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Saturday, 30 May 2009


Absolutely hilarious!!!

View it on YouTube now



Thursday, 28 May 2009

Local Politician "Defects To Aston Villa" By TITVS ADVXAS

Reports that local politician and West Brom fan, Sir Simon Darby was seen wearing a Claret and Blue Aston Villa scarf were quickly dispelled after it was investigated and found to be former Eastenders actor, Todd Carty, sporting a West Ham United Scarf. A close friend of Avid 'Ammer Mr Carty said that he was forever getting phone calls from "some posh sounding bloke calling himself Nick", thinking it was Eastenders co-star Nick Cotton played by actor John Altman.
A spokesman for Aston Villa said that their scarves were quite often mistaken for Scunthorpe and Burnley mascots as well as West Ham scarves. Aston Villa who along with rivals West Brom, who were one of the founder members of The Football League way back in 1888, are only one of four teams in The football league that wears a Claret and Blue kit.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

"You Brits are the laughing stock of the World!" BY TITVS-ADVXAS

I'm having trouble getting my head around this one, I think I've tried to address two blogs worth of topics in just the one blog...
California, The West Coast home of San Fransisco, The 'GAY' Paradise held a referendum (A word alien to Gordon Brown) last November 2008, and voters backed "Proposition 8", a measure to amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman only. Clearly the majority of Californians are not as open minded as we are led to believe.
Fast forward to my blog yesterday about Gay Pride in Birmingham and the 3 DAYS of a disgracefully pro Homosexual activities held by Birmingham City Council (BCC) and again compare this with The BCC (Anti) Saint Georges Day display (a face painter and an old guy in a white tabbard that looked like it was pinched from a shop girl at Timothy Whites or Boots The Chemist! ) Woeful.
Now the population of California alone is about 40Million. The population of UK is about 55Million. California held a referendum on Proposition 8. UK have only ever held a referendum once. That was so far in the past, that anyone aged under 52 was not eligible to vote.
My old school friend Toncus Maximus who emigrated to Canada 15 years ago to escape the UK and it's PC pro homosexual, pro-minority anti-indigenous ideology, and found himself in Toronto (which is actually an even more diverse culture BUT where political correctness is far less outrageous). Toncus told me recently (and managing to remove himself from any UK affiliation) that 'YOU BRITS' are the laughing stock of the world with your political correctness!!

I just wonder, if we held a referendum?
  • How many would back political correctness?
  • How many would back pulling out of The EU?
  • How many would hold a 3 day St Georges Day event as opposed to 3 days of Homosexual profanity?
The majority of 55 million "BRITS" would I think
  1. Oppose Political Correctness
  2. Back withdrawal from The EU AND
  3. Prefer to celebrate St Georges day on a wider scale than it has been!


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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Stabbing victim Keith Brown 'was friend of BNP leader Nick Griffin'
A shaky video from RWB of Sir Nick Griffin, talking about Stoke BNP's Keith Brown, who was allegedly murdered by a neighbour, 50 year old Habib Khan . The following is a transcript from The Times Online Mr Brown was an ordinary family man who loved his country...

A white father-of-seven stabbed to death in the street by his Asian neighbour was a personal friend of the leader of the far-Right British National Party, a murder trial was told today.
One passer-by described seeing a “river of blood” flowing from the body of Keith Brown, 53, who was left dying face-down on the pavement, with his feet near the gutter outside his home, after being stabbed by his next-door neighbour Habib Khan.
Although many Asians could be seen standing in front of the Khans’ grand house in the immediate aftermath of the stabbing, nobody appeared to be tending Mr Brown, according to another witness.
Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, was a mourner at Mr Brown’s funeral. The mother of the dead man’s children, Julia Barker, told a jury: “It was the family who invited him because Keith knew him as a friend as well as what he was.”
She accepted that Mr Brown had become interested in politics and that he and his shaven-headed eldest son Ashley Barker, 20, went out leafleting for the BNP in their native Stoke-on-Trent.
Mrs Barker expressed her strong resentment that the victim and his family were being portrayed as responsible for years of threats, abuse and violence towards their Asian neighbours. She insisted it was the Khans who had threatened the white family.
Mr Khan, 50, and Mr Brown had once worked for the same employer and the pair even shook hands when the Asian man bought two houses close to Mr Brown’s home a few years ago, Mrs Barker said.
Bad feeling arose after Mr Khan demolished the houses and turned the plot into a building site so he could create a large, smart new home.
Mr Khan’s barrister Simon Drew, cross-examining, said: “Keith was vile towards the entire Khan family whenever they came out. He was abusive, racially abusive, frequently. He didn’t like the house. He didn’t like the Khans. He didn’t like the fact they were Asian.
“He did everything he possibly could to be difficult and obstructive towards them. Quite prepared to resort to violence against them if the mood took him.”
Mrs Barker, who was allowed to give her evidence shielded from view behind a heavy curtain, said: “He has nothing against Asians. He spoke to Asians up the road.
“People forget when Ashley was threatened to be burnt and his body would never be found; Keith \[was\] threatened to be killed by Mr Khan. That’s what you seem to forget. It’s like we are the guilty ones.”
Mrs Barker said the couple’s 10-year-old son Conor had a brick thrown at him last year. Mr Brown had told her that Mr Khan once tried to knock him over. The dead man had a video disc which showed footage of the Khan family coming onto Mr Brown’s property trying to attack him, she told the jury at Stafford Crown Court. “I’ve seen Keith shouting,” she said.
“I’m not disputing that fact. ’Bastard’, yeah, but nothing like racism. There were arguments both ends.”
Mrs Barker described the afternoon last July when Mr Brown was stabbed. She recalled how she had struggled to keep her screaming children indoors as their father lay on the pavement and Ashley tried to escape from the Khans by hiding under a car. Witnesses described seeing Mr Khan’s white ethnic clothing stained with Mr Brown’s blood from waist to foot.
A police statement by Sean Perry, a passer-by, was read to the jury. He described seeing seven or eight sari-clad females screaming and crying outside the Khans’ house with six or seven Asian males. The white man was lying on the pavement He was not moving and no one seemed to be attending to him,” Mr Perry stated. After being told the dying man’s name, Mr Perry attempted to help.
“I tried speaking to this man by calling his name Keith and asking him to stay with me,” he stated. Steven Oultram, another passer-by, in a statement, said that a river of blood appeared to pour from Mr Brown as he lay face-down.
He also noticed Ashley Barker wandering about in a daze with “two large holes in the back of his head that were bleeding”. The jury has heard that Mr Barker was hit with bricks and a metal bar in an attack by two of Mr Khan’s sons.
From the Brown family home, Mr Oultram could hear a woman’s voice saying: “Oh my God, they have killed him.” Zahid Mahmood, a neighbour who was driving by, also came to Mr Brown’s aid. Mr Mahmood, who used to teach children in a mosque, told the jury he knew Mr Khan from his work in that place of worship.
“He does work in the community,” he said. Mr Mahmood praised Mr Khan, a longstanding family friend, as a hard-working family man who contributed significantly to the local community, peaceful, peace-loving, balanced and sensible in any situation.
“Highly regarded in the community, an honest gentleman, non-aggressive and somebody who would help you if you approached him,” Mr Mahmood said. Mr Khan denies murder. He and his son Azir Habib Saddique, 24, both deny wounding Ashley Barker.
Another son, Khazir Habib Saddique, has admitted wounding Mr Barker.

