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Monday, 22 March 2010

One week on...

This article has been pre-written.

There may have been quite some fall out from last weeks revelations and allegations by me.

One thing it is not is sour grapes.

Tanya Lumby single handedly led a witch hunt to oust me from The BNP, a party thatI supported till my death, and hopefully beyond.

My rapid rise within the local party had been met with jelousy by many within the local network.

Well all that is now over, and no one is bigger than a team or group. Not the Lumbys. Not Titvs. and certainly not Frank Chance. Frank Chance is the sort of person who pushes others to do his dirty work. He is a bigot, a racist


Monday, 15 March 2010


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Friday, 12 March 2010

The “Melon Party”: Is Pink the New Green?

With the Green “Melon Party’s” interest in environmental issues being increasingly eclipsed by its growing fixation on cultivating the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community vote, no few political pundits are wondering whether “pink is the new green”.

For those not “in the know”, the “Melon” appellation alludes to the non-botanical observation that the Marxist Green Party, just like a melon, has a green exterior but is otherwise red throughout.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s the Marxist Green Party were virtually alone in riding shotgun on the environmentalist bandwagon, a ramshackle vehicle from which they purveyed, like 19th century snake-oil vending quacks, a range of half-baked and often contradictory “cure-alls” as environmentalist policy..

Since then practically every party in Britain, including the ever opportunistic and perpetually deceitful Tories, have embraced “environmentalism” to a greater or lesser extent; a development that has severely reduced the Green Party’s potential for organic growth.

Recognising the limitations of their quack environmentalism in light of prevailing real-politics, this Marxist party has now “pitched its yurts” on new ground, the political equivalent of quagmire, that of LGBT politics.

Where this Marxist party chooses to position its political tepees is, of course, wholly a matter for them; we are, naturally, aware that their decision is based entirely on deeply and long held convictions and principles, rather than naked political expediency.

Their choice, it is claimed, has absolutely nothing to do with Brighton’s Pavilion constituency, which boasts Britain’s largest LBGT community, a community that they hope will deliver to them something that green politics so far has failed to – that being a Westminster parliamentary seat.

Yet even this is problematical for them; how they will “square” their avowed support for Islam – a faith notorious for its homophobic attitudes – with their promotion of LBGT issues, remains to be seen.

Respect tried to square this particular circle and failed miserably.

That’s not to say that these Marxists have abandoned serious green politics altogether, but they really do need to address some of their many environmental policy inconsistencies if they are to achieve a modicum of credibility in that sphere.

For instance, on one hand the Marxist “Melon Party” would have us believe that they oppose the Government’s proposed mass house building programme, a programme that threatens to wreck so much of our countryside; on the other hand they have never condemned the mass immigration that is fuelling the demand for so many new homes and which Labour uses to justify their insane proposal.

Although some within the Marxist “Melon Party” are willing to accept overpopulation as a major and growing threat to the environment – they consider the British National Party’s policy to halt immigration as “racist” and even worse, reject any limitations on the free movement of labour between countries.

The Marxist “Melon Party” also clings to the now thoroughly discredited “man-made” global warming quackery, still claiming carbon dioxide to be responsible for non-existent global warming.

The Marxist “Melon Party” claims to champion animal welfare, indeed one of its two MEPs has recently been appointed President of the European Parliament’s cross-party Animal Welfare Intergroup, yet they don’t even acknowledge ritual slaughter as animal abuse, far less condemn it.

On a similar theme, the Marxist “Melon Party” are fully aware of the exemptions enshrined in the various Slaughter Acts which legalise ritual slaughter, yet have never campaigned for the reform of Britain’s inconsistent Slaughter Acts to eliminate these vile inconsistencies.

When questioned as to why the Marxist “Melon Party”, whilst claiming to support animal welfare, ignores the most prolific form of animal abuse practiced in Britain, the following response is often proffered:

“The right of religious minorities in Britain to practice their religion exceeds any animal welfare considerations”.

The British National Party condemns mass immigration as the greatest threat to our native environment bar none; banning immigration and deporting Britain’s estimated one million illegal immigrants makes a mass house building programme unnecessary, thereby negating any need for further encroachment into our countryside..

