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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Stabbing victim Keith Brown 'was friend of BNP leader Nick Griffin'
A shaky video from RWB of Sir Nick Griffin, talking about Stoke BNP's Keith Brown, who was allegedly murdered by a neighbour, 50 year old Habib Khan . The following is a transcript from The Times Online Mr Brown was an ordinary family man who loved his country...

A white father-of-seven stabbed to death in the street by his Asian neighbour was a personal friend of the leader of the far-Right British National Party, a murder trial was told today.
One passer-by described seeing a “river of blood” flowing from the body of Keith Brown, 53, who was left dying face-down on the pavement, with his feet near the gutter outside his home, after being stabbed by his next-door neighbour Habib Khan.
Although many Asians could be seen standing in front of the Khans’ grand house in the immediate aftermath of the stabbing, nobody appeared to be tending Mr Brown, according to another witness.
Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, was a mourner at Mr Brown’s funeral. The mother of the dead man’s children, Julia Barker, told a jury: “It was the family who invited him because Keith knew him as a friend as well as what he was.”
She accepted that Mr Brown had become interested in politics and that he and his shaven-headed eldest son Ashley Barker, 20, went out leafleting for the BNP in their native Stoke-on-Trent.
Mrs Barker expressed her strong resentment that the victim and his family were being portrayed as responsible for years of threats, abuse and violence towards their Asian neighbours. She insisted it was the Khans who had threatened the white family.
Mr Khan, 50, and Mr Brown had once worked for the same employer and the pair even shook hands when the Asian man bought two houses close to Mr Brown’s home a few years ago, Mrs Barker said.
Bad feeling arose after Mr Khan demolished the houses and turned the plot into a building site so he could create a large, smart new home.
Mr Khan’s barrister Simon Drew, cross-examining, said: “Keith was vile towards the entire Khan family whenever they came out. He was abusive, racially abusive, frequently. He didn’t like the house. He didn’t like the Khans. He didn’t like the fact they were Asian.
“He did everything he possibly could to be difficult and obstructive towards them. Quite prepared to resort to violence against them if the mood took him.”
Mrs Barker, who was allowed to give her evidence shielded from view behind a heavy curtain, said: “He has nothing against Asians. He spoke to Asians up the road.
“People forget when Ashley was threatened to be burnt and his body would never be found; Keith \[was\] threatened to be killed by Mr Khan. That’s what you seem to forget. It’s like we are the guilty ones.”
Mrs Barker said the couple’s 10-year-old son Conor had a brick thrown at him last year. Mr Brown had told her that Mr Khan once tried to knock him over. The dead man had a video disc which showed footage of the Khan family coming onto Mr Brown’s property trying to attack him, she told the jury at Stafford Crown Court. “I’ve seen Keith shouting,” she said.
“I’m not disputing that fact. ’Bastard’, yeah, but nothing like racism. There were arguments both ends.”
Mrs Barker described the afternoon last July when Mr Brown was stabbed. She recalled how she had struggled to keep her screaming children indoors as their father lay on the pavement and Ashley tried to escape from the Khans by hiding under a car. Witnesses described seeing Mr Khan’s white ethnic clothing stained with Mr Brown’s blood from waist to foot.
A police statement by Sean Perry, a passer-by, was read to the jury. He described seeing seven or eight sari-clad females screaming and crying outside the Khans’ house with six or seven Asian males. The white man was lying on the pavement He was not moving and no one seemed to be attending to him,” Mr Perry stated. After being told the dying man’s name, Mr Perry attempted to help.
“I tried speaking to this man by calling his name Keith and asking him to stay with me,” he stated. Steven Oultram, another passer-by, in a statement, said that a river of blood appeared to pour from Mr Brown as he lay face-down.
He also noticed Ashley Barker wandering about in a daze with “two large holes in the back of his head that were bleeding”. The jury has heard that Mr Barker was hit with bricks and a metal bar in an attack by two of Mr Khan’s sons.
From the Brown family home, Mr Oultram could hear a woman’s voice saying: “Oh my God, they have killed him.” Zahid Mahmood, a neighbour who was driving by, also came to Mr Brown’s aid. Mr Mahmood, who used to teach children in a mosque, told the jury he knew Mr Khan from his work in that place of worship.
“He does work in the community,” he said. Mr Mahmood praised Mr Khan, a longstanding family friend, as a hard-working family man who contributed significantly to the local community, peaceful, peace-loving, balanced and sensible in any situation.
“Highly regarded in the community, an honest gentleman, non-aggressive and somebody who would help you if you approached him,” Mr Mahmood said. Mr Khan denies murder. He and his son Azir Habib Saddique, 24, both deny wounding Ashley Barker.
Another son, Khazir Habib Saddique, has admitted wounding Mr Barker.

The trial continues.
God only knows what will happen if this man gets away with it...
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