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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Is this the Latest NUJ ploy? By TITVS ADVXAS

In what appears to be another ploy to absolve the government from its part in causing current incidents of street unrest, through its violent SWP/Union supported arm, Unite Against Fascism, the UAF are not being reported as the so-called ANTI-FASCIST protestors in this weekend’s clashes in Birmingham.

Instead they are merely being referred to as 'Socialist' protestors or simply as 'Anti Fascist' in all of the online news agencies I checked.

The state controlled BBC only mentioned the UAF once, and that was reference to the 'previous' incidents.

The press also never reported that a main part of the counter protestors were ‘Asian’

In fairness, too, The British National Party was not mentioned either, as it is now widely accepted that the EDL is not connected with The BNP, although I would think that the press may still have been making this link if the UAF had not been so openly involved in the last incidents.

Looking at the press photographs too, one sees that again, the police are only policing the EDL protestors, yet the counter protestors are seemingly un-policed.

Whilst we can condemn the violence shown by both sides, and distance ourselves to any political connection with our own party, we can also see a cynical and underhand move by the NUJ to again report LIES by not reporting the full truth or by overtly distorting the truth in its reports.

Until the NUJ stops its members from:
  1. Actively reporting hate against our party and parties with similar ideals,
  2. Concealing the truth about the government and its involvement in the UAF,
  3. Committing to the ‘common purpose’ of being actively involved in the wholesale destruction of The United Kingdom,

we must rely on trusted sources such as the BNP website, and our own blogs to spread the truth, because without the truth we will disappear as a race!

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