The trial continues.
God only knows what will happen if this man gets away with it...
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Monday, 25 May 2009


A previous years' parade

On my St Georges day post (23rd April 2009), I highlighted the absurd way in which Birmingham City Council (BCC) in the name of political correctness, celebrates all the non-British non-Christian events, and barely touches upon British events or Christian events.

A recap:Dates that will be actively celebrated in Birmingham in 2009 are as follows:

Sunday 1st February Chinese New Year

Sunday 15th March St Patrick’s Day

Saturday 25th April St Georges Day

Late April Vaisakhi

Saturday 23rd to 25th May Gay Pride

Monday 25th Lord Mayors Show

Mid July Eid Mela

Early September Gardeners Weekend

Late September Eid Al Fithr

Saturday 10th October World Mental Health Day

Mid November Diwali and Christmas Lights

Mid November to December Frankfurt Market

Thursday 31st December New Years Eve Fireworks

This weekend (23rd to 25th May 2009) BCC held a real humdinger of a celebration for that most unnatural of all beasts, The Homosexual. Gay Pride saw a whole section of The City Centre cordoned off with no motor access at all within the so-called Chinese quarter/Gay triangle, and a massive march through the city. At midnight, I (the family taxi driver) went to collect my daughter and wife, who had been out clubbing.
It was gridlocked. I waited for 30 minutes to drive the short distance down Bromsgrove Street from Bristol Street to Sherlock Street.
The whole situation is totally appalling, and for those of us who witnessed the shenanigans, just sickening. Totally sickening.
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It had to happen. The most popular political website in The UK, The BNP Website has been bought down by a Denial of Service attack. In layman's English, a whole ship load of Baddy Computers have requested access from the BNP computers, to a degree that we couldn't cope. A bit like the amount of grit we had in the UK this year to combat the extended cold weather spell. It appears that The Russian Mafia may be to blame for this! The attack started on Saturday night apparently, and as I write The BNP site is still down. Emails sent to bnp.org.uk addresses have been bounced back to me as "undeliverable"

From Sir Simon Darby's Blogspot website:
"The main BNP website is currently down due to a massive Denial of Service Attack. The site was attacked last night, at one point dealing with 28 million hits, but we managed to block out the traffic which was emanating from Eastern Europe and Russia.The size of the assault today is unparalleled and there is no doubt that whoever has organised this has had to pay out a serious amount of money to the criminal underworld.On Friday the servers of Clear Channel, part of a huge conglomerate that provides billboard advertising, suffered a similar attack. Their IT professionals tracked the criminal activity back to a notorious "anti-fascist" organisation openly aligned to the Labour Party and supported by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. This organisation was protesting at the decision by Clear Channel to allow the BNP to display advertising in support of our European Election Campaign.As a consequence of the criminal actions against Clear Channel we understand that their legal team is currently in the process of issuing writs against the perpetrators which as well as civil actions will involve the possibility of potential criminal charges including racketeering"

Simon is allowing BNP news to be posted on his site whilst the crisis is being dealt with. Its times like this that we need a back up email list eg FredSmith@bnp.org.uk AND FredSmith@hotmail.com . To that end I have added a few extra names I have seen as CC emails to my own circulation list. (I will always try to send my circulations as BCC emails, so don't worry, your alter ego is secure!) So if you receive emails from me at two addresses or would like to, then:
  1. dont panic.
  2. perhaps keep two addresses for your self available in the future.
  3. so that these addresses remain in the private domain, send bulk emails as BCC with both the CC and TO field empty. That means you receive an email addressed to 'UNDISCLOSED RECIPIENT'


UPDATE:FROM SIMON DARBYS SITE...At 13:36 Monday we can now confirm that following on from the sustained denial of service attack on the main BNP website (http://www.bnp.org.uk/) we can now confirm the following:

  1. The Counter Terrorism Unit at Scotland Yard is now investigating.
  2. MI5 have now been alerted to this incident which has serious implications for UK security.
  3. The Labour Party aligned "Searchlight" organisation is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for a similar attack on the servers of Clear Channel.

The situation is compounded by the fact that "Searchlight" actually works for the Metropolitan Police.

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Sunday, 24 May 2009


(l-r) Derek Conway, Andrew Mackay and Malcolm Bruce
MPs' expenses: Cash secrets of the politicians who keep it in the family
Full details of how MPs and their families have taken advantage of the taxpayer-funded expenses system are disclosed for the first time today.

