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Friday, 18 September 2009

BNP MEPs defend National Sovereignty

BNP MEPs defend National Sovereignty

– Tories vote for further integration

IN the European Parliament yesterday it was only the two British National Party MEPs and a handful of other more enlightened delegates that saw an ulterior motive in a resolution calling for more co-operation between member states to fight forest fires.

But the motion was not really about forest fires at all, but more about exploiting the sympathy felt for the Greeks and other southern Europeans who have suffered so much from this problem this summer, to provide cover for a further advance of the federal superstate project.

In a briefing with other nationalist MEPs before the debate, Nick Griffin warned:

“This is a typical EU Trojan Horse proposal. Under the guise of dealing with terrible forest fires, it essentially pushes forward the creation of the uniformed European Civil Protection Force (ECPF).

“This proposal goes way beyond forest fires and sets the context for the creation of the ECPF.

“It provides for the European Union to mobilise all the instruments at its disposal, including military resources, to protect democratic institutions and the civilian population in the event of terrorist attack or natural or man-made disaster.

“It is clear that the ECPF would not only involve the loss of sovereignty by putting our national firefighting forces increasingly under EU control. It is also the embryo of a paramilitary force which would intervene to deal with man-made ‘disasters’ such as civil unrest threatening pro-EU governments.”

The hopelessly naive and ill-informed Tory group joined the socialists to vote in favour and the resolution was carried by 647 votes to 31. So supposedly Euro-realist British MPs voted in favour of speeding up the creating of the European Civil Protection Force – the latest step on the road to a United Europe. It’s something that would be rejected by British voters if they were given the chance to have their say on the issue.

In his debut speech to the European Parliament Andrew Brons, the British National Party MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, explained his reasons for voting against the motion:

“I voted to oppose this Joint Motion for Resolution, despite the fact that I agree with European countries co-operating voluntarily to prevent, fight and repair the appalling damage caused by forest fires.

“However, I object to the creation of European Union bodies that would exercise power over member states in areas that are wider than necessary to deal with this problem.

“This proposal is exploiting admirable humanitarian responses to the appalling tragedies that we have seen, in order to take further steps towards the creation of the European Protection Force.”

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