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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Celebrating Eid In Trafalgar Square...

Who could refuse an invite from the mayor of London to "Come and join Londoners across the capital as they celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid ul Fitr"?

At first glance of the invite I was excited, finally I might be able to get a glimpse of these Londoners that I'd heard so much about, I started day dreaming of pearly kings and queens.....all set against the backdrop of the iconic Trafalgar Square, who could resist, then I started to read the invite further "Londoner... Muslim... celebrate Eid....?

Undeterred I read on, there was "the promise of experiencing live acts and entertainment" so I asked my friend if she wanted to go, "why would I want to go to a Muslim festival"? She wailed....

The next day the sun was shining as we both walked up Whitehall towards Trafalgar Square, with some trepidation we entered the Square which was full with about 1,000 Muslims, all their attention was directed towards a stage, where there was a Muslim man dressed in clothes we in the west would associate with an Islamist, he was talking about Allah and how much he loves us, this was being projected onto a giant screen to the left of him, he commented on the "rainbow audience", next there was a singer and dancers, the dancers were moving to a choreographed routine, I became aware that not one Muslim was dancing to the music, I know dancing is considered un-Islamic but I felt that it was a bit odd, maybe the Muslim audience just felt too reserved to dance.

I wanted to capture the experience so I decided to head for the National Gallery, which is home to famous painters like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Ingres and Raphael, I left my friend sitting at the water fountain as i climbed to the top of the stairs i was approached by two Chinese tourists who asked me to take their photograph, which I duly obliged, God knows what they thought of the scene below, it looked more like a scene from Iran rather than London. I took some pictures of the festival below looking directly down to the surreal scene before me.

I made my way down to meet my friend again, we went to the "souk" which we noticed were selling items from China, we quickly moved on, there was places to eat but we declined, we decided to leave before the festival ended to escape the worst of the traffic, we made our way down Whitehall again.

I wonder if Boris Johnson would consider letting the Christians use Trafalgar Square for a Christian festival like Christmas?

Unfortunately I think we all know the answer to that!

©politicalMIZZ 30/9/2009
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Monday, 28 September 2009

Now 'Big Brother' targets Facebook By TITVS ADVXAS

A report today tells us that 'Big Brother' intends to monitor us on the popular social networking website Facebook.

Facebook took over from myspace as the social network of choice a couple of years ago, as its multi-level privacy gave users of different needs differing options.

Now Brown's government is trying to make ISPs (internet service providers) to track messages and group memberships and friend networks, presumably to target groups like The EDL who use the site to organise its demonstrations and other planned events. The following is an article from mis-named The Independent newspaper.

Millions of Britons who use social networking sites such as Facebook could soon have their every move monitored by the Government and saved on a "Big Brother" database.

Ministers faced a civil liberties outcry last night over the plans, with accusations of excessive snooping on the private lives of law-abiding citizens.

The idea to police MySpace, Bebo and Facebook comes on top of plans to store information about every phone call, email and internet visit made by everyone in the United Kingdom. Almost half the British population – some 25 million people – are thought to use social networking sites. There are already proposals under a European Union directive – dating back to after the 7 July 2005 bombs – for emails and internet usage to be monitored and added to a planned database to track terror plots.

But technology has moved on in the past three years, and the use of social networking sites has boomed – so security services fear that that has left a loophole for terrorists and criminal gangs to exploit.

To close this loophole, Vernon Coaker, the Home Office minister, has disclosed that social networking sites could be forced to retain information about users' web-browsing habits. They could be required to hold data about every person users correspond with via the sites, although the contents of messages sent would not be collected. Mr Coaker said: "Social networking sites, such as MySpace or Bebo, are not covered by the directive. That is one reason why the Government are looking at what we should do about the intercept modernisation programme because there are certain aspects of communications which are not covered by the directive."

In exchanges with the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Tom Brake, he insisted: "I accept this is an extremely difficult area. The interface between retaining data, private security and all such issues of privacy is extremely important. It is absolutely right to point out the difficulty of ensuring we maintain a capability and a capacity to deal with crime and issues of national security – and where that butts up against issues of privacy."

Facebook boasts 17 million Britons as members. Bebo, which caters mainly for teenagers and young adults, has more than 10 million users. A similar number of music fans are thought to use MySpace.

Moves to include the sites in mass surveillance of Britons' internet habits has provoked alarm among MPs, civil liberties groups and security experts.

Mr Brake said: "Plans to monitor our phone and email records threaten to be the most expensive snooper's charter in history. It is deeply worrying that they now intend to monitor social networking sites which contain very sensitive data like sexual orientation, religious beliefs and political views. Given the Government's disastrous record with large IT projects and data security, it is likely that data will leak out of every memory stick, port and disk drive when they start monitoring Facebook, Bebo and MySpace."

Isabella Sankey, policy director at Liberty, said: "Even before you throw Facebook and other social networking sites into the mix, the proposed central communications database is a terrifying prospect. It would allow the Government to record every email, text message and phone call and would turn millions of innocent Britons into permanent suspects."

