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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

More Lies From The Politically Controlled MSM.

Our politically controlled MSM have launched yet another attack on a perfectly lawful, political party, the BNP. The Daily Star has claimed the BNP approached a "martial arts expert to train its members in deadly close combat fighting", the thought of the BNP old women carrying out these kind of maneuvers after one too many at the annual Christmas do, did made me smile.

This far-fetched story presented as fact by The Daily Star to its readers, has to be the very worst example of gutter journalism this country has seen, oh for at least a week, its like the MSM genuinely believes their readers will believe absolutely anything they say, no matter how ridiculous the stories are.

The dilemma the MSM is now finding itself in is this, because all the ridiculous stories they've churned out about the BNP before the euro elections, didn't have that much effect eg we still managed to get two MEP's elected, despite the combined effort of an aggressive, co-ordinated, establishment campaign directed at the BNP, they now have to up the ante, by printing more and more outrageous lies in order to out-do each other, and to try an convince their readers that the BNP is bad, because the last lies didn't work.

The rise of the BNP is the establishments worst nightmare, because at all costs the truth must be withheld from the British people, make no mistake the establishment lives in constant fear of the BNP, because they know that we know the extent of their crimes against the British people, and there is many, and the BNP is the only political party that will bring them to account for these crimes.

Prepare for even more outrageous lies as the MSM have backed themselves into a lose/lose situation, it's never a good move for newspapers to lie, or indeed any media outlet, because they only end up discrediting themselves and no-one else. The MSM are losing their readers, their pride will prevent them from admitting to themselves that they do not have the monopoly of information anymore, newspapers sales are down, they're shedding staff because they just can't compete in the new information age, they're not as powerful as they once were, this can only be a good thing for democracy.

One important question remains and it has to be asked-if the BNP are as bad as the establishment would have us believe, why the lies?

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