An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has established that many of the MPs – more than 200 in total – who employ relatives have been able to claim extra expenses as a result of the arrangement.
Some have been able to claim money for a main home, in addition to their second home, because their spouse works there on parliamentary business.

Others have been paid from public funds for items for spouses, or have taken advantage of second home allowances to provide relatives with a free place to stay.
One MP was allowed to claim taxpayers’ money to run a “constituency office” 330 miles from his constituency.
Today’s disclosures will add to the furore over the use of parliamentary expenses and put more MPs under pressure to repay money.
Yesterday, two MPs named in the Telegraph investigation – Andrew Mackay, David Cameron’s former parliamentary aide, and Ian McCartney, the former Labour Party Chairman – announced that they were leaving parliament at the next election.
Mr Mackay’s wife Julie Kirkbride, also a Conservative MP, is among those whose expense claims are highlighted today. She allowed her brother to stay rent-free at the couple’s taxpayer-funded apartment in Bromsgrove, West Midlands. Tory sources insisted that no rules had been broken.
Two other Labour MPs, Linda Gilroy and David Kidney, said yesterday that they were paying back £1,891 and £2,450 respectively after errors involving claims for council tax. Neither has yet featured in the Telegraph investigation.
Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, faced criticism after claiming that the “systematic humiliation” of MPs was a threat to Britain’s democracy. John Mann, a Labour MP who has published his own expenses details for four years, said: “I totally disagree with the Archbishop of Canterbury. The public has a right to know.
“If Parliament and the political parties handle this well, a lot of good will come out of this.” An ICM opinion poll showed that two-thirds of voters want Gordon Brown to call a general election before Christmas.
Today’s disclosures include:
Malcolm Bruce, the president of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, was able to claim thousands of pounds towards the running of both his London flat and his constituency home in Scotland. The MP, whose wife, Rosemary, works for him from their home on Deeside, was paid nearly £3,100 towards his Scottish home as well as more than £61,186 for his London home between April 2005 and March 2008.
Derek Conway, the MP who lost the Conservative whip after he employed his son at Westminster, despite there being no evidence that he did any work, spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on two family homes. He was allowed to claim taxpayers’ money on a family house in Northumberland after telling Commons officials he did parliamentary work there, even though it is 330 miles away from his Commons seat of Old Bexley and Sidcup, in south-east London.
Michael Clapham, a Labour MP, claimed £210 for a pair of glasses for his wife, Yvonne, on his taxpayer-funded office allowance. Mrs Clapham works for him as his assistant. He also claimed £64.93 on the office budget for dinner services and £19.97 for an iron.
The disclosures raise further questions about the system that allows MPs to employ family members at a total cost to the taxpayer estimated at up to £5.8 million a year. Other legislatures, including the United States Congress, the European Parliament and national parliaments in several European countries, have passed measures banning elected representatives from employing relatives.
Last night Mr Mackay, after being summoned to a meeting with Mr Cameron yesterday, said he would not stand as a candidate for Bracknell at the next election because he did not want to be a “distraction”. The MP, who was barracked by voters at a meeting in his constituency on Friday night, said: “I understand why people are angry. I hope my decision to step down goes some way to showing my constituents how sorry I am about my own situation.”
Mr McKay earlier stepped down as Mr Cameron’s aide after an internal Tory investigation established that he and his wife were making claims that meant they effectively had two second homes, both funded with public money.
Mr McCartney, meanwhile, said he had “agonised over a truly traumatic decision of retiring early from the only job I have ever loved”. His friends said he was quitting as MP for health reasons, linked to heart surgery two years ago. Mr McCartney spent £16,000 furnishing and decorating his designated second home but paid the money back two years later.


Chief Superintendent ENTER NAME

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you following the announcement by Sir Paul Stephenson, the Scotland Yard Commissioner, that police are prepared to initiate formal criminal inquiries into MPs’ expenses after disclosures by The Daily Telegraph. I wish that you to investigate my local MP (NAME OF MP) for fraudulent expense claims highlighted by The Daily Telegraph

(Cut & Paste or Enter details from The Daily Telegraph here)

As you have read, some of the fraudulent claims have been spotted and repaid by the house of commons fees office, but nevertheless, Theft is theft and Fraud is Fraud, whether the item is repaid or not.

I am fearful of retribution from (NAME OF MP) or their ‘friends’, so, should you proceed with this enquiry, I expect that none of my personal details are disclosed to (NAME OF MP) or their counsel, despite their apparent standing in the community.
I await your response.

Yours Sincerely

As Published

Islamist Mobs Destroying Democracy in Britain

Straight from the main BNP website:

Islamist Mobs Destroying Democracy in Britain: Threaten to Attack BNP Billboards

Two British National Party election advertisement billboards in different parts of the country came under threat from mobs of Islamists this afternoon. One billboard was covered up after the mob intimidated the police by threatening to attack.
The first sign of trouble came in the West Midlands where an Islamist mob emerged from a local mosque after Friday prayers - where they had possibly been stirred up during the sermon - and threatened a BNP billboard advertising ‘British jobs for British workers,’ according to BNP press officer Simon Darby.
“The police were called in to protect the billboard, which they did, despite the mob taunting them, threatening Jihad and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and other such militant Islamist slogans,” Mr Darby said.
“The outbreak of militancy appears to have been coordinated, because at almost the same time, a BNP advertising billboard in Luton was surrounded by a similar mob. They were also shouting Islamist slogans and carrying items which were clearly intended to be used to set fire to it,” he continued.
“The billboards do not even mention Islam or Islamism, and merely call for British people to be given jobs, so the cause of the Islamist militancy obviously lies elsewhere,” he said.
According to Mr Darby, the local police in Luton then ordered that the billboard be covered up “for public safety.”
“In other words, mobs can threaten violence in the street and instead of being arrested, the police and authorities cower down and submit to whatever these mobs want,” Mr Darby said.
“Forcing the BNP to cover up its billboard underlines the fact that Britain is being colonised by Islam and that this is leading to the suppression of democracy.
“This is what the immigration policies of successive Tory and Labour governments have created: A situation where a violent mob of Islamists can dictate to the public which party they have a right to hear.”
Mr Darby said the BNP was not going to be intimidated into backing down. “We have too much at stake,” he said. “We are the only party which opposes the Islamification of Britain and we will not be put off by threats of violence from these people.
“The BNP will never stop until it has reclaimed this land for its indigenous people, so those who seek to destroy Britain had better accept this or leave.”

