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Monday, 21 September 2009

Welcome To Fascist Britain 2009

Two law abiding Christians in Liverpool were recently charged under public order laws because it is alleged that they had used "threatening, abusive or insulting words" that were deemed "religiously aggravated". A muslim woman who was staying in the hotel the couple owned was having a conversation about religion with the couple, the muslim took exception at the couples right to free speech and complained to the police that she had been offended. Such is the enviroment that the "liberals" have helped create in Britain, muslims now think it is against the law to offend them, if i complained to the police everytime i was offended, i'd be on the phone 24/7, but of course i'm only an indigenous Brit and the authorities are not interested in me being offended on the contrary they quite like it.

The police on recieving this complaint should have dealt with it in the manner all crank calls are dealt with, and a reminder that this is not what the emergency services are for, this is a gross mis-use of police resources particularly when the police have real crime to deal with, hopefully this will be thrown out of court as soon as it's heard but i wouldn't bank on that happening in todays Islamified society, there will probably be some dhimmi judge who will make an example of this couple so all us Kuffirs are in no doubt, that a critique of Islam is a big, no no.

I would be interested to know how this Christian couple voted, because Liverpool is traditionally a Labour voting city, at the last general election the people of Liverpool voted for five Labour MP's to represent them in each of the five parliamentry constituencies, the last Conservative MP to win a city constituency was in 1979, so if the couple are thinking of turning to their Labour MP to support them then they can think again, because Labour have created this totalitarian state and in all probability will seek to defend it. The moral of the story is (or should be) be careful of who you are voting for, maybe the couple are not Labour voters in that case they have every right to feel completely aggrieved....

The final word must go to the Liverpool police, well done, you have done wonders for community cohesion in that area, if not the whole of the UK (or should i say whats left of it?) who in their right mind will want to engage in any kind of communication with muslims now unless it's absolutely necessary?

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