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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Trevor Phillips-Everythings Gonna Be All White...

Today another scandal, with news that the Equalities Quango awarded another overpriced contract to one of Mr Trevor Phillips friends. Now Trevor, not unknown to contraversy, caused quite a stir earlier this year when he dumped his multi cultural wife to date a pretty white woman 16 years his junior.

So by day he's using tax-payers money to brandish the legal whip-hand over the BNP, but by night he's crossing over from the dark-side himself! And judging from the photos of him kissing in the street he seemed to be keen on the young English Rose, although what she sees in him i'm not too sure-unless it's that 120k taxpayers paycheck????

So why do many foreign men (even them that are supposedly so pro-ethnic) seem to prefer English woman? I've heard a number of black men say they won't date black girls because "they have attitude and act bitchy"-but of course, if they say it it's not racist! Even the married average Asian guy, who has his ever growing imported family at home, is not adverse to playing away from home with a white girl given half the chance (if the scripts of Eastenders and Coronation Street are anything to go by)

So my message to you Trevor is this. I will refrain from commenting on your personal life in future, your scandals and your large salary but lay of trying to brandish the whip-hand over the BNP. Nick Griffin MEP is a million times the man you'll ever be.

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