Friday, 22 May 2009


Clockwise from top left. Speakers John Salvage, Marlene Guest & Paul Kent;
Mike Bell at Dudley Port BNP Poster, Team Black Country, Arthur Copson. Centre, Anne Willets.

Team Black Country BNP highlighted its final pre-Euro-elections meeting with the ever vocal and emotive Marlene Guest, whose speech had the packed room in tears of laughter and sadness as she told her story of campaigning in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. In the absence of Ken Griffiths, who is awaiting an operation today (Best wishes Ken!), fund holder Gordon Howells started the meeting off. John Salvage gave us a glowing epitaph of super activist Anne Willets, who passed on recently, and the room held a vigilant minute silence for her. In between Mr Salvage and Ms Guest, we heard from Walsall lad Paul Kent with another gritty speech from the heart. Gordon announced that the meeting had raised £250 for the funds, including proceeds from a raffle. Amongst the raffle winners was another local hero, evergreen Arthur Copson.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Just what we've been waiting for BY TITVS-ADVXAS

The Glaswegian Grin

TELEGRAPH.co.uk Tuesday 19 May 2009
Steve McCabe

Steve McCabe, a New Labour whip, over-claimed on his mortgage by £4,059 during the course of two years before a parliamentary official discovered what he had done, his expenses files showed.
For 10 months in 2005-06, Mr McCabe claimed for capital repayments on his mortgage, which is expressly forbidden, instead of the interest repayments on the loan.The wrongful claims, which totalled £1,736, led to a three-month investigation in the parliamentary fees office. Officials went back through four years’ worth of expenses submitted by the MP for Birmingham Hall Green and found that he also over-claimed by £2,323 in 2004-05. No action was taken against Mr McCabe and instead the £4,059 was deducted from subsequent claims.
Mr McCabe, 53, lives with Fiona Gordon, who was Gordon Brown’s political secretary until recently, in a flat in Walworth, south London. He nominated the flat as his second home for the purposes of his expense claims. Mr McCabe also has a house in Birmingham, which he bought for £57,000 in 2000.His claims came to light in March 2006 when he submitted an invoice for 10 months’ mortgage payments that came to more than £5,000. He included a copy of his mortgage statement.An official at the fees office spotted a discrepancy and wrote in a file: “Today we received 10 monthly claims and a copy of mort. int. statement which appears to suggest that S McC is claiming more than the mortgage interest. Will write and ask for a reimbursement.”Officials sent a letter to Mr McCabe, which said: “You are claiming an amount of £515 per month for mortgage interest. However, based on the information on the statement, it would appear that the mortgage interest payable should be approximately £338.19 per month.”The file goes on to note that Mr McCabe “agreed that he has claimed the wrong amount. He has asked me to reduce the claims to reflect the correct amount... we will now need to go back to Oct 03 to work out how much he has overclaimed in the past”.Another note on the file, added in June 2006, said: “04/05 overclaim of £2,323. letter sent.”The fees office was happy to accept Mr McCabe’s explanation that he had claimed the wrong amount in error, and agreed to deduct the money from future claims.Between 2004 and 2008, Mr McCabe claimed £54,699 in expenses for his second home, on which he has a £60,000 mortgage. The claims included £5,500 for a new kitchen. Mr McCabe said: “I did make an error in my claim and, as the letter from the fees office shows, this money was repaid in a deduction from my next claim. I am more than happy for my claims to be examined by the independent auditor.”
Steve McCabe
Job: Government whipSalary: £89,522
Total second home claims
2004-05: £14,010
2005-06: £11,488
2006-07: £12,092
2007-08: £17,109
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Monday, 18 May 2009

Press Bias & The London Daily News BY TITVS-ADVXAS

BNP Poster on LDN website
Screenshot of LDN web poll

Are my eyes deceiving me?

Well the day started off, as TITVS, the family taxi driver, was taking his PATER to East Birmingham Hospital (aka Heartlands Hospital) where he was a day patient. Whilst waiting, MATER showed him the scandalous lies on today's page 11 of THE SUN. Not believing their own son, TITVS texted a member of The BNP, who confirmed that Adam Walker would never say those things about The Gurkha's and that The BNP support all facets of The Armed forces, and their pledge that The Armed Forces will be built back up, to defend our shores and our shores alone. I daresay that if in the future, say New Zealand, Canada or Australia became threatened by a foreign power, That we would be there to help them, just as they Canada and The ANZACS did with us in WW1&2, but we wouldn't support an illegal war, if say NZ decided to invade Easter Island for no other reason than Easter Island were stockpiling Easter Eggs Of Mass Destruction!
Furthermore, Nick Griffin reports in Operation Fightback that The BNP will be taking legal action against The Scum Newspaper, who we now hear have withdrawn the article...