Richard Clayton, a computer security expert at Cambridge University, said: "What they are doing is looking at who you communicate with and who your friends are, which is greatly intrusive into your private life."

Chris Kelly, Facebook's chief privacy officer, said yesterday that it was considering lobbying ministers over the proposal, which he called "overkill".

A Home Office spokeswoman said the Government was not interested in the content of emails, texts, conversations or social networking sites. She added: "We have been clear that communications revolution has been rapid in this country and the way in which we collect communications data needs to change so law enforcement agencies can maintain their ability to tackle terrorism and gather evidence."

This move by the Marxists who run the country comes as no surprise to us, in fact we thought that they already were monitoring us. We know that several 'closed' conversations were being monitored in South Birmingham by local police, who intervened in a possible act of disorder by local Muslims.

Even using differing ID accounts can be traced to a single source through a unique IP address.

Using WiFi areas and prepaid dongles still allows the government to track us as you need a pre-known email address to gain access, which must have been opened... at a known IP address.

Big Brother is Watching You?

Big Brother has been watching you for the whole of your life!

Unless The British National Party takes power, Big Brother will be watching you in and beyond your grave too!

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Sunday, 27 September 2009

The "Face Of Tesco" Is An Illegal Immigrant By TITVS ADVXAS

Having known close friends being turned down for employment by fattest of the big supermarket chains, Tesco, for not having a 'full birth certificate' this press release has made my weekend. Classic...

A checkout girl picked to model for Tesco in a glossy advertising blitz has been exposed as an illegal immigrant.

Fatou Cham, 32, came to the UK from Gambia, West Africa, in 1998 on a student visa but stayed after it expired in 2001.

Miss Cham, who works at the Tesco store, in Beckton, east London, was chosen from hundreds of hopefuls to model the Florence and Fred clothing range for an ad campaign used in women's magazines.

Next to a picture of Miss Cham modelling a blue dress and heels were the words: "Designed by F&F. Priced by Tesco. Modelled by Fatou, checkout number 6, Tesco, east London."

Immigration officers questioned her at her home in East Ham, east London, on Monday.

The mother-of-three was unavailable for comment when contacted by Sky News Online.

She was quoted in the Sunday Mirror as saying: ""I came here for a better life and never set out to deceive anyone.

"I just want to stay here with my family and be happy."

She said she had been excited to be chosen for the Tesco campaign and had hoped it would bring her other opportunities.

"Now it has all gone horribly wrong," she added.

Her solicitor Jamil Trawally told the paper: "I am sure she was brought to the attention of the police because of the Tesco campaign."

Miss Cham initially came to the UK to study banking, economics and finance at London Metropolitan University.

Her mother and eldest child were allowed to join her in the UK in 2000. Her two other children were born in Britain.

Miss Cham applied to stay in the UK when her student visa ran out but was refused permission.

A further application in January this year was also turned down and she has appealed to the High Court.

When Miss Cham joined Tesco in 2002, overseas citizens just needed a national insurance number to work in the UK.

But since 2004 they have been required to have a valid work visa, although this did not apply to those already in employment.

A Tesco spokeswoman said: "As soon as we were made aware of this issue by the UK Border Agency we co-operated fully with the investigation.

"We carried out all the checks required by law and the authorities have confirmed that they are satisfied that we followed the correct procedures."

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: "The UK Border Agency expects people with no right to be here to return home voluntarily, if people do not we will remove them."

I have just telephoned the border agency and was told by an eager and helpful civil servant "Of course, Sir! Every little helps!"

...or did she say "Every Lidl helps!"?

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Germany DVD And New World Order Patriotism Sovereignty

An article submitted to me from royalecraig, known to most of us from his Youtube channel
I see lots of anti-German and French articles recently. I'm concerned that there may be the possibility that we are being led by the nose to a conflict with our European neighbours... I've seen at least one article suggesting that war might be the only way to get us out of the EU.

Of course, this is absolute nonsense, anyone who has the authority to declare war on our behalf has our collective authority to just tear up all the EU Treaties and tell the EU to **** off, pull up the drawbridge and go it alone. In addition, if we conned our own money we'd end up the most prosperous people, quite possibly on earth, it's only because we borrow our money that we have to pay income tax, anyone that comes along and says war is the only option without addressing this is NOT working in our best interests and is most certainly a false prophet.

I've read a lot about the German DVD involvement in world events, which I cannot refute these claims however surely if DVD were the kingpin in all that is happening, purely on the basis of human greed we would see German nationals owning the lions share of the worlds resources, instead the two names that keep coming up are Rockefeller and Rothschild.


Look at the statement by Aaron Russo, he claimed the Rockefeller's had decided to create an "event" to get us into Afghanistan and Iraq. He also mentions woman's lib being funded by the Rockefeller's foundation, nowhere do I see the mention of the German DVD.


Of course, I don't believe all the worlds ills are down to the average Israeli, just like the poorest African or Brit has no interest in what their elites are doing, they just want an easy life and where would we humanity be without the Gershwins, Murray Gell Man, Richard Feynman, Einstien etc etc... And let's not forget that Blair and Bush are not Israeli's either.

