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Saturday, 19 September 2009

English Schoolgirls Fast for Mohammed in Manchester

Taken from The BNP website, this article is about Manchester (England's 3rd city), and concerns are that with a higher immigrant population, that our school children, in my city the second city, are being forced to follow the same thing that these poor Mancunians had to endure.

Manchester seems at present to have the dubious honour of leading the whole country into the abyss of Islamification.

A week after Manchester BNP activists first exposed the systematic desecration of Christian gravestones at Quadria Jilania Islamic Centre (formerly St John’s Church), only two miles away in the district of Whalley Range, another terrible chapter is being written in the chronicle of our national degradation.

Non-Muslim girls at Whalley Range High School for Girls have been pressured into observing Ramadan by fasting from dawn to dusk. According to the Manchester Evening News, around 30 non-Muslim pupils took part. They had to wake up to have breakfast by 5.00am and were not allowed to eat or drink until 7.30pm.

This unprecedented outrage took place on the 27th day of Ramadan, significant for Muslims as they believe it marks the day when the Koran was revealed to their “prophet” Mohammed and is considered the most important day of the fasting month.

Tellingly, teachers also participated in the charade and all students and staff wore a ‘27’ badge and will apparently be “awarded a certificate” for their self-abasement.

Deputy head teacher Bob Berry said, “It’s a way for the people involved to take on a Muslim way of life for one day and for them to find out a lot from each other. There were whole teaching departments including the teachers who took part, it was a fantastic project, and a great success.”

There are many complex reasons why Manchester seems to be at the forefront of this national malaise. One is certainly the pernicious influence of the virulently anti-British local Labour mafia who have a vice-like death grip on the politics of the corrupt City council and will not rest until every last vestige of British culture has been extirpated from the City. Another factor is the moral turpitude of local Christian ‘leaders’ who noisily make common cause with marauding gangs of violent Labour-UAF thugs in attacking the BNP, but are quiet as church mice when Christian gravestones are being systematically desecrated in the grounds of a converted mosque.

The apologists for Islamification usually seek to justify such obscenities as the Whalley Range Ramadan Islamopandering by citing “cross-cultural understanding”, “community cohesion” or some such vacuous platitude. The problem is that their appeasement agenda always seems to require British culture to cede more and more ground to Imperial Islam, with no reciprocation whatsoever.

Of course we may be wrong. Perhaps Muslim pupils at Whalley Range School for Girls intend to prove their commitment to “cross cultural understanding” and “community cohesion” by sitting down with their British classmates at the end of the Ramadan fast to enjoy a traditional English breakfast of bacon, sausage, egg and Manchester black pudding. Or maybe not.

Has your child been forced or pressured to fast in the name of Islam? If so, please contact the British National Party for support and advice. Email BNP Enquiries or telephone the main helpdesk 02070 783286.

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