Then the real shock: I then received an email from a good friend in Solihull. Linked to thelondondailynewsdotcom which is the online remnants of the short lived THE LONDON DAILY NEWS. I assume that The LDN does have right wing tendancies (or they are setting us up for a sting or a fall)

BNP set for record win on June 4 Euro elections

News DeskThe far-right British National Party is projected in a London Daily News poll to gain around 30 per cent of the vote in London which would result in up to 2-3 MEPs in the capital, and 7-8 MEPs nationally.Conservative activists who have been canvassing aggressively the last weeks have been reporting a "stark increase" in BNP support on the doorsteps alarming many Tory grandees that the right wing of politics is being hijacked by the far right BNP.The scandal over MPs expenses has eclipsed any concerns over immigration in the capital according to canvassers from the main political parties, and a "political meltdown" for the main political groups could take place on June 4, if voters do not turn out.The London Daily News poll of 4433 votes shows the following:

Labour : 7.76% (345)

Conservative : 41.79% (1857)

Liberal Democrat : 13.46% (598)

Green : 1.91% (85)

BNP : 29.91% (1329)

UKIP : 2.72% (121)

Other : 2.45% (109)

If the BNP was to win the projected 7 seats nationally according to reports, it would lead a "European nationalists" block in the European Parliament led by BNP leader Nick Griffiths, with the group being entitled to £5 million in political funding from the EU.The following days will see a concerted campaign by the main political parties to undermine the efforts of the BNP with an attempt to dissuade voters to "waste their vote" by voting for the BNP. Labour has already started a "Stop the BNP" leaflet which is being distributed to local parties nationally. The Daily Telegraph ran a story that most of the BNPs new support is from disgruntled Labour voters:"The Labour Party used to stand for what we believe in. Now, no way. It's not just immigration that has changed; it's our way of life. We're becoming a Third World country in Europe with no influence, no power and the people not knowing anything about their own history." Sources within the Conservative hierarchy are "so concerned" by the BNP that publicly they do not even refer to it, and just refer to the BNP as "that evil party".

The European Parliamentary elections June 4 will be run with a proportional representation method

Sunday, 17 May 2009


I am again speechless! This NEW LABOUR MP who was awarded a knighthood for services to Parliament in the Queen's Birthday Honours in 2004 seems to have made his claims to just within the maximum, and in one instance given below to within 6p of the maximum, yet he also claims he didn't understand his gas bill.
Sir Gerald Kaufman and his Regents Park flat

Sir Gerald Kaufman's £1,800 rug and an £8,865 claim for a television: MPs' expenses

Sir Gerald Kaufman charged the taxpayer £1,851 for a rug he imported from a New York antiques centre and tried to claim £8,865 for a television.

The former environment minister was asked to attend a meeting with officials from the parliamentary fees office to discuss details of another claim relating to £28,834 of work on the kitchen and bathroom at his London flat.
He told them that the work was necessary because he was “living in a slum”, though his second home, off Regent’s Park, is in one of the most fashionable areas of the capital. He was eventually reimbursed for £15,329. On one occasion he asked a civil servant “why are you querying these
expenses?” and on another threatened to make a complaint unless a dispute was settled by noon on the day in question. In one document, an official in the fees office noted that invoices Sir Gerald had submitted took him to “within 6p” of his annual limit. He also claimed £1,262 for a gas bill that was £1,055 in credit.
Between 2001 and 2008 the Manchester Gorton MP, one of the Labour party’s longest-serving members, claimed a total of £115,109 in additional costs allowances on his London flat, which he owns outright. In June 2006, he submitted a claim for three months’ expenses totalling £14,301.60, which included £8,865 for a Bang & Olufsen Beovision 40in LCD television. The maximum amount MPs are allowed to claim for TVs is £750.
On July 7, 2006 the fees office wrote to Sir Gerald to say: “I regret to inform you that this item falls within the not allowable category of luxurious furnishings, and as such has been rejected.”
He was paid £750.
In March 2007 Sir Gerald submitted a claim for £1,461.83 for a “second-hand rug replacing 24-year-old carpet”, with an additional £389.91 for “customs duty on rug”, which was paid. The receipt showed that Sir Gerald bought the rug from the Showplace Antique Centre on West 25th Street in Manhattan for $2,750. The Green Book strictly forbids “antique, luxury or premium grade” furnishings.
Later that year, on Dec 29, Sir Gerald, who was knighted in 2004, submitted an invoice from ABC Carpets in Harrods for £598, which was also paid.
A note of a telephone conversation between Sir Gerald, 78, and an official in the fees office, states that his reasons for claiming £28,834 for home improvements between 2005 and 2007 were: “Old flat, facilities out of date, decrepit, health reasons, update, living in slum.” Sir Gerald added that he had “not carried out any repairs/maintenance for 32 years”.
Sir Gerald was also challenged over regular claims for “odd jobs” which he submitted without receipts at a rate of £245 every month — £5 below the then limit for unreceipted expenses. He replied: “Why are you querying these expenses?”
On May 18, a senior official in the fees office noted details of another conversation about the kitchen and bathroom, saying: “MP believes that I have seen a detailed breakdown of the £12,416.51 claim he has submitted [for that financial year]… MP is becoming agitated and will be making an official complaint against me, if this matter is not resolved by 12 noon today.” When detailed invoices were submitted, they included £575 for undertile heating in the shower room and £2,695 for Bosch and Miele kitchen appliances. Sir Gerald was asked to attend a meeting with officials on the matter and the fees office eventually agreed to pay him £15,329 of the £28,834. Sir Gerald accepted, saying that he wanted to “draw a line under the issue”.
In June last year Sir Gerald submitted a £1,262 claim for his gas bill, covering the period March 2006 to May 2008. The fees office pointed out that his gas account was £1,055.60 in credit, and only agreed to pay £122.46.
A note in the file on July 10, 2008 quotes Sir Gerald as saying: “I received a letter from [official] saying not pay as is credit. I paid £1,252 THIS year so want reimbursing!!!”
The fees office wrote to him on July 14 to say: “You might wish to ask British Gas to repay you the credit.”
Sir Gerald’s claims between 2004 and June 2008 also included £19,200 for food — close to the maximum — and £4,692 for cleaning.
Last night Sir Gerald offered to repay the money for the rug and admitted that his claim for the £8,000 television was “a bit daft”.
He said that his flat had been in need of complete refurbishment because he had “neglected” it over the years and he had overclaimed for the gas bill because he “misunderstood” the invoice.
He said that his odd jobs bill was actually more than £245 a month, so he had claimed close to the limit. His food claim was “appropriate” because his job meant he often had to “spend a lot of money” eating out, he added.
Sir Gerald Kaufman
Job: backbench Labour MP
Salary: £64,766
Total second home claims
2004-05: £16,085
2005-06: £21,634
2006-07: £21,420
2007-08: £13,558
TITVS says that this man should be:
Remember, If you or I made a similar "mistake" in our DSS benefits claim, we would be:
  • interviewed under caution
  • lose our entire livelihood (currently £48 per week for basic single person income support)
  • get a criminal record to boot
  • Furthermore, if we were say living on the proceeds of crime, all our assets would be frozen and utilised by the government following our conviction!