So the point is, there are those who think the Israeli's are major players. In Rockefeller's biography he said "Some would claim that we are a secret cabal.... I am and I'm proud of it" and I'm sure you've all heard the other one "The New World Order wants workers not thinkers".

Some people believe this is the reason for the IQ attack on the west, the dumbing down of the education system, the pushing of mercury and psychiatric drugs at an increasing rate.

Is swine flu a further attack on western Europeans? Recall that it was Baxter who shipped vaccines contaminated with bird flu to a number of European nations, during the swine flu outbreak a container of swine flu exploded on a Swiss train.


Now here is my concern, it's believed that international bankers have financed wars before , if people of western Europe are considered a threat to the NWO because of our IQ, then it would make sense to get rid of us...again look at the attack on brain function, look at the 7.2 million abortions we have carried out in Britain's (or England's) abortion clinics, which we now have in every town, where young mothers are routinely told at the rate of 200,000 per year that "it's only cells".

Look at the proposal to sterilise our school girls, look at mass immigration or Sarkozy suggesting that the French should marry immigrants....

Obviously I have picked the links of the net, joined them all together to produce an argument, in theory that could explain the bigger picture.

There is another concern, supposing western Europeans are considered a threat, look at the attack on our children's IQ, what better way to finish off western European civilisation and peoples than to get them (us) involved in a war. Are we being pushed into a war with Germany, if so who benefits? Would the EU or the UN step in to take control?


This is what I see of the DVD involvement and talk of Germany declaring economic war on us.


Given the resentment of the British people towards the EU, it would be very easy for a false prophet to arise, dupe us into believing the French and Germans have always hated us and get us involved in a war, the real purpose of which is not to protect our sovereignty but to destroy us once and for all. The NWO, UN or the EU could then step in six months into the war and take us over, they would claim of course that they needed to remain for a few decades in order to maintain order. We can just hear the Globalists cry "see what nationalism does to countries?".... but of course, within 40 years are minorities anyway.

Are we being led into a war with Germany? Will we see a false saviour pop up who declares, we must protect our sovereignty against German bullying, by force if necessary? Many of the British people might jump at the opportunity of declaring war on the EU, without realising the intention is to bring us under permanent UN or EU control. Let's not leave out the demographics, they would only need to hold us for 40 years and Brits and Germans would be minorities in our own countries based on present demographic trends.

If it's all the same to our ruling elites, I'd rather not go to war with Germany, the German people have done nothing wrong, western Europeans should resist what appears to be media manipulation to get us to go to war. Pull up the drawbridge, close the borders, take control of our own money supply and our economy and people will prosper, other European people will look on enviously and demand the same. There is absolutely no need to go to war to restore our sovereignty (a strong defence yes)

My chief concern is given the resentment built up in the British people it would be very easy for a false prophet to appear and utilise our Patriotism against us, withdrawing from the EU, getting our industries up and running again and coining our own money is in our own interests of Britain and the best way to protect Britain is NOT war.

This of course is exactly what Brown is doing, sending our troops off to war in Afghanistan and Iraq claiming that it is to protect our streets, all the while our borders are completely wide open and MI5 indeed the entire establishment is regularly shown to be fairly well represented by "ethnic minorities".

©royalecraig 27/9/2009
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Superlative of a superlative By TITVS ADVXAS

Briefly, how can a superlative be bettered?

An example of a Superlative Blog on blogspot is the old GREEN ARROW

Superlative of a superlative... is to move on to wordpress, like The ALL NEW ALL GREEN GREEN ARROW did.

Now, if moving to wordpress were that easy, we'd all be doing it, as word-press is far more versatile in its wide range formats and the manoeuvrability within it for both the web-designer and the blog user.

As we know GA had problems on the new blog and there were delays but the result is like swapping a single bladed penknife for a 24 function swiss-army knife.

My only concern here is that if I praise the new GA on wordpress too much, then I will get my marching orders from 'BLOGGER'.

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Doing the rounds By TITVS ADVXAS

I've just received an email with a message attributed to Australian PM, Kevin 'Big Kev' Rudd.

I'm sure you've received it in your own inbox before, as I have done, and previously its been attributed to a string on Ozzy politicians, including John Howard, known and unknown this side of the globe.

None the less I will reprint it here, as it's sentiment brings out what we, in the British National Party feel and believe:

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

Separately, Rudd angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques

'IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.'

'This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom'

'We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society. Learn the language!'

'Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.'

'We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.'

'This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, 'THE RIGHT TO LEAVE'.'

'If you aren't happy here then LEAVE. We didn't force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.'
This is the sort of message that unites a nation, but what may be forgotten in all that hullabaloo is that the real indigenous peoples of Australia, the Aboriginal Australians, were displaced to near extinction by the whites of Britain in the late 18Th century, after enjoying well over 40,000 years of freedom and tranquility.

The transportation of convicted criminals in the eighty years between 1788 and 1868, greatly impinged upon the aboriginal culture, and that now is represented as a mere 2% of the total Australian population.

