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Friday, 27 March 2009

Sunday Trading By TITVS-ADVXAS

As a youngster, growing up in a white working class area of Birmingham, known as Acocks Green, in the sixties, I was happy. I was oblivious too. Oblivious that we needed wide scale Sunday Trading.
But who wanted Sunday Trading in the first place?
“The public did!” Is the reply from The Establishment. But did we?

I was bought up with the general belief that we toiled for six days and rested on the seventh day. The Sabbath was the day in which we collected our thoughts and gave our time to god. Sunday was The Christian Sabbath. As a direct reflection of this, the country’s shop trading was basically 5½ or 6 day trading with Wednesday being the common half day trading (although I have encountered, only very early on in my life, half day on Mondays, half day on Tuesdays, half day on Wednesdays, half day on Thursdays, Fridays and even half day on Saturdays before most proprietors decided to jump on the immigrant trader’s band wagon and open on their half days to help prevent increasing trading losses). And the Sabbath was always on Sunday.
Even the atheists and the agnostics valued a day for collecting their thoughts or recharging their batteries. Sunday was the Normal British Sabbath.
Saturday was The Jewish Sabbath, and Mr Gee the Kosher butcher in Edgbaston was always closed on Saturday and opened for a few hours on a Sunday morning. That was their half day!
And Friday was The Islamic Sabbath but these shops to my knowledge never closed. Ever. Not even for their own Sabbath or religious festivals. Instead they greedily opened three hundred and sixty five days a year (three hundred and sixty six in a leap year, and three hundred and sixty five days and one second in a leap second year).

One of the last kept bastions of English life was the Shops Act 1950. Several types of essential shop (including DIY stores and garden centres, small corner shops, newsagents, and ‘rota’ pharmacies) were allowed to open to cater for emergencies. This law, The Shops Act 1950, was unsuccessfully challenged firstly in 1986.

It was the duty of trading standards departments of each and every council in the land to enforce the 1950 act. Some local authorities prosecuted increasingly countless ethnic traders for the breech of the law. In 1986 the major supermarkets started to regularly open on Sundays leading up to Christmas. Following several years of success, by 1994 the utter greed of The Capitalist Supermarket Chains and The Ethnic Traders meant their challenge was nearing success, as initially the number of prosecutions increased, and the numbers of appeals increased too, The Sunday Trading Act 1994 was passed by the Tory government, with support of The Labour Opposition and the main shop trade union USDAW conditional upon several safeguards (such as premium rates of pay i.e. double time and not forcing people to work if they refused to work for ‘any’ and not just religious belief) were supposed to be in place. However new employees (engaged after The Act) were offered contracts without these safeguards. Very quickly, Standard time and pressure to work on The Sabbath being a commonplace imposition by the greedy capitalists.

In my home City of Birmingham There are now countless supermarkets that trade from Monday morning right up until midnight Saturday and also open on Six hours on Sunday PLUS an extra hour from two loopholes in the law, one being 30 minutes ‘preview shopping’ AND the second is 30 minutes ‘cashing up time’ to allow people to ‘finish their shopping’. The Ethnic stores and some of the chains (who also have their so called ‘local’ or ‘convenience’ stores who’s shop area being under 3000 square feet is exempt from this restriction) are trading 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Just drive down any of the main artery roads in Birmingham at 3AM any day of the week and see. I’m certain that it’s a sight that being repeated in every other city in the land.

Nowadays the Sabbath has been devalued diluted and dis-encouraged and all for greed. No other reason. After all, my family like most other families only have one shopping budget in our household. We will not spend any extra sum, and this is often cited by The Chain Supermarkets that they open for convenience and not for greed, Yet the fresh produce offered at stores on Sunday isn’t better. In fact most Sunday offerings look like Saturday’s leftovers. And most other services, like the in-store pharmacy don’t have staff on a Sunday as the stores won’t pay a locum pharmacist £40 per hour and the in-store dry cleaner and in-store mini lab don’t have staff either. Sunday supermarkets are run on minimal staffing levels to extricate maximum poundage from those gullible punters that use them, and it is Mr Arkwright’s Local Family Store that has been undercut and made redundant by these Greedy Capitalist Chain stores and Greedy Ethnic traders.

The weakness of The Church Of England has to take some if not all of the blame. The General Synod have been so concerned with paedophile priests and female bishops and internal strife and pandering to the politically correct liberal lobby that they neglected to maintain the level of religiousness that is seen so vehemently in the invading hoards of muslim colonists. The fact that Christianity has never, since I was a child at least, been promoted as a way of life or even a religion rests squarely on their shoulders.
And now our Churches, buildings some of which that have withstood the Norman invasion and a colourful history of wars and ransacking by a succession of monarchs and governments, are now being sold off to developers to turn into trendy liberal apartments and even as Muslim schools and mosques.
If we:
1. don’t overcome this Muslim invasion;
2. continue to feed the fat profits of the Greedy Capitalist Supermarkets;
3. continue to have OUR religion continually overshadowed and undervalued;
then our England as a democratic monarchy, will be no more. It will become just another third world muslim republic, ruled by sharia law, where democracy and free speech are not allowed, yet paradoxically anarchy and public disorder and violence are condoned, and where the teaching of any religion other than Islam, will result in the execution of those teachers by the mobs.

This must not be allowed to happen.
The only political party that will stop this from happening is THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY! The 2009 euro elections and the 2009/2010 general elections may be the only realistic chance that we ever get.
The consequence of The British National Party NOT succeeding in these Elections is unthinkable.

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