Compare GERALD KAUFMAN MP to RUSSELL GREEN BNP (yesterday's blog).

There's no comparison is there? Mr Green is an honorable, honest and decent man. Kaufman is a NEW LABOUR MP (and no further description is required)

Because they both float to the top, there's only one way to separate THE CREAM (The BNP) from THE SCUM (The LIB/LAB/CON):



Saturday, 16 May 2009

BNP Councillor Publishes 'IN-excessive' Expenses BY TITVS ADVXAS

Day after day this month we have seen the utter greed of our MP's on the front pages of our tabloids and broadsheets, due mainly but not entirely to The Daily Telegraph. Any anger that we had about the vast amounts our local football stars receive for 5 days of golf practice and 90 minutes of abysmal letdowns, has been fully and deservedly redirected at those Disgustingly Blase Westminster Swine Trough Merchants. Anyone who saw a smarmy faced Margaret Beckett on Question Time will by now be wishing to reintroduce The Death Penalty for them...

How refreshing it was amongst all this to see the expense claims of Mister Sandwell, Russ Green, a BNP Councillor for THREE years, published for all to see on THE BLACK COUNTRY PATRIOT Blog

"Cllr Russ Green comes clean" !

As we see the shocking level of depravity that the Lib,Lab,Con greedy, self serving pigs in Westminster have descended to, Councillor Russ Green thought it was time to give all the details of his own income :-
Annual income £14,793,
Net income £880 per month
Expenses claimed :-
Travel £0,00
food £0,00
Nappies £0,00
moat maintenance £0,00
Cat food £0,00
40-inch flat screen TV £0,00
Bath plugs £0,00
Gardening services £0,00
Fireplaces £0,00

Cllr Russ Green has not claimed a single penny in expenses in three years as a Councillor !

Every Lib,Lab,Con Councillor at Sandwell Council has taken full advantage of free state of the art computers, combined with hand held mobile computers and accessories,
Councillor Russ Green is the only Councillor at Sandwell Council that has refused to accept such extravagances,
Councillor Russ Green uses his own computer and pays for his own connection to the internet !

Like other BNP councillors across the land he has claimed £0.00 in expenses whatsoever

Vote for honesty and decency ! Vote for the "BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY" on June the 4th !

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Friday, 15 May 2009

More Celebrity Stalkers BY TITVS ADVXAS

Following my recent revelation that The blog of my alter ego 'Clark Kent' is followed by Sandwell Celebrity Councillor Russell 'Hi De Hi' Green, I have today seen that The TITVS ADVXAS CENTVRION OF TRVTH blog figures TWICE in BNP deputy supremo Simon Darby's TOP LIVE FEEDS, at position ONE and SEVEN...
Bring back TOP OF THE POPS...

P.S. Viewers of this blog may have noticed that I am slipping BNP and other stuff all over the blog. I am learning slowly how to manipulate html code. It is quite easy to amend and alter existing things and then add it to your blog. What I cant do yet is write stuff from scratch. If any reader wants help in doing this, then email me titvs.advxas@gmail.com I cant promise I will be able to do it, but I can try...


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Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Sheer Obscenity By TITVS ADVXAS

The real obscenity of the unfolding MP's Expenses scandal is not just wide ranging types of claim and their utterly unprecedentedly large values. To me it's the blatant retort from each and every one of them that "It's within the rules" coupled with the fact that these thieves, liars and cheats can simply write out a cheque for the full amount, further proof that these claims are unwarranted and unnecessary.
The highest ones made public so far being £66,000 from NEW LABOUR and ANTI BNP Muslim MP, Shahid Malik, £41,000 in the case of NEW LABOUR's Phil Hope and £22,500 for NEW LABOUR's Margaret Moran. Today's expulsion from
NEW LABOUR of Elliot Morley by PM Gordon Brown is the latest embarrassment for the premiere.
Published from the BNP website is this about our old friend MP Shahid Malik

Muslim Labour MP Shahid Malik, who spends most of his time campaigning against the British National Party or predicting a totally Islamified Britain, has been revealed as the biggest swindler of them all, ripping off taxpayers more than any other single member of parliament.
Mr Malik, who incredibly is also “Justice Minister” (we wonder what type of “justice”), has been exposed as claiming thousands of pounds in taxpayer allowances on his second home while renting his main home at a heavily discounted rate. Mr Malik claimed £66,827 over three years on his house in London (£18,173 less than its original purchase price) while renting his main home in Dewsbury at a discounted rent of less than £100 a week.
Last year, he claimed £23,083 from the taxpayer for his London town house, equivalent to £443 per week. Mr Malik’s arrangement means he pays below market rent for his main home while billing taxpayers thousands for his second home in London.
The MP for Dewsbury also claimed for thousands of pounds’ worth of furniture and electrical equipment including £2,600 for a home cinema system - which was cut in half by the Commons Fees Office - and £730 for a massage chair.
Other items Mr Malik has claimed for include a £671 fireplace, a leather daybed sofa and a £510 fitted wardrobe. He attempted to make claims for an iPod and portable DVD player but these were rejected by the fees office as outrageous even by their already twisted standards.
Laughably, Mr Malik, who just last week took part in a coordinated media smear campaign against the BNP, defended himself by blaming the Fees Office rules.
“The expenses system is flawed,” Mr Malik said in his defence. “I have not broken any rules.”
Mr Malik confirmed that he had put a claim in for a home cinema system costing £2,600.
“I rang the Fees Office and asked if there was a limit to what I could spend before I bought a TV and they said ‘No’. I did think at the time that was madness,” he said, ignoring the fact that he still willingly participated in this “madness.”
Mr Malik also faces allegations over the fact that his landlord in Dewsbury, millionaire Tahir Zaman, was fined in 2005 for letting a house to a family of five despite a council enforcement order classing the building as “uninhabitable.”
Mr Zaman also received more than £4,000 a year from Mr Malik for renting out his constituency office to him. The money is funded from a separate system of parliamentary expenses.
In what is possibly one of the most incredible revelations to date, Mr Malik also claimed £65 for a court summons for council tax non-payment, making the taxpayer pick up the tab for the fines incurred by his personal unpaid debts.
Mr Malik is possibly most famous for predicting a totally Islamified Britain. At least he has given us the ability to see what type of standards we can expect once this happens.
* Yet another former Labour cabinet minister, Clare Short, has admitted claiming thousands of pounds to which she was not entitled.
Miss Short claimed the full cost of her mortgage for two and half years despite being only entitled to charge for the interest.
When the mistake was spotted in 2006 by the Commons Fees Office, Miss Short wrote to officials saying they should “accept some responsibility for the situation” for not spotting her error earlier. In total the ex-Labour MP claimed £8,436 more than she was entitled to.
Miss Short submitted regular claims towards decorating at her second home, including hundreds of pounds’ worth of work on a summer house and conservatory, as well as her porch, patio and kitchen. She also charged more than £1,500 for repainting costs.
Miss Short expressed regret to the media, telling them that the revelations “may increase the vote for the BNP.”

