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Monday, 18 May 2009

Press Bias & The London Daily News BY TITVS-ADVXAS

BNP Poster on LDN website
Screenshot of LDN web poll

Are my eyes deceiving me?

Well the day started off, as TITVS, the family taxi driver, was taking his PATER to East Birmingham Hospital (aka Heartlands Hospital) where he was a day patient. Whilst waiting, MATER showed him the scandalous lies on today's page 11 of THE SUN. Not believing their own son, TITVS texted a member of The BNP, who confirmed that Adam Walker would never say those things about The Gurkha's and that The BNP support all facets of The Armed forces, and their pledge that The Armed Forces will be built back up, to defend our shores and our shores alone. I daresay that if in the future, say New Zealand, Canada or Australia became threatened by a foreign power, That we would be there to help them, just as they Canada and The ANZACS did with us in WW1&2, but we wouldn't support an illegal war, if say NZ decided to invade Easter Island for no other reason than Easter Island were stockpiling Easter Eggs Of Mass Destruction!
Furthermore, Nick Griffin reports in Operation Fightback that The BNP will be taking legal action against The Scum Newspaper, who we now hear have withdrawn the article...

Then the real shock: I then received an email from a good friend in Solihull. Linked to thelondondailynewsdotcom which is the online remnants of the short lived THE LONDON DAILY NEWS. I assume that The LDN does have right wing tendancies (or they are setting us up for a sting or a fall)

BNP set for record win on June 4 Euro elections

News DeskThe far-right British National Party is projected in a London Daily News poll to gain around 30 per cent of the vote in London which would result in up to 2-3 MEPs in the capital, and 7-8 MEPs nationally.Conservative activists who have been canvassing aggressively the last weeks have been reporting a "stark increase" in BNP support on the doorsteps alarming many Tory grandees that the right wing of politics is being hijacked by the far right BNP.The scandal over MPs expenses has eclipsed any concerns over immigration in the capital according to canvassers from the main political parties, and a "political meltdown" for the main political groups could take place on June 4, if voters do not turn out.The London Daily News poll of 4433 votes shows the following:

Labour : 7.76% (345)

Conservative : 41.79% (1857)

Liberal Democrat : 13.46% (598)

Green : 1.91% (85)

BNP : 29.91% (1329)

UKIP : 2.72% (121)

Other : 2.45% (109)

If the BNP was to win the projected 7 seats nationally according to reports, it would lead a "European nationalists" block in the European Parliament led by BNP leader Nick Griffiths, with the group being entitled to £5 million in political funding from the EU.The following days will see a concerted campaign by the main political parties to undermine the efforts of the BNP with an attempt to dissuade voters to "waste their vote" by voting for the BNP. Labour has already started a "Stop the BNP" leaflet which is being distributed to local parties nationally. The Daily Telegraph ran a story that most of the BNPs new support is from disgruntled Labour voters:"The Labour Party used to stand for what we believe in. Now, no way. It's not just immigration that has changed; it's our way of life. We're becoming a Third World country in Europe with no influence, no power and the people not knowing anything about their own history." Sources within the Conservative hierarchy are "so concerned" by the BNP that publicly they do not even refer to it, and just refer to the BNP as "that evil party".

The European Parliamentary elections June 4 will be run with a proportional representation method


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