What the Australian people now fear, however, is what we too fear.

The complete and utter annihilation of our own identity, by the colonisation of our lands by the Muslim world, a world that will not let that 2% indigenous peoples continue with their own culture, in freedom.

A world that would be intolerant to other religions and cultures.

A world that WOULD persecute us to extinction.

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Guess those Missing Words (As seen on SMA-TV - Sarah Maid of Albion Television)

Well Hello folks!! Welcome to .... “GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” (play jingle: De diddle de de DA DA) a game requiring a minimum of skill and many hours experience of watching what passes for ....*NEWS COVERAGE* in Britain. The aim of ... “GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” (De diddle de de DA DA) is to spot the words which a particular news source or broadcaster has fudged, obscured or, more often TOTALLY OMITTED from a news item, in order to hide or misrepresent facts which, if revealed openly and honestly, would not comply with their, blood oath linked, obligation to present our enforced multicultural society as an flawless paradise.

There are no prizes for guessing the words, just the smug satisfaction of knowing that you can see through the fog of fibs and omission which our national ...*NEWS MEDIA* use to bury the truth from those who we like to call ...*THE SHEEPLE* when feeding them their daily diet of lies, more lies and saccharine coated propaganda.

So come on down and play Britain's number one laugh a minute game .... “GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” (De diddle de de DA DA)

Today we focus on that licence fee funded bastion of bullcrap, that state subsidised domain of distorters, that quintessential coterie of crookedness, that lair of liberal liars, the good ol' BBC.

The following are a selection of news stories which have appeared on the BBC, that's the British Broadcasting Corporation to you folks, in the last week, see if you can spot the *MISSING WORDS*, phrases and facts have been omitted from the story so as to hide any uncomfortable facts which the naughty ol' Beeb don't want you, the licence payer. to know:


First we have a story which was reported on Monday, in which the BBC revealed that rape claims were not being accurately reported. According to the BBC “Figures obtained following a Freedom of Information request showed some UK police forces were failing to record more than 40% of cases.” If, as as would appear to be the case, the police are failing to record such a significant number of crimes, in one particularly high profile category, it would seem to shoot a rather large hole in the hilarious claim constantly made by the government, the media and shalwar seat kissing chief constables across the land that ... wait for it ....“crime is going down”. That is one point which the BBC carelessly omits to mention, however, those are not the missing words we are looking for.

The question here is why are these 40% of rape cases not being reported? The answer the BBC are trying to suggest is that the police are seeking to improve their clear up figures, but if you analyse that you find that, like so many of the Beeb's easy answers, it doesn't make sense. Why would what has become one of the most politically correct police forces on planet earth be seeking to minimise the number of rape complaints they are receiving? What is it about so many rape complaints that they would rather not be investigated, what are they trying to hide?.

All existing figures suggest that there has been a huge increase in the number of reported rapes in Britain, as large as 400% according to some reports. This news suggests the increase is even more marked than it originally appeared. Why is this?, what has changed, what is different between Britain today and Britain of ten, twenty or thirty years ago?. What is it the police don't want you to know? What is it the BBC is not saying, what is the truth about rape in modern Britain, who are committing these rapes? and what are the ... *MISSING WORDS* ?


Secondly we have a story which appeared on the BBC on Friday and there is a further update today the story involves the fact that 5 boys between the ages of 13 and 17 have been charged with assaulting a 15 year old girl in a park in Greater Manchester.

The story actually includes an outrageous statement by a policeman called Supt John Liars ..uh ... I mean Lyons who is quoted as saying "While this is an extremely disturbing incident I must stress it is an isolated one." ... no, honestly, I am not kidding, he actually says it, you can read it by clicking on this link, if you don't believe me. Of course, the report leaves the comment unchallenged, as if the, snow leopard like, rarity of gang attacks on teen aged girls in British cities is a universally acknowledged truth.

However, in case you are wondering, no “Bloody liar” are not the missing words we are looking for.

The missing words we are looking for relate to those who have been charged, and the clue is in the word “boys”. That word, when it is applied to anonymous white male children, is invariably accompanied by an artists impression drawing of the defendants in court, showing the backs of their heads and, very white, necks. When no such picture appears, then “boys” in this context are the younger versions of what the media call “youths”, and we all know who “youths” are. Youths are the people who, on the rare occasions that such news is reported, are constantly rioting across Britain and Europe, throwing missiles at police and setting fire to cars and buildings. “Youths” are usually in gangs and attack individuals in parks, alleyways or wherever they have managed to corner the poor sods.

So the *MISSING WORDS* question, for an extra 10 smugness points, is what are the BBC not telling us about these “boys” and what are they not telling us when they “report” (for want of a better word) on the “youths” who get up to all sorts of violence and mayhem both here and across Europe?


The third and final question in this nail biting, all family fun and frolics ,quiz comes from a news item which also appeared on the BBC last Monday. It involves another example of the somewhat eccentric electoral practices we have recently been seeing in a number of parts of Britain as ...ahem ... “diverse” as Birmingham and Bradford.