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Nick Griffin introduces The BNP County Council Broadcast 2009

BNP County Council Broadcast 2009 from BNPtv on Vimeo.

A real tear jerker, ex-soldier Mike Moseley on the betrayal of our troops from all sides. With only one exception, The British National Party, The only political party that fully supports our troops...

The Betrayal of Our Soldiers from BNPtv on Vimeo.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Many Apologies By TITVS-ADVXAS

Yesterday's blog started with "I make no apologies for yet another pertinent article", but today, in view of the stance of my political party over overseas aid, I must apologise for the banner advert headlining my blog today which links to an overseas aid advert (operation-smile). In reading through the Adsense stuff (Adsense is the opt-in scheme that google operates to place adverts on your blog pages and supposedly earn you revenue, which incidentally at the moment is a hefty $0.00 since April 1st 2009!!) it seems that Adsense adverts scan your blogs and match key wording to key wording in their adverts file. (Yes I am lost too!!)
I suppose that if in a blog I written that "I were feeling down or blue, and said I was going to go to UCI to see a movie, to cheer myself up", then I would have Blue Movie in the key words and hence there'd probably be scurrilous link with an advert for Viagra or Penis Enlargement. (Both of which I would probably need, but lets not go there...)
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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Punish The Pigs! By TITVS-ADVXAS

I make no apologies for yet another pertinent article Cut & Paste directly from The BNP website.

Britain Needs Fairness, Not Fear

Britain today is a society living in fear. Our society is overcrowded, splintered and bankrupt. We stand on the brink of destruction.
In the face of these pressures, we all need to stand up for each other. The greedy political pigs of the Labour/Tory/Lib-Dem Party only work in their own interests, stealing your money for their “expenses,” “second/third homes” and other outrageous “legalised theft” from your pocket.

Only the BNP will bring an end to this Westminster thievery.

Only the BNP will bring an end to this EU madness which costs us £5 billion per year.

Only the BNP will bring an end to the swamping of our nation by mass immigration.

Only the BNP will bring an end to the fear of the future which marks modern Britain.

For this reason, we must all work together to make sure the BNP wins a seat in the European Parliament this year.
You can make a pledge to help the BNP succeed. You can give just £3 to the BNP by texting the word “donate” to 60777. Do it now, and help us bring the political pigs to book

Come the day that The BNP are in power, this abuse of expenses should be fully paid back to the public purse, and, like when The Inland Revenue get their teeth into someone, with punitive interest charges. If Keith Vaz, for example, had to sell one of his 3 homes to do this, then that's what he should do!
In my old job, I worked all over the country. If I wanted to stay overnight I would have to pay my own hotel expenses out of my own pocket. My wages were probably less than one quarter of the basic rate MPs

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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My Maiden Speech BY TITVS ADVXAS

Although I've written quite a few essays and published several on here and on other sites, last night was the first time I'd ever spoken in public. This speech draws directly from the essay about my grandfather called "Heroes". My opening joke about poor eyesight and then turning over what I'd just read in ultra large type was noticed and got a few giggles, and I also received applause during the speech after referring to my grandfather, and the betrayal of us all by New Labour in the name of Real Labour. As The speech progressed, it became easier for me, although a couple of blunders (which went unnoticed because no-one knew who I was talking about) and moments of getting tongue tied, I eventually tried to ad lib but I still needed more than a few references to my speech. Its not as easy as professional speakers like Simon Darby, Nick Griffin, and Arthur Kemp make it look. Having the ability to talk from memory drawing reference to all manner of information from memory is a discipline and an art form. I'm told its like losing your virginity, the first time you splutter a lot, but the more times you do it, the easier it becomes and the better you are at doing it...

Here's the transcript of my speech as it should have gone...



You worry at my age when your eyes go and you need larger print [TURN PAGE 3]

Now like most of you, I’m just an ordinary guy, a Brummie, a Midlander, an Englishman

I was born in Sparkbrook. To be exact, a few doors away from The now solitary Pub, The Brewer & Baker at Camp Hill, standing overlooking the Blues ground.

Let’s just take a minute here to reflect on the weekends results and congratulate one of our local teams for their success and congratulate The Blues for promotion along with The Wolves.

