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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Application of Meadows Law to Sarah Kennedy By TITVS ADVXAS (with tongue in cheek)

Professor Sir Samuel Roy Meadow (born 1933) is a British paediatrician who rose to initial fame for his 1977 academic paper on the now controversial Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP) and his crusade against parents who wilfully harm or kill their children.

He was knighted for these works. He endorsed the dictum that “one sudden infant death is a tragedy, two is suspicious and three is murder, until proved otherwise“ in his book ABC of Child Abuse and this became known as Meadow's Law and at one time was widely adopted by social workers and child protection agencies (such as the NSPCC) in Britain.

The Radio 2 presenter, and former 'Game for a Laugh' TV star, Sarah Kennedy, has been at the centre of several on-air gaffes since she started her 'Dawn patrol' show from 6AM to 730AM on the channel on weekdays, way back in 1993.

Ms Kennedy has denied harbouring racist viewpoints following many of these comments she made on air which some listeners found offensive and racist, and she has previously stated that black men dominate athletics because they are accustomed to being pursued by lions.

Now, for a spot of fun only, lets apply Meadows Law to Ms Kennedy:

  • Strike One: In October 2007 she was reprimanded after joking that she had almost run over a black pedestrian because she couldn't see him in the dark. The BBC later apologised for the comment. A 'right' coincidence.
  • Strike Two: She was also "spoken to" by BBC bosses after she praised Enoch Powell during a show in July 2009, describing Powell as "the best prime minister this country never had". It's looking suspiciously to the far 'right'!
  • Strike Three: 15th September 2009, Sarah gives our Patriotic Blogging buddy, V for Vendetta's excellent blog "Bugs in Beds" a major mention. Under Meadows Law, Its murder As Sarah is NOW standing as an MP for The British National Party!

Well, as we know, Professor Meadow's flawed theory has left many a parent in the dock for an inappropriate and highly emotive child abuse charge, with several high-profile cases being retried and prosecutions declared 'unsafe'.

Perhaps Ms Kennedy does sympathise with some of our stuff, and perhaps she does not.

What a coup it would be to have her publicly on our side, although that may never happen, following vilification and subsequent lack of opportunities given to people such as Buster Mottram and Frank Forte following publicity of their own true allegiance.

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