Apparently, the police were called when evidence came to light casting doubt on some 387 suspicious votes cast in a local council election held there last Thursday. The ballot was for a by-election in the Sparkhill ward which was won by Respect candidate Ali Shokat.

Readers in Britain will know Respect as the party once run George Galloway, and which tends to have scant respect for anyone who is not a Muslim. (I had initially intended to say that Respect had respect only for those who stick their bottoms in the air for Allah five times a day, but that, of course, would include most NuLabour politicians, and they certainly do not respect them.)

Interestingly we have had a number of such irregularities in Britain, especially in areas like Birmingham, including the infamous case of “vote theft” in 2004 which led a learned judge to so far forget his requisite vow to the gods of political correctness to comment that it would “disgrace a banana republic”. (I don't know what that judge is saying now, but if NuLabour got its way, I suspect it is "Will you take fries with that Sir?")

Over the years it had become all too apparent that all such instances have taken place in areas which have enjoyed significant levels of enrichment in recent decades, and involve people with names which have a similar ring to Mr Shokat.

However, from watching and reading the BBC coverage of such events, you could be forgiven for imagining that they had not noticed this. Indeed even after recent examples of some rather odd voting practices in particular parts of the world, it seems not to have occurred to the BBC that we might be importing such practices, (and many more) together with the Basmati rice and lentils so essential to any NuLabour dining table

Or maybe it has, in which case, you may not find it too difficult to identify the *MISSING WORDS* in this story.

So did you guess the ... MISSING WORDS, and are you feeling smug? If you are reading here, of course you did, but sadly there are many out there who just do not get it, and they are just going to have to brighten up, or they deserve everything the BBC and their Common purpose buddies are preparing to tip over their heads.

That's all for today, but don't worry you can play .....“GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” at home every day, because with the media we have there is never a shortage of *MISSING WORDS*.

Y'all be good now, and don't stay a stranger!!

De diddle de de DA DA!!

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

A cracking collection of photos & images from the BNP Website... By TITVS ADVXAS

I've only gone back for about 3 weeks and have unearthed these photos from the BNP website. (Click on the photo to go to the original post).

Perhaps YOU have a favourite you'd like me to put up? If so leave the link to the article or the photo, in a comment here, and I'll do another future article.

Apart from the Cameron 'Nice but Dim' picture (from the most recent BNP article, at the bottom of this post), my favourite here is the 'Its not Fascist when we do it' reproduction poster.

Lets start off with a caricature of the Boss saving the Owls...

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Friday, 25 September 2009

Birmingham City Council Tries to Eradicate The Red Squirrel

Love us or hate us? What you can't do is ignore us... or so you'd think! Following a visit to a local library the other week, I noticed that I couldn't log onto my friend Epona's quality Nationalist blog, The Red Squirrel. I emailed her and told her that the City had put the blog on its banned-list for "promoting racism and hate" to which she was taken aback, because of her 4 blogs, that one is the least likely to cause any offence (not that the other three should, either, if you are free thinking with an open mind).

This move by Birmingham Council is 100% undemocratic and anti BNP. My fellow blogger, Birmingham Patriot (with whom I share a platform on that blog) then saw the side button on Squirrel's blog (below), and decided to tell Birmingham. in a blog I have copied his post here just to tell the rest of you about it...

One of the better quality independent Nationalist blogs, The Red Squirrel, has been banned by Birmingham City Council's (BCC) fascist public protection unit, from its libraries, for the reason of "promoting racism and hate."

This came to the attention of my colleague, Titvs Advxas who was using a computer in a Birmingham Library at the weekend and noticed that some of his own blog seemed to not be loading correctly.

On closer inspection he saw that the Red Squirrel button was not loading, and he then tried to load the page, which failed showing a full size page warning that the page was not available due to it supposedly "promoting racism and hate."

Having told her about the news soon after, Red Squirrel or Epona as she is also known, then immediately posted the humorous picture on the left of this post.

What a bunch of hypocrites they (BCC) are, especially after the way that UAF and Muslim extremists were allowed, by West Midlands Police, who are funded in part by council tax contributions from City of Birmingham residents, to beat up both EDL and other right wing demonstrators at recent lawless episodes in the second city.

The failure to beat up any BNP supporters was solely due to the fact that there were no BNP supporters there.

In fact it could be said that local councillor and member of 'Respect' Salma Yaqoob and wig wearing Muslim leader, Mohammad Naseem, were guilty of inciting racial hatred by their comments made before, during and after the fracas.

In a counter retaliation by Swindon Council, our friend Titvs Advxas may have his blog banned by the Wiltshire town council.

Seriously, the hateful blogs in this land have for some time now been the exclusive domain of the UAF/SWP/Lib-Lab-Con supported 'Unity' webrings, and the hateful comments made publicly come from the same direction

Those blogs are so hateful, that I shall not give them further credence here.

So is this ban by BCC the sign that our blogs are becoming such a threat to the cover-up that our government and press are performing?

Are we starting to hit raw nerves?