Now all that’s left of that old house now is a bush, so yes I was born under a bush!!
As a little boy there I can remember my granddad,
· Here was a brave young man who was an old contemptible,
· A man who fought in the muddy trenches of Belgium and France,
· A man who as a prisoner of war was forced to work coal mines in Germany ,
· A man who refused to work down those mines!
· A man who tried to escape three times!
· A man who was punished by the Germans
After His 1st attempt was publicly flogged,
Then after His 2nd attempt he was tortured by having all his teeth pulled just halfway out! Imagine the pain of that. Even that didn’t stop my cantankerous granddad
After his 3rd attempt to escape, the only way Kaiser’s army could make damn sure he didn’t try anymore was to remove his ability to walk and he had his ankles brutally clubbed.

Years later and still years ago, I remember him walking those few yards down to the off counter at the pub with his empty jug and one of his walking sticks and when he got back he always raised his 2 pints of mild and smiled. After 45 years he was the winner.
In 1964 we moved out here to Rednal and lived just up the top of Quarry Walk in Cliff Rock Road on the corner of Kendal Rise Road. [POINT THAT WAY]

At Rednal Hill Infant School, one of the first books I can remember learning to read was the story of “LITTLE BLACK SAMBO” A little boy who was chased by a tiger around and around a tree, faster and faster and then so fast that the tiger turned to butter. As a child, to me, that was real, after all we were still trading with Australia and had 'Kangaroo Butter' in our shops

Now some of you have met my beautiful little granddaughter. Imagine me telling her that story now. I’d be hung up by my balls and have my neck cut in half like a sheep undergoing a ritual Halal execution.

How I came to join the BNP was one of those impulse moments like you get at the checkouts at Sainsbury’s and you’ve been dieting all week and you see the Cadbury’s display calling you ‘Eat Me! ’

In January this year, it was just out of sheer curiosity over publicity of The Billesley Mosque, I’d gone along to South Birmingham BNP meeting back in Billesley. I was a guest of a friend of an acquaintance of the milkman of Mike Bell’s next door neighbour. You know the sort of thing...

The speakers that night were Mark Harland [POINT], Mike Bell [POINT], Martin Mulvihill, and Nick Griffin
By the time Nick had finished his Question and Answers. And just like a prize pike caught down the local cut, I was caught. I was hook, line and sinkered.

That night I bought a BNP tie, BNP badge, BNP pen, BNP car sticker, The lot. Mark managed to get Nick Griffin to autograph my new diary. And by 7am the next morning I had joined The BNP online.

...That reminds me, he never got me Simon’s autograph at the next meeting I attended.

Now over the years I’ve written essays, mostly for personal amusement and enlightenment, and About 5 or 6 years ago I wrote a short essay about my grandfather, known as Tom to his friends.
But I never finished that one properly. The BNP meetings I attended, however, gave me the inspiration to finish it and to write more...

I showed Mike that now completed essay and he then submitted it to the BNP webmaster and it was printed on the main website on 1st of March under the pen name Titus Aduxas

Joining the BNP rejuvenated my mind and it rejuvenated my soul.

Don’t worry. I’ve nearly finished!

At our strategy meeting, the other Sunday, my old friend Francis [POINT] reminded us that we should always refer to The Labour Party as NEW LABOUR,
Why? To both remind them and us That labour, the Real labour,the Labour of my father, the Labour of my grandfather, and the Labour of Nye Bevan have been betrayed by NEW LABOUR as have this country and every single working man and working woman who given NEW LABOUR his and her support

In a similar vein, I wish to introduce The ”I “ word. Now it’s nothing like an iPod or iPhone or iTunes.
The ”I “ word I refer to is or Islam and the “M” people word or Muslims.
I think that Islam and Muslims are given far too much importance or credence than they deserve in this great country of ours. So much so that tonight I propose we should try to remove the words Islam and Muslim from our everyday speech, and instead we should use THE “I” WORD and THE “M” PEOPLE WORD saying things like “I” word ification instead of Islamification’ or Delia Smith might say ‘strain using an “M” people word cloth!!![WAIT FOR APPLAUSE IF JOKE CLICKS]

That’s a little like our good friend Martyn Findlay told us he does in Nuneaton Council meetings by un diversifying one stone at a time in his own little way.

To that end, and as a way to introduce tonight’s light hearted fundraising idea,
[READ THE LAMINATE POINT & WAVE RED BOX] I propose the use of this red collection box as a “Cuss box”
Any person uttering The “I” word or The “M” People word will be fined £1 per transgression.
As we in the BNP respect democracy and freedom of expression, those of us who know they will transgress several times may pre-purchase their cusses. Tariff is on the laminate
Use of other profanity will, as bloody usual be bleeding acceptable in this bloody establishment.

Now hopefully Liz will be able add what’s been taken in this light-hearted yet serious way into tonight’s fundraising figures and we’ll get a few quid extra in the coffers, Now I’ll start the ball rolling and here’s my contribution for the my own profanity [PAYS A POUND INTO THE BOX]

Thank you for listening to me.

page 3
You worry at my age when your eyes go and you need larger print!

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Monday, 4 May 2009

Last Friday In Nuneaton... By TITVS ADVXAS

Just put up on the main BNP site is a report by BNP activist, and well known Scouser MIKE BELL:

Mike Bell reports from Nuneaton: Many British National Party members turned out to support troops from the 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers as they marched through the town centre of Nuneaton.
Crowds lined the streets waving their Union Jacks with pride, making up for the disgraceful dereliction by the local council in failing to put out flags or buntings of any kind in the town centre. Men, women and children of all ages cheered and clapped at our troops as they proudly marched by.
With enormous BNP support in the area and with the Nuneaton and Coventry BNP organisers both being ex-servicemen, British soldiers can march through the streets of this town knowing that they will be afforded the dignity and respect they thoroughly deserve

Very true Mike, the Local Council's utter lack of respect in many ways echoed the disrespect of the Islamic demos in Luton when The Anglians returned. We didn't want our troops there either, but they did go, and we will make damn sure that when they do return,we will give them our true British support, heroes one and all.

On a lighter note it was good to see Redditch BNP Councillor Dave Enderby and Nuneaton BNP Councillor Martyn Findlay together thus disproving the myth that they are the one and the same person...


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