The British National Party condemns ritual slaughter as blatant and inexcusable animal abuse; it is pledged to amend the Slaughter Acts so as to remove these vile exemptions, thereby ending this foul stain on Britain’s otherwise proud record on animal welfare.

The British National Party recognises climate change as a fact of life that has existed since this planet evolved an atmosphere, but it does not accept “man-made” global warming as anything other than a cynical globalist scam based on dishonest “science”, driven by vested interests and following a political agenda.

Consequently the British National Party believes it can only be to the benefit of genuine environmentalism that the Marxist “Melon Party” has encamped elsewhere.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Time to Recognise the Impact of Islamic Slaving on Britain

Written by Mercia on The BNP website... Memorials to the black victims of European slaving may be found across Britain, but nowhere is there a memorial to the tens of thousands of British victims of Islamic slavers — similarly, whilst European slaving is taught in our schools, Islamic slaving is not; these are inequalities the British National Party is determined to redress.

Such inequalities are also true of other northern countries, such as the United States and Iceland; countries that have also suffered down the centuries from the depredations of the thousand year long Islamic slave trade.

According to a Times newspaper report dated 22nd November 2008:

“It is estimated that well over one million Europeans were seized by the Arab slave traders”; to which should be added “millions of Africans”.

“They captured 353 British ships between 1672 and 1682.”

“Incursion were launched up the Thames estuary as well as along the West Country coastline; Cornish accents emanated from the slave pens of Algiers.”

“The lightly protected vessels of the new United States provided such easy pickings that the future President John Adams concluded it was more sensible to give one gift of two hundred thousand pounds than to risk a million annually in lost trade.”

“By 1800 the US was paying a fifth of its federal revenue in bribes to the Barbary coast.”

In July 1627 Islamic slavers launched a number of large-scale raids on Icelandic coastal communities.

There they seized some four hundred captives for the North African slave markets, herding the “unprofitable” elderly into a church, which was then set on fire.

Arguably the most notorious slaving atrocity within the British Isles occurred on the morning of Monday 2nd June 1637 when, a little before dawn, some 200 Islamic slavers were landed from a fleet of vessels.

They proceeded to surrounded the village of Baltimore, on the coast of County Cork, in southern Ireland.

At the time Baltimore was largely an English plantation community, comprising settlers mainly from Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

This raid was led by a renegade Dutchman, turned Muslim, known by a number of aliases — but perhaps most notoriously as Morat Rais.

The raid netted the “Turkish” slavers fifty children, thirty-four women and around twenty men; it would have been greater had the slavers not been fooled into believing that the militia were close by.

Historical accounts detail how William Gunter was left devastated by the abduction of his wife and seven sons.

They recall how John Harris lost his wife, his mother and three sons.

They tell of how Robert Chimor had his wife and four children snatched away from him.

They relate how Stephen Broadbrook lost his pregnant wife Joane, and his two young children

They detail how Richard Lorye was taken into captivity together with his wife, sister and four children.

They recall how John Ryder, with his wife and two children were also taken.

They tell of how Bessie Flood was captured and how she then escaped, losing her child, never to be seen again, to the slavers.

They relate the bravery of Timothy Curlew and John Davis, who were hacked to pieces whilst attempting to protect their families and of the ingenuity of William Harris and his unnamed neighbour, whose firing of a musket and beating out of a tattoo on a military drum fooled the slavers into believing the militia was approaching, thus hastening their departure and preventing further enslavement.

Other accounts tell of the heroism of the Rev. Devereux Spratt, who later turned down his chance of freedom to remain with his slave congregation in Algiers, where he organised a number of escapes.

Britain has numerous memorials to black victims of European slavers – but none to the tens of thousands of British men, women and children seized from shipping and coastal villages by Islamic slavers.

Similarly, the teaching of the European role in the African slave trade is commonplace — yet the role of Islamists in European slave trading is universally ignored.

These are gross double standards that only a British National Party government will redress.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

EU Can Control all Member Nations’ Economies