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Thursday, 24 September 2009

BNP Blasts “Utterly Vile Hypocrisy” in Richard Barnbrook Ruling

The ruling against British National Party Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook has been blasted by the party’s press officer as “utterly vile hypocrisy.”

Speaking after the GLA hearing against Mr Barnbrook (picture far left with BNP Nuneaton Councillor Martyn Findley and a BNP activist) was finalised this afternoon with an order to apologise and attend a training and ethics seminar, BNP press officer Simon Darby said the “whole thing reeked of the worst sort of set-up.”

The charge against Mr Barnbrook was that he had brought the GLA and Barking and Dagenham Council into disrepute by “knowingly making false claims” about knife crime in the area.

“The reality is that Mr Barnbrook did not exaggerate about knife crime in his video report,” Mr Darby said.

“In the disputed video blog, Mr Barnbrook said that two people had been stabbed and had died in Barking and Dagenham. In fact, the two people were still on life support systems when Mr Barnbrook made the video.

“It was thus a minor error, caused by Mr Barnbrook’s dyslexia, and certainly not malicious at all,” Mr Darby said.

“The third victim to which Mr Barnbrook referred was stabbed in nearby Newham, but was from Dagenham, so even that incident most certainly happened. The only minor error was that the stabbing itself did not take place in the borough. The victim, however, was from Barking and Dagenham.”
Mr Darby asked how “these extremely minor points compared with serial lies told almost continually by all the other parties in Westminster.

“Mr Barnbrook did not lie; he merely confused a few minor points. Compare that to the outrageous whoppers we have heard recently about Tongan maids at the Attorney General’s office. In that case we are asked to believe that the person occupying the very highest legal office did not know that her domestic servant was illegally employed,” Mr Darby said.

“And then let us not even mention the outrageous lies told by the Labour and Tory parties to trick Britain into going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Those lies have resulted in the deaths of over 400 British soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians in the two countries which were invaded,” Mr Darby said.

“Yet let a BNP man misread stabbed people being on life support as opposed to being dead and one victim being from a borough instead of being stabbed in that borough, and voila, we have a full-scale hearing and national publicity.

“It is a disgrace and is indicative of the vicious, lying criminals in the other parties who have resorted to these blatant double standards against Mr Barnbrook,” Mr Darby said.

“Our message to these hypocrites is that we stand by Mr Barnbrook all the way. The hypocrites who have tried to frame him with their lies, distortions and smears can go to hell — the BNP is here and will continue to grow.”

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An emphatic and prophetic talk from Roger 'The Alchemist' Phillips

As always, The Green Arrow and Friends lead the way in showing how The British National Party will be this nations one and only saviour. Roger The Alchemist Phillips uses a few chemical tricks to explain in a nutshell how immigration is about to cause a massive catastrophe in our lands, and how Enoch Powell's famous prophecy will come true with all the hate being openly and unabatedly preached by the likes of Anjem Choudary...

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A welcome to TITVS ADVXAS...

... to brummieenoch who has promised NOT to put 20 posts a day on this blog. brummieenoch has been running a local Birmingham BNP support blog called The Weoley Castle Patriot, since August 2009, and has clocked up nearly 250 posts in that short time.

Blogger's parent Google were so concerned about the possibility of abuse of terms of service, that they despatched their spam detectives to brummie's moated residence in the south of Birmingham.

Excited by the prospect of reading his work nationally, I have collected the following reviews...

"brummieenoch writes so fast, he only breathes every 30 minutes" The Washington Mercury.

"reading brummieenoch makes me laugh and cry at the same time" The New York Daily Argos.

"I have never been more aware of world politics than after I read brummieenoch's blog" Terry Wogan on Blankety Blank.

"Wheres the sick bag" Brummie Enoch's wife (Mrs Enoch)

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Washington Post: White Women Who Prefer To Date White Men Are "Racist"

White women who don't date black men are "racist" and "morally repugnant." That's what Washington Post Style Columnist Carolyn Hax wrote in response to a letter from a young white woman who has no problems with interracial relationships in general, but feels they just aren't for her. The link to one of her syndicated replies is HERE

Although Hax wrote it was "horrifying" the young woman had no interest in dating black men, the truth is the questioner was expressing the prevailing view of interracial dating among white women.

Hax has a large audience. Her column is carried in more than 100 newspapers and is geared toward people under the age of 30. She started her advice column in 1997 as a weekly feature for The Washington Post, accompanied by the work of "relationship cartoonist" Nick Galifianakis. The column has since gone daily and into syndication, where it appears in over 200 newspapers. Carolyn joined The Post in 1992 as a copy editor in Style, and became a news editor before turning to writing full-time. She is the author of "Tell Me About It" (Miramax, 2001), and the host of a live online discussion on Fridays at noon on washingtonpost.com. She lives in Washington, D.C., with her white husband, Kenny Ackermans, and their three white boys.

