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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Slow Painful Death Of The Labour Party.

The internal conflict continues within the Labour Party, Gordon Brown has not been the uniting figure the Party had hoped for, after a long hot summer of sharpening their collective knives the Labour MP's are ready to stick the knives in Brown once again. John Crudass MP for Dagenham has started the ball rolling with his attack saying "the party would go down to catastrophic defeat and deserve to" and "put simply what does Labour stand for any more", the leadership challenge has begun once more, and the public will look on helplessly as the Labour Party tears itself apart, once again.
The British people know exactly what nu - Labour "stands for" that's Crudass's problem, we don't want to live under a surveillance state where we are monitored 24/7, where the innocent are criminalised for the most trivial "offences" while the real criminals are free to terrorise the streets, we don't want to walk down our streets and and be surrounded by foreign tongues, we don't want to be ruled by unelected bureacrats in Brussels, who have never set a foot in Britain, we don't want to live in a country where our human rights have been trampled on, we want change, real change.
Crudass should understand it doesn't matter who replaces Gordon Brown the Labour Party are finished and will be out in the wilderness for many years to come such is the damage they have done to this country. Crudass has a battle ahead, Brown is as stubborn as hell, he will not be pushed, he has proven this in the past, this is the best decision Gordon Brown could make as far as the British public is concerned, because he will take them all down with him at the next general election and deservedly so.
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