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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Germany DVD And New World Order Patriotism Sovereignty

An article submitted to me from royalecraig, known to most of us from his Youtube channel
I see lots of anti-German and French articles recently. I'm concerned that there may be the possibility that we are being led by the nose to a conflict with our European neighbours... I've seen at least one article suggesting that war might be the only way to get us out of the EU.

Of course, this is absolute nonsense, anyone who has the authority to declare war on our behalf has our collective authority to just tear up all the EU Treaties and tell the EU to **** off, pull up the drawbridge and go it alone. In addition, if we conned our own money we'd end up the most prosperous people, quite possibly on earth, it's only because we borrow our money that we have to pay income tax, anyone that comes along and says war is the only option without addressing this is NOT working in our best interests and is most certainly a false prophet.

I've read a lot about the German DVD involvement in world events, which I cannot refute these claims however surely if DVD were the kingpin in all that is happening, purely on the basis of human greed we would see German nationals owning the lions share of the worlds resources, instead the two names that keep coming up are Rockefeller and Rothschild.


Look at the statement by Aaron Russo, he claimed the Rockefeller's had decided to create an "event" to get us into Afghanistan and Iraq. He also mentions woman's lib being funded by the Rockefeller's foundation, nowhere do I see the mention of the German DVD.


Of course, I don't believe all the worlds ills are down to the average Israeli, just like the poorest African or Brit has no interest in what their elites are doing, they just want an easy life and where would we humanity be without the Gershwins, Murray Gell Man, Richard Feynman, Einstien etc etc... And let's not forget that Blair and Bush are not Israeli's either.

So the point is, there are those who think the Israeli's are major players. In Rockefeller's biography he said "Some would claim that we are a secret cabal.... I am and I'm proud of it" and I'm sure you've all heard the other one "The New World Order wants workers not thinkers".

Some people believe this is the reason for the IQ attack on the west, the dumbing down of the education system, the pushing of mercury and psychiatric drugs at an increasing rate.

Is swine flu a further attack on western Europeans? Recall that it was Baxter who shipped vaccines contaminated with bird flu to a number of European nations, during the swine flu outbreak a container of swine flu exploded on a Swiss train.


Now here is my concern, it's believed that international bankers have financed wars before , if people of western Europe are considered a threat to the NWO because of our IQ, then it would make sense to get rid of us...again look at the attack on brain function, look at the 7.2 million abortions we have carried out in Britain's (or England's) abortion clinics, which we now have in every town, where young mothers are routinely told at the rate of 200,000 per year that "it's only cells".

Look at the proposal to sterilise our school girls, look at mass immigration or Sarkozy suggesting that the French should marry immigrants....

Obviously I have picked the links of the net, joined them all together to produce an argument, in theory that could explain the bigger picture.

There is another concern, supposing western Europeans are considered a threat, look at the attack on our children's IQ, what better way to finish off western European civilisation and peoples than to get them (us) involved in a war. Are we being pushed into a war with Germany, if so who benefits? Would the EU or the UN step in to take control?


This is what I see of the DVD involvement and talk of Germany declaring economic war on us.


Given the resentment of the British people towards the EU, it would be very easy for a false prophet to arise, dupe us into believing the French and Germans have always hated us and get us involved in a war, the real purpose of which is not to protect our sovereignty but to destroy us once and for all. The NWO, UN or the EU could then step in six months into the war and take us over, they would claim of course that they needed to remain for a few decades in order to maintain order. We can just hear the Globalists cry "see what nationalism does to countries?".... but of course, within 40 years are minorities anyway.

Are we being led into a war with Germany? Will we see a false saviour pop up who declares, we must protect our sovereignty against German bullying, by force if necessary? Many of the British people might jump at the opportunity of declaring war on the EU, without realising the intention is to bring us under permanent UN or EU control. Let's not leave out the demographics, they would only need to hold us for 40 years and Brits and Germans would be minorities in our own countries based on present demographic trends.

If it's all the same to our ruling elites, I'd rather not go to war with Germany, the German people have done nothing wrong, western Europeans should resist what appears to be media manipulation to get us to go to war. Pull up the drawbridge, close the borders, take control of our own money supply and our economy and people will prosper, other European people will look on enviously and demand the same. There is absolutely no need to go to war to restore our sovereignty (a strong defence yes)

My chief concern is given the resentment built up in the British people it would be very easy for a false prophet to appear and utilise our Patriotism against us, withdrawing from the EU, getting our industries up and running again and coining our own money is in our own interests of Britain and the best way to protect Britain is NOT war.

This of course is exactly what Brown is doing, sending our troops off to war in Afghanistan and Iraq claiming that it is to protect our streets, all the while our borders are completely wide open and MI5 indeed the entire establishment is regularly shown to be fairly well represented by "ethnic minorities".

©royalecraig 27/9/2009
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