From Bugs in Beds

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Monday, 21 September 2009

Welcome To Fascist Britain 2009

Two law abiding Christians in Liverpool were recently charged under public order laws because it is alleged that they had used "threatening, abusive or insulting words" that were deemed "religiously aggravated". A muslim woman who was staying in the hotel the couple owned was having a conversation about religion with the couple, the muslim took exception at the couples right to free speech and complained to the police that she had been offended. Such is the enviroment that the "liberals" have helped create in Britain, muslims now think it is against the law to offend them, if i complained to the police everytime i was offended, i'd be on the phone 24/7, but of course i'm only an indigenous Brit and the authorities are not interested in me being offended on the contrary they quite like it.

The police on recieving this complaint should have dealt with it in the manner all crank calls are dealt with, and a reminder that this is not what the emergency services are for, this is a gross mis-use of police resources particularly when the police have real crime to deal with, hopefully this will be thrown out of court as soon as it's heard but i wouldn't bank on that happening in todays Islamified society, there will probably be some dhimmi judge who will make an example of this couple so all us Kuffirs are in no doubt, that a critique of Islam is a big, no no.

I would be interested to know how this Christian couple voted, because Liverpool is traditionally a Labour voting city, at the last general election the people of Liverpool voted for five Labour MP's to represent them in each of the five parliamentry constituencies, the last Conservative MP to win a city constituency was in 1979, so if the couple are thinking of turning to their Labour MP to support them then they can think again, because Labour have created this totalitarian state and in all probability will seek to defend it. The moral of the story is (or should be) be careful of who you are voting for, maybe the couple are not Labour voters in that case they have every right to feel completely aggrieved....

The final word must go to the Liverpool police, well done, you have done wonders for community cohesion in that area, if not the whole of the UK (or should i say whats left of it?) who in their right mind will want to engage in any kind of communication with muslims now unless it's absolutely necessary?

©politicalMIZZ 21/9/2009
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BNP Down yet again By TITVS ADVXAS

Well it looks like the Labour Government is using some the money it's supposed to be saving with all the announced cuts, by bankrolling another ddos attack on the BNP website. Only an assumption at present, but why else would the site be down? After the last event, which the UAF websites gleefully boasted, coincided with our RWB, we wonder why pick this week? Surely they don't want the Yellow Frenzy in Bournemouth to be overshadowed. If conference sabotage were the case, I'd wait until UAF supporter, David Cameron's Tory party conference in a few weeks time, because that's when I'd worry about the BNP opinion. Or perhaps they know something else? Perhaps Nick will get the call on Tuesday to ask him to attend the QT on Thursday this week? Who knows.
I have re-posted my article written during the last ddos attack, questioning the cost and how the money trail should be visible to our boys in blue and to the merchant bankers (yes it is cockney rhyming slang, and a suitable pun in reference to the fat cats)...

Down but not out. Never. By TITVS ADVXAS

The recent sustained Denial Of Service attack (DDos or distributed denial-of-service attack) on The British National Party website raises questions as to the cost of such an outrageous attack and the financiers of it.

The last sustained attack on The BNP website that caused some disruption was in the run up to the European elections at the end of May.

From Simon Darby's blog on Sunday 24th and Monday 25th May, I have taken the following information:

1. The Counter Terrorism Unit at Scotland Yard is now investigating.
2. MI5 have now been alerted to this incident which has serious implications for UK security.
3. The Labour Party aligned "Searchlight" organisation is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for a similar attack on the servers of Clear Channel (in the preceding days before the DOS attack on us). The situation is compounded by the fact that "Searchlight" actually works for the Metropolitan Police. The size of the assault is unparalleled and there is no doubt that whoever has organised this has had to pay out a serious amount of money to the criminal underworld.

Looking at an American trading company who were held to ransom for $100,000 under the threat of a DOS attack, the company spokeswoman speaking about the gangs responsible, said "If we get an attack of greater than 400MB our ISP will shut us off." She added "But for an ISP that could probably take out their whole data centre, so that is only fair"

That means until the police catch the gangs, there are believed to be two main ones originating from Eastern Europe who control tens of thousands of compromised PCs, the IT departments of online merchants will have to be on their toes.

The BNP website has been down for an extended period, as Simon Bennett, the webmaster, has been spending time to transfer all the current information to a new mainframe with sophisticated hardware and software to defend against another attack.

If the benefit to the Iron curtain gangs is possibly in excess of $100,000 for a US extortion, one could easily assume that the price they'd charge a LiLaC representative, to do a similar thing against The BNP would be in the same order (or probably more) than they'd expect to receive for their overt crimes.

So which arm of the crooked elites will we laundering £75,000 to an Eastern European consortium?

Surely the corrupt bankers will know as either this money has been transferred to them electronically, or in a large luggage case.

Either way, being more than £10,000, it should alert the money laundering squad to investigate!

But I am damn sure they won't!

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Sunday, 20 September 2009


It has been scientifically proven that if we drink one litre of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of E.coli bacteria found in faeces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of Poo.
However, we do not run that risk when drinking wine (or rum, whiskey, beer or other liquors) because alcohol has to go through a distillation process of boiling, filtering and fermenting.


Free yourself of Poo, drink WINE!!!!

It is better to drink wine and talk shit than to drink water and be full of shit. There is no need to thank me for this valuable information; I am doing it as a public service.

This Free Medical advice comes from Sunny Swindon, Cheers!

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

English Schoolgirls Fast for Mohammed in Manchester

Taken from The BNP website, this article is about Manchester (England's 3rd city), and concerns are that with a higher immigrant population, that our school children, in my city the second city, are being forced to follow the same thing that these poor Mancunians had to endure.

Manchester seems at present to have the dubious honour of leading the whole country into the abyss of Islamification.

A week after Manchester BNP activists first exposed the systematic desecration of Christian gravestones at Quadria Jilania Islamic Centre (formerly St John’s Church), only two miles away in the district of Whalley Range, another terrible chapter is being written in the chronicle of our national degradation.

Non-Muslim girls at Whalley Range High School for Girls have been pressured into observing Ramadan by fasting from dawn to dusk. According to the Manchester Evening News, around 30 non-Muslim pupils took part. They had to wake up to have breakfast by 5.00am and were not allowed to eat or drink until 7.30pm.

This unprecedented outrage took place on the 27th day of Ramadan, significant for Muslims as they believe it marks the day when the Koran was revealed to their “prophet” Mohammed and is considered the most important day of the fasting month.

Tellingly, teachers also participated in the charade and all students and staff wore a ‘27’ badge and will apparently be “awarded a certificate” for their self-abasement.

Deputy head teacher Bob Berry said, “It’s a way for the people involved to take on a Muslim way of life for one day and for them to find out a lot from each other. There were whole teaching departments including the teachers who took part, it was a fantastic project, and a great success.”

There are many complex reasons why Manchester seems to be at the forefront of this national malaise. One is certainly the pernicious influence of the virulently anti-British local Labour mafia who have a vice-like death grip on the politics of the corrupt City council and will not rest until every last vestige of British culture has been extirpated from the City. Another factor is the moral turpitude of local Christian ‘leaders’ who noisily make common cause with marauding gangs of violent Labour-UAF thugs in attacking the BNP, but are quiet as church mice when Christian gravestones are being systematically desecrated in the grounds of a converted mosque.

The apologists for Islamification usually seek to justify such obscenities as the Whalley Range Ramadan Islamopandering by citing “cross-cultural understanding”, “community cohesion” or some such vacuous platitude. The problem is that their appeasement agenda always seems to require British culture to cede more and more ground to Imperial Islam, with no reciprocation whatsoever.

Of course we may be wrong. Perhaps Muslim pupils at Whalley Range School for Girls intend to prove their commitment to “cross cultural understanding” and “community cohesion” by sitting down with their British classmates at the end of the Ramadan fast to enjoy a traditional English breakfast of bacon, sausage, egg and Manchester black pudding. Or maybe not.

Has your child been forced or pressured to fast in the name of Islam? If so, please contact the British National Party for support and advice. Email BNP Enquiries or telephone the main helpdesk 02070 783286.

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Friday, 18 September 2009

Celebrity Homosexual To Get Preferential Treatment? By TITVS ADVXAS

John (left) with Lev, Furnish (right) with Lev

Multi-millionaire, wig-wearing, homosexual performer Reginald Kenneth Dwight (aka Elton Hercules John), 62, and his homosexual husband David Furnish, 47, have expressed the 'desire' to adopt an HIV stricken little boy in the former soviet state of The Ukraine.

Lev, as he is known is 14 months old and was one of the children that the homosexual couple were allowed to meet in a visit to a hospital for children with HIV and AIDS there recently.

The villain of this occasion is the 'Nasty Ukrainian Government', who told the odd couple that it was 'against the Ukrainian law for a child to be adopted by a homosexual or lesbian couple'

Elton John has not inquired about an official adoption but, he's already been told that he is too old and not married (to a woman).

The current law mandates that adoptive parents are younger than 45-years-old.

The Orthodox Church, in backing the government, would be unwavering in its stance considering homosexuality.

Spokesman Father Georgy Gulyaev of the Donetsk Diocese of the Orthodox Church said: "Thank God it's impossible under Ukrainian law for Elton John to adopt a child.

"The Church is strictly against same-sex marriages and the damage they cause. It's written in Holy Scriptures that homosexual marriage and relations is a sin.

"It is a sin, it is against nature, and it represents the dead end of human development.

"People pretend to have good intentions, create semi-marriages and so-called families, and moreover they dare to adopt children. Unlike people who are blessed by God to create natural families, these are people who succumb to their passions.

"This is definitely a sin, there is no other word for it, and the church will never agree that people who have created same-sex "marriage" could also dare to adopt children.

"This applies to all, including Elton John. He is a sinner."

The singer met the HIV positive child at a children's home while at an event supporting youngsters with HIV through his Charity.

Currently the only way that it would be possible for the singer and his partner to adopt would be if the Ukrainian parliament changed the law.

Ukraine's family minister, Yuriy Pavlenko, said "The law is the same for everybody: For a president, for a minister, for Elton John."

Tonight, it seems that money might be talking as in a U-turn, the government has opened the door for the homosexual pair to "Still have a great influence" in the poor boys life...

How reassuring!

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