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Thursday, 24 September 2009

BNP Blasts “Utterly Vile Hypocrisy” in Richard Barnbrook Ruling

The ruling against British National Party Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook has been blasted by the party’s press officer as “utterly vile hypocrisy.”

Speaking after the GLA hearing against Mr Barnbrook (picture far left with BNP Nuneaton Councillor Martyn Findley and a BNP activist) was finalised this afternoon with an order to apologise and attend a training and ethics seminar, BNP press officer Simon Darby said the “whole thing reeked of the worst sort of set-up.”

The charge against Mr Barnbrook was that he had brought the GLA and Barking and Dagenham Council into disrepute by “knowingly making false claims” about knife crime in the area.

“The reality is that Mr Barnbrook did not exaggerate about knife crime in his video report,” Mr Darby said.

“In the disputed video blog, Mr Barnbrook said that two people had been stabbed and had died in Barking and Dagenham. In fact, the two people were still on life support systems when Mr Barnbrook made the video.

“It was thus a minor error, caused by Mr Barnbrook’s dyslexia, and certainly not malicious at all,” Mr Darby said.

“The third victim to which Mr Barnbrook referred was stabbed in nearby Newham, but was from Dagenham, so even that incident most certainly happened. The only minor error was that the stabbing itself did not take place in the borough. The victim, however, was from Barking and Dagenham.”
Mr Darby asked how “these extremely minor points compared with serial lies told almost continually by all the other parties in Westminster.

“Mr Barnbrook did not lie; he merely confused a few minor points. Compare that to the outrageous whoppers we have heard recently about Tongan maids at the Attorney General’s office. In that case we are asked to believe that the person occupying the very highest legal office did not know that her domestic servant was illegally employed,” Mr Darby said.

“And then let us not even mention the outrageous lies told by the Labour and Tory parties to trick Britain into going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Those lies have resulted in the deaths of over 400 British soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians in the two countries which were invaded,” Mr Darby said.

“Yet let a BNP man misread stabbed people being on life support as opposed to being dead and one victim being from a borough instead of being stabbed in that borough, and voila, we have a full-scale hearing and national publicity.

“It is a disgrace and is indicative of the vicious, lying criminals in the other parties who have resorted to these blatant double standards against Mr Barnbrook,” Mr Darby said.

“Our message to these hypocrites is that we stand by Mr Barnbrook all the way. The hypocrites who have tried to frame him with their lies, distortions and smears can go to hell — the BNP is here and will continue to grow.”

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