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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Punish The Pigs! By TITVS-ADVXAS

I make no apologies for yet another pertinent article Cut & Paste directly from The BNP website.

Britain Needs Fairness, Not Fear

Britain today is a society living in fear. Our society is overcrowded, splintered and bankrupt. We stand on the brink of destruction.
In the face of these pressures, we all need to stand up for each other. The greedy political pigs of the Labour/Tory/Lib-Dem Party only work in their own interests, stealing your money for their “expenses,” “second/third homes” and other outrageous “legalised theft” from your pocket.

Only the BNP will bring an end to this Westminster thievery.

Only the BNP will bring an end to this EU madness which costs us £5 billion per year.

Only the BNP will bring an end to the swamping of our nation by mass immigration.

Only the BNP will bring an end to the fear of the future which marks modern Britain.

For this reason, we must all work together to make sure the BNP wins a seat in the European Parliament this year.
You can make a pledge to help the BNP succeed. You can give just £3 to the BNP by texting the word “donate” to 60777. Do it now, and help us bring the political pigs to book

Come the day that The BNP are in power, this abuse of expenses should be fully paid back to the public purse, and, like when The Inland Revenue get their teeth into someone, with punitive interest charges. If Keith Vaz, for example, had to sell one of his 3 homes to do this, then that's what he should do!
In my old job, I worked all over the country. If I wanted to stay overnight I would have to pay my own hotel expenses out of my own pocket. My wages were probably less than one quarter of the basic rate MPs

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