party” would have us believe that they oppose the Government’s proposed mass house building programme, a programme that threatens to wreck so much of our countryside; on the other hand they have never condemned the mass immigration that is fuelling the demand for so many new homes and which Labour uses to justify their insane proposal.

Although some within the Marxist “Melon Party” are willing to accept overpopulation as a major and growing threat to the environment – they consider the British National Party’s policy to halt immigration as “racist” and even worse, reject any limitations on the free movement of labour between countries.

The Marxist “Melon Party” also clings to the now thoroughly discredited “man-made” global warming quackery, still claiming carbon dioxide to be responsible for non-existent global warming.

The Marxist “Melon Party” claims to champion animal welfare, indeed one of its two MEPs has recently been appointed President of the European Parliament’s cross-party Animal Welfare Intergroup, yet they don’t even acknowledge ritual slaughter as animal abuse, far less condemn it.

On a similar theme, the Marxist “Melon Party” are fully aware of the exemptions enshrined in the various Slaughter Acts which legalise ritual slaughter, yet have never campaigned for the reform of Britain’s inconsistent Slaughter Acts to eliminate these vile inconsistencies.

When questioned as to why the Marxist “Melon Party”, whilst claiming to support animal welfare, ignores the most prolific form of animal abuse practiced in Britain, the following response is often proffered:

“The right of religious minorities in Britain to practice their religion exceeds any animal welfare considerations”.

The British National Party condemns mass immigration as the greatest threat to our native environment bar none; banning immigration and deporting Britain’s estimated one million illegal immigrants makes a mass house building programme unnecessary, thereby negating any need for further encroachment into our countryside..

The British National Party condemns ritual slaughter as blatant and inexcusable animal abuse; it is pledged to amend the Slaughter Acts so as to remove these vile exemptions, thereby ending this foul stain on Britain’s otherwise proud record on animal welfare.

The British National Party recognises climate change as a fact of life that has existed since this planet evolved an atmosphere, but it does not accept “man-made” global warming as anything other than a cynical globalist scam based on dishonest “science”, driven by vested interests and following a political agenda.

Consequently the British National Party believes it can only be to the benefit of genuine environmentalism that the Marxist “Melon Party” has encamped elsewhere.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Time to Recognise the Impact of Islamic Slaving on Britain

Written by Mercia on The BNP website... Memorials to the black victims of European slaving may be found across Britain, but nowhere is there a memorial to the tens of thousands of British victims of Islamic slavers — similarly, whilst European slaving is taught in our schools, Islamic slaving is not; these are inequalities the British National Party is determined to redress.

Such inequalities are also true of other northern countries, such as the United States and Iceland; countries that have also suffered down the centuries from the depredations of the thousand year long Islamic slave trade.

According to a Times newspaper report dated 22nd November 2008:

“It is estimated that well over one million Europeans were seized by the Arab slave traders”; to which should be added “millions of Africans”.

“They captured 353 British ships between 1672 and 1682.”

“Incursion were launched up the Thames estuary as well as along the West Country coastline; Cornish accents emanated from the slave pens of Algiers.”

“The lightly protected vessels of the new United States provided such easy pickings that the future President John Adams concluded it was more sensible to give one gift of two hundred thousand pounds than to risk a million annually in lost trade.”

“By 1800 the US was paying a fifth of its federal revenue in bribes to the Barbary coast.”

In July 1627 Islamic slavers launched a number of large-scale raids on Icelandic coastal communities.

There they seized some four hundred captives for the North African slave markets, herding the “unprofitable” elderly into a church, which was then set on fire.

Arguably the most notorious slaving atrocity within the British Isles occurred on the morning of Monday 2nd June 1637 when, a little before dawn, some 200 Islamic slavers were landed from a fleet of vessels.

They proceeded to surrounded the village of Baltimore, on the coast of County Cork, in southern Ireland.

At the time Baltimore was largely an English plantation community, comprising settlers mainly from Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

This raid was led by a renegade Dutchman, turned Muslim, known by a number of aliases — but perhaps most notoriously as Morat Rais.

The raid netted the “Turkish” slavers fifty children, thirty-four women and around twenty men; it would have been greater had the slavers not been fooled into believing that the militia were close by.

Historical accounts detail how William Gunter was left devastated by the abduction of his wife and seven sons.

They recall how John Harris lost his wife, his mother and three sons.

They tell of how Robert Chimor had his wife and four children snatched away from him.

They relate how Stephen Broadbrook lost his pregnant wife Joane, and his two young children

They detail how Richard Lorye was taken into captivity together with his wife, sister and four children.

They recall how John Ryder, with his wife and two children were also taken.

They tell of how Bessie Flood was captured and how she then escaped, losing her child, never to be seen again, to the slavers.

They relate the bravery of Timothy Curlew and John Davis, who were hacked to pieces whilst attempting to protect their families and of the ingenuity of William Harris and his unnamed neighbour, whose firing of a musket and beating out of a tattoo on a military drum fooled the slavers into believing the militia was approaching, thus hastening their departure and preventing further enslavement.

Other accounts tell of the heroism of the Rev. Devereux Spratt, who later turned down his chance of freedom to remain with his slave congregation in Algiers, where he organised a number of escapes.

Britain has numerous memorials to black victims of European slavers – but none to the tens of thousands of British men, women and children seized from shipping and coastal villages by Islamic slavers.

Similarly, the teaching of the European role in the African slave trade is commonplace — yet the role of Islamists in European slave trading is universally ignored.

These are gross double standards that only a British National Party government will redress.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

EU Can Control all Member Nations’ Economies Says ‘Former Communist’ Commission President

BNP news reports: The European Union has the power in terms of the Lisbon Treaty to control the economies of all its member states, former Communist Party member and now European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has announced.

Mr Barroso said yesterday he was going to use the “full force” of the Lisbon Treaty to impose economic control over every EU nation.

He said that this would be necessary to create “financial stability” within the EU. “The economic crisis is worse than anyone imagined and increased economic inter-dependence demands a more determined response and makes the case for stronger economic governance in the EU,” Mr Barroso said.

“Now we have the Lisbon Treaty, which provides for (economic) policy warnings. The commission intends to use these powers to the full.

“The commission will address country-specific (economic) recommendations to member states and warnings in the case of inadequate responses.”

He said the commission would now draw up economic targets for all member states in five key areas, including employment, poverty reduction and the number of young people attending university.

“Five years ago, at the time of the proposed revision of the Lisbon Treaty, there was strong resistance to the idea of stronger governance in Europe and increased economic co-ordination.

“But now things have changed. There is a much bigger awareness of the need to act together … that is recognised and accepted by all European leaders.

Gordon Brown committed Britain to the Lisbon Treaty and David Cameron is also now committed to it after giving an “iron-clad” guarantee that he would give the public a referendum on the topic.

* The Conservative Party also betrayed its supporters by voting for the re-election of Mr Barroso as European Commission president.

Mr Barroso received a standing ovation from many Conservative MEPs when the result of the vote was announced — despite his membership of the underground Maoist MRPP (Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party, later PCTP/MRPP Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat).


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