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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Shame of The Elected By TITVS ADVXAS

Well the main topic in the news recently has been the expenses claimed by MPs. Notably the 'Second Home' payments whereby an MP may claim the interest upon a mortgage or the rent for a "second home" Redditch MP and Labour minister, Jaqui Smith has been the focus of many digs, especially as it was reported by the tabloids (and the broadsheets) that one expense claim was for several pay per view films including a couple of soft porn films her husband watched. Local MPs from my City, Birmingham, have logged the following statistics for the financial year 2007-2008.
MP 1; Salary circa £60,000; PLUS Expenses £90,000; Total £150,000 PER ANNUM.
MP 2; Salary circa £60,000; PLUS Expenses £100,000; Total £160,000 PER ANNUM.
MP 3; Salary circa £60,000; PLUS Expenses £120,000; Total £180,000 PER ANNUM.
To avoid embarrassment, these MPs will remain nameless, but their identity can be revealed if you blog me.
I am pasting here an article from The BNP main website, which although written with their own unique bias, is nevertheless valid and moreover truthful. The title is also a link to the original article.

The shocking arrogance of the Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem members of parliament has been revealed for all to see with the news that no less than 113 complaints about abuses were laid against individual MPs in just three months.
The MPs have their own safety valve for such complaints, and a body made up of, you guessed it, MPs, decides whether or not the complaints are valid. Not surprisingly, only one of the 113 complaints was ruled as “valid” despite the evidence being clear for all to see that gross abuse to the “second house” and expense claims system is widespread amongst the bloated parasites at the House of Treason on the River Thames.
The abuses have come to the fore once again with the claim by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith that her husband’s pornography viewing tastes were “accidentally” paid for by the taxpayer when the invoice for the two films called Who’s Nailin’ Palin and Belladonna’s Girl Train were submitted “by mistake” along with Mrs Smith’s other claims, which included five pay-per-view films which were all viewed at her family home in Redditch.
This “family home” is not to be confused with Ms Smith’s sister’s spare bedroom, for which she claimed “second house” expenses, ripping the taxpayer off once again.
The £67 movie bill was submitted last June and included two viewings of the film Ocean’s 13 - at £3.75 each - and an additional £3.50 to watch the film Surf’s Up.
Observers have pointed out that Ms Smith’s claim that she “mistakenly submitted the expenses claim” is clearly a pack of lies. No one would submit a claim of that nature without first checking it out thoroughly, especially at that level of government.
Indeed, an invoice for films with the titles such as those viewed by Mr Smith would leap out at even the casual observer, and it is near to impossible that Ms Smith could have missed them.
The reality is that the ruling elite have become so arrogant and dismissive of the public that they feel justified in getting the taxpayer to pay for absolutely everything.
As Home Secretary, Ms Smith already earns over £100K per year - and therefore has absolutely no need to claim for pay-per-view movies of any sort, never mind her husband’s interests.
The criminal gang at Westminster have created for themselves an almost foolproof protection racket. They have appointed a “Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards” who, at a nice salary of £108,000 a year for a four-day week, has the sole discretion to even consider telling the Standards and Privileges Committee about any abuses.
Mr John Lyon is the current holder of that office. If he rejects a complaint, or pursues it and then dismisses it, he does not have to publicly justify his decision. Only if he launches an investigation does he even have to tell the Standards and Privileges Committee. Even that is done in secret. That committee, which is comprised of ten MPs, then writes its own report and recommends what penalty, if any, an MP must pay.
According to the latest report issued by that body, a total of 113 complaints were lodged during a three month period but only one was investigated. Of the rest, 93 were dismissed summarily, three dismissed after a brief investigation, and 16 were carried forward and may still be under consideration.
Mr Lyon initially rejected a complaint into Jacqui Smith’s £116,000 second-home allowances, dismissing it without even asking to see any evidence - an indication of his partiality in the matter and a worrying indicator of the circumstances under which he rejected the other 96 complaints of which the public know.

The time has come for the British public to give these crooks, liars and thieves a kick in the ballots and vote BNP on June 4, 2009."


