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Friday, 25 September 2009

Birmingham City Council Tries to Eradicate The Red Squirrel

Love us or hate us? What you can't do is ignore us... or so you'd think! Following a visit to a local library the other week, I noticed that I couldn't log onto my friend Epona's quality Nationalist blog, The Red Squirrel. I emailed her and told her that the City had put the blog on its banned-list for "promoting racism and hate" to which she was taken aback, because of her 4 blogs, that one is the least likely to cause any offence (not that the other three should, either, if you are free thinking with an open mind).

This move by Birmingham Council is 100% undemocratic and anti BNP. My fellow blogger, Birmingham Patriot (with whom I share a platform on that blog) then saw the side button on Squirrel's blog (below), and decided to tell Birmingham. in a blog I have copied his post here just to tell the rest of you about it...

One of the better quality independent Nationalist blogs, The Red Squirrel, has been banned by Birmingham City Council's (BCC) fascist public protection unit, from its libraries, for the reason of "promoting racism and hate."

This came to the attention of my colleague, Titvs Advxas who was using a computer in a Birmingham Library at the weekend and noticed that some of his own blog seemed to not be loading correctly.

On closer inspection he saw that the Red Squirrel button was not loading, and he then tried to load the page, which failed showing a full size page warning that the page was not available due to it supposedly "promoting racism and hate."

Having told her about the news soon after, Red Squirrel or Epona as she is also known, then immediately posted the humorous picture on the left of this post.

What a bunch of hypocrites they (BCC) are, especially after the way that UAF and Muslim extremists were allowed, by West Midlands Police, who are funded in part by council tax contributions from City of Birmingham residents, to beat up both EDL and other right wing demonstrators at recent lawless episodes in the second city.

The failure to beat up any BNP supporters was solely due to the fact that there were no BNP supporters there.

In fact it could be said that local councillor and member of 'Respect' Salma Yaqoob and wig wearing Muslim leader, Mohammad Naseem, were guilty of inciting racial hatred by their comments made before, during and after the fracas.

In a counter retaliation by Swindon Council, our friend Titvs Advxas may have his blog banned by the Wiltshire town council.

Seriously, the hateful blogs in this land have for some time now been the exclusive domain of the UAF/SWP/Lib-Lab-Con supported 'Unity' webrings, and the hateful comments made publicly come from the same direction

Those blogs are so hateful, that I shall not give them further credence here.

So is this ban by BCC the sign that our blogs are becoming such a threat to the cover-up that our government and press are performing?

Are we starting to hit raw nerves?

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