Monday, 30 March 2009

Speed Cameras by TITVS ADVXAS

As a youngster, growing up in a white working class area of Birmingham, known as Acocks Green, in the sixties, I was happy. I was oblivious too. Oblivious to the need for speed cameras. Why were they introduced we ask? To save lives on our roads is the reply from The Establishment. But was this the real reason? Was there a more sinister motive?
We've all driven along a nice stretch of road and in the distance have seen the high-visibility stripe on the side of a car, and slowed down. Not because we are speeding, but because that car may be dealing with an accident and for safety's sake we have slowed down. But when we reach the 'Emergency Vehicle', all we see is a police car, with two coppers inside pointing what looks like a hair dryer in your direction. The original "RG" speed gun! RG? Revenue Generating!
Weren't these devices used to save lives on our roads? No! The concept of the radar gun had always been to 'Catch' speeding motorists. This then generates an income for the local authority where the gun is used.
Nowadays the radar gun used by police is more like a sniper's rifle, using modern NPR technology is able to catch the speeding motorist miles away before he is aware of the gun. Nowadays there is actually no need to have two policemen sitting around doing this when they could actually be out catching real criminals. Nowadays there's the 'Static Speed Camera' The GATSO or TUVELO, and on Motorways like M25 and M42 There's 'The Active Management System'. And then where there's motorway repairs, There's The obligatory lane width restriction, and the inflexible yet very cute 'Average Speed Check' or SPECS Camera too. Does this plethora of cameras reduce accidents and fatalities?
The answer depends on who's statistics you view. If you check the figures from the government, police or local authorities, you see that there is an impressive reduction of about 30% in crashes and 70% of fatalities in these areas. By the way these figures are produced for the authorities by or on behalf of... the manufactures of the equipment! Figures from the motorists organisations say that there IS a small reduction only, and organisations such as the RAC Foundation argue that over-emphasis on speed enforcement leads to a neglect of other types of illegal driving behaviour. For example, drink driving, dangerous driving, and driving while disqualified, are not detected by speed cameras. There have been criticisms of the Durham Road Casualty Reduction Partnership (which covers the one area not taking part in the Safety Camera scheme) which believes that these other factors cause more crashes than speed and that cameras will not help to solve its road casualty problem. Similarly, cameras are criticised by some for replacing traffic patrols. Supporters of the scheme argue that the use of cameras frees up police time and resources to deal with other traffic issues.

There are of course exceptions to all of this though. Take for example an off-duty police man caught on camera driving at speeds of 150mph on the M54 from Wolverhampton to Telford, who's defence was that he needed to practice driving at these speeds to facilitate his job as a traffic cop! Well why didn't The Police Authority know about this proposed action? Why didn't The Police authority use a local aerodrome for this or even use Brands Hatch or Silverstone?

As published

Sunday, 29 March 2009

You Dont Have To Be A Christian To Be Christian By TITVS-ADVXAS

The more that I worry about The State of The State, The more I realise that the values that I try to follow (and the ones that at times, I too, have failed to follow) are Christian Values.
As a young man having just passed my RAC/ACU motor-cycle test and my motor-cycle driving test, and then trundling about in my clapped out Reliant Regal Supervan III, I would often stop and offer help to other motorists, complete strangers, that had broken down. I can remember giving lifts to and from petrol stations, help push starting other cars, even towing other cars (yes with a Reliant Regal).
I can remember too driving in a snow storm through Acocks Green one Sunday morning and seeing a couple of pensioners shivering at the bus stop. I offered them a lift and took them to the door of where they were going.

Now I don't consider myself to be a Christian, as I do not believe in God as The Ultimate Being, and I've probably broken more of the 10 commandments than I should have, but I do believe that helping other people at times when they need help is a Christian act.

Pecuniary donations are not always done as an act of benevolence. They are sometimes an act of guilt. Slipping a tenner to someone or some organisation who needs say £500 is only charity when we know that another 49 other people are doing the same thing, but if the person who needs such charity has only the one person to rely upon, then a tenner could be conceived as an insult. Now I'm not telling anyone to give someone they don't know £500 either.

You don't have to give money to help others. You have your own time that can be invaluable in helping other people. Look at the countless volunteers who give a few hours to man the charity shops, Look at the countless people who act as unpaid stewards for charity events too.

I could be cute and give you a URL or link to a charity at this point, but I won't. I just hope that my little rant will make people think about the little old chap who lives 2 doors away, whose family don't visit that often or whose friends have dwindled, as they do. Perhaps he would appreciate an hour of your time for a chat. Or perhaps he does need help because he has the stark choice (like most pensioners do) of either "Eating or Heating". We can offer to take him a lunch or hot food.We can even invite him into our house for a meal. He has probably fought for or in some way served this country in his youth. So yes, we can do something for him. We must do something for him!

You Don't Have To Be A Christian To Be Christian!


Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Recent Email From Me To My Entire Windows Address Book By TITVS-ADVXAS

Dear Friend,

I am writing this letter from my heart. I am sending it to each and every family and friend and colleague, both old and new, in my email contacts book. Remember I come from a medical background and I have many friends of all creeds and colours. I have also learnt to speak a few phrases in Urdu/Punjabi because I feel that this is important for my areas of working, so if I offend you in writing this letter, then please accept my apologies in advance, but also please hear me out too. I do hope that I won’t lose any friends by expressing these views, but if I do then that is a price I will have to pay for my views.

Can I start by asking you a few questions?

· Are you British?
· Are you proud to be British?
· Do you want to keep Britain as a green and pleasant land?
· Do you VOTE either Labour or Tory or Lib-Dem or Green or UKIP?

If you answered yes to the above then please watch this short video by a Muslim MP, Shahid Malik.
Click here to watch the Video

By 2040 Mr Malik predicts the complete Islamification 'god willing' of Britain, complete with a Muslim head of state and the introduction of Sharia law in Britain. If I am alive then I will be 80. My children will be in their 50s and my current grandchild will be 32. Victoria will no doubt have a family and children of her own too and it’s within the realm of possibilities that she may have grand children.

Now which political party will not allow this to happen?
Labour? Tory? Lib-Dem? Green? UKIP?
In fact none of these parties will stop the colonisation by Muslims and total Islamification of our way of life.

There is one party that won't allow this. That party is The British National Party (The BNP). The other parties wish to continue immigration as a way to secure their own votes for their own selfish futures. The only analogy here I can think of is using petrol to attempt to put out a fire.

Please don’t confuse The BNP with The National Front (The NF), as a very old and dear friend of mine did recently when I sent him an email asking him to consider the views of The BNP. The BNP is not The NF. Although they came from similar origins, The BNP has evolved in a much different direction to the NF. The BNP are not Racists. The BNP want to put British people first in Britain. That is not racism is it? The BNP have no problems with other cultures that do not want to push their own cultural ideals upon the rest of us. The BNP don’t have problems with 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants who support the state both financially and patriotically. The problem they do have is that of the immigrant who comes to Britain with no desire to work or input to the welfare system, but with every intention of bleeding the welfare system for as much as he can, and with every intention of causing hatred and dissent within Britain and against The British way of life. The BNP also have problems with British social scroungers too. So this is not racism. This is realism.

If you feel that your chosen party won’t let you down, then fine. Under article 10 of the convention for the protection of human rights, everyone has the right of freedom of expression. This right shall include the right to hold opinions and the right to receive and impart information and ideas without interference public authority regardless of frontiers (and yes I have robotically cut and pasted that). You have the right to have your own views, and I will gladly listen to your views, if you wish to express them to me in the same way I have expressed mine to you.

The BNP like me, have many friends of Sikh, Hindu, Chinese, Polish, Muslim and Jewish origin.
The BNP like me, are Realists NOT Racists
The BNP like me, are Nationalists NOT Internationalists

Before you vote please consider the consequences of NOT voting for The BNP

Best Of British


Friday, 27 March 2009

Sunday Trading By TITVS-ADVXAS

As a youngster, growing up in a white working class area of Birmingham, known as Acocks Green, in the sixties, I was happy. I was oblivious too. Oblivious that we needed wide scale Sunday Trading.
But who wanted Sunday Trading in the first place?
“The public did!” Is the reply from The Establishment. But did we?

I was bought up with the general belief that we toiled for six days and rested on the seventh day. The Sabbath was the day in which we collected our thoughts and gave our time to god. Sunday was The Christian Sabbath. As a direct reflection of this, the country’s shop trading was basically 5½ or 6 day trading with Wednesday being the common half day trading (although I have encountered, only very early on in my life, half day on Mondays, half day on Tuesdays, half day on Wednesdays, half day on Thursdays, Fridays and even half day on Saturdays before most proprietors decided to jump on the immigrant trader’s band wagon and open on their half days to help prevent increasing trading losses). And the Sabbath was always on Sunday.
Even the atheists and the agnostics valued a day for collecting their thoughts or recharging their batteries. Sunday was the Normal British Sabbath.
Saturday was The Jewish Sabbath, and Mr Gee the Kosher butcher in Edgbaston was always closed on Saturday and opened for a few hours on a Sunday morning. That was their half day!
And Friday was The Islamic Sabbath but these shops to my knowledge never closed. Ever. Not even for their own Sabbath or religious festivals. Instead they greedily opened three hundred and sixty five days a year (three hundred and sixty six in a leap year, and three hundred and sixty five days and one second in a leap second year).

One of the last kept bastions of English life was the Shops Act 1950. Several types of essential shop (including DIY stores and garden centres, small corner shops, newsagents, and ‘rota’ pharmacies) were allowed to open to cater for emergencies. This law, The Shops Act 1950, was unsuccessfully challenged firstly in 1986.

It was the duty of trading standards departments of each and every council in the land to enforce the 1950 act. Some local authorities prosecuted increasingly countless ethnic traders for the breech of the law. In 1986 the major supermarkets started to regularly open on Sundays leading up to Christmas. Following several years of success, by 1994 the utter greed of The Capitalist Supermarket Chains and The Ethnic Traders meant their challenge was nearing success, as initially the number of prosecutions increased, and the numbers of appeals increased too, The Sunday Trading Act 1994 was passed by the Tory government, with support of The Labour Opposition and the main shop trade union USDAW conditional upon several safeguards (such as premium rates of pay i.e. double time and not forcing people to work if they refused to work for ‘any’ and not just religious belief) were supposed to be in place. However new employees (engaged after The Act) were offered contracts without these safeguards. Very quickly, Standard time and pressure to work on The Sabbath being a commonplace imposition by the greedy capitalists.

In my home City of Birmingham There are now countless supermarkets that trade from Monday morning right up until midnight Saturday and also open on Six hours on Sunday PLUS an extra hour from two loopholes in the law, one being 30 minutes ‘preview shopping’ AND the second is 30 minutes ‘cashing up time’ to allow people to ‘finish their shopping’. The Ethnic stores and some of the chains (who also have their so called ‘local’ or ‘convenience’ stores who’s shop area being under 3000 square feet is exempt from this restriction) are trading 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Just drive down any of the main artery roads in Birmingham at 3AM any day of the week and see. I’m certain that it’s a sight that being repeated in every other city in the land.

Nowadays the Sabbath has been devalued diluted and dis-encouraged and all for greed. No other reason. After all, my family like most other families only have one shopping budget in our household. We will not spend any extra sum, and this is often cited by The Chain Supermarkets that they open for convenience and not for greed, Yet the fresh produce offered at stores on Sunday isn’t better. In fact most Sunday offerings look like Saturday’s leftovers. And most other services, like the in-store pharmacy don’t have staff on a Sunday as the stores won’t pay a locum pharmacist £40 per hour and the in-store dry cleaner and in-store mini lab don’t have staff either. Sunday supermarkets are run on minimal staffing levels to extricate maximum poundage from those gullible punters that use them, and it is Mr Arkwright’s Local Family Store that has been undercut and made redundant by these Greedy Capitalist Chain stores and Greedy Ethnic traders.

The weakness of The Church Of England has to take some if not all of the blame. The General Synod have been so concerned with paedophile priests and female bishops and internal strife and pandering to the politically correct liberal lobby that they neglected to maintain the level of religiousness that is seen so vehemently in the invading hoards of muslim colonists. The fact that Christianity has never, since I was a child at least, been promoted as a way of life or even a religion rests squarely on their shoulders.
And now our Churches, buildings some of which that have withstood the Norman invasion and a colourful history of wars and ransacking by a succession of monarchs and governments, are now being sold off to developers to turn into trendy liberal apartments and even as Muslim schools and mosques.
If we:
1. don’t overcome this Muslim invasion;
2. continue to feed the fat profits of the Greedy Capitalist Supermarkets;
3. continue to have OUR religion continually overshadowed and undervalued;
then our England as a democratic monarchy, will be no more. It will become just another third world muslim republic, ruled by sharia law, where democracy and free speech are not allowed, yet paradoxically anarchy and public disorder and violence are condoned, and where the teaching of any religion other than Islam, will result in the execution of those teachers by the mobs.

This must not be allowed to happen.
The only political party that will stop this from happening is THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY! The 2009 euro elections and the 2009/2010 general elections may be the only realistic chance that we ever get.
The consequence of The British National Party NOT succeeding in these Elections is unthinkable.

As published


As a youngster, growing up in a white working class area of Birmingham, known as Acocks Green, in the sixties, I was happy. I was oblivious too. Oblivious to the trends creeping through our nation, to the incipience of Islam within our shores, to the decay and decline within The Church Of England and to the corruption of both the political system in general and the big three political parties in particular.
I can remember Jeff Astle’s goal for West Brom winning the FA cup, I can remember watching Supercar, and I can even remember watching Churchill’s coffin being led on the gun carriage at his state funeral. I can remember that I used to sit on my grandfather’s knee listening with awe to his stories of youth that he told. He told me about Pongo Waring scoring 49 goals in one season for Aston Villa in the thirties, He told me about hardships his family suffered in the twenties. He told me about the war.
As a member of the 1914 British Expeditionary Force, he was one of the first men to fight in The Great War. He was in it from the start. He was ‘An Old Contemptible’ winning amongst other medals ‘The Mons Star’. He was captured by The Germans around Christmas in 1914. As a prisoner of war, his battle continued for four more gruelling years as he was forced to dig coal in the mines of the German heartlands. He tried to escape three times. After the first attempt, he was publicly flogged. Following his second attempt, he had all of his teeth pulled out, but only halfway, and without analgesic or anaesthetic. Finally, following a third attempt and to prevent this brave young man from causing further nuisance to The Kaisers Army, he had his ankles ‘clubbed’ in the most barbaric punishment ever.
Although I can always picture him in my mind as a powerful young soldier, fighting for freedom and democracy, I can only remember him as a frail old gentleman, who always had to wear supporting ankle boots, and who always leaned upon his walking stick. He always wore a shirt and tie, even, I’m told, when he was at work, making gas meters in Windmill Lane, Smethwick. I can to this day remember that he was thoroughly delighted one summer afternoon in 1966, when England beat Germany in The Football World Cup Final. I remember sitting with him that afternoon; he must have kicked every ball that day, watching on the little black and white TV in his living room in his little house in Sparkbrook. In fact I’m sure he scored the one that hit the cross bar and bounced out off the goal line. My Grandfather was a real hero.
He’s not the only one. My father and my father-in-law (who never met until 1976) were both too young to join up in the second war. Like many other teenagers of the time, they both tried to join up by giving false birth dates. My father in law succeeded and saw active service in Palestine as a proud kilt wearing member of The Black Watch. My father didn’t and was a Private Pike in Dads army, before doing his “National Service” in 1947. They were heroes too.
All three of them were heroes.
What can I do to follow in their footsteps? And how can I be a hero too? I’m now too old to fight for my country, too old to play for Aston Villa (probably not for The Small Heath Alliance though).
But how can I help stem the flood of Islam in Britain and restore Christianity as The main religion in our Cities?
And how can I help restore honest democracy to Britain?
Like my Grandfather, I can be in A British Expeditionary Force. I can be a New Contemptible. I can support a non-corrupt British Party. I can support The British National Party. I can help my local BNP teams win in local elections, win in Euro elections, and win in The General Election. My parents and grandparents fought for freedom and democracy. They didn’t fight for the erosion of their values. They didn’t fight for Lesbian Minority Groups and they certainly didn’t fight for The Islamisation of our towns and Cities. If my grandfather and father in law were alive today, I’m sure that they would support The British National Party. I know that my father who is still alive will support The British National Party too.
Mister Shakespeare coined two phrases in his plays Henry V and Julius Caesar, that when put together ring as true today as well as they did when written over 400 years ago:

Cry, 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war!
Cry, 'God for Harry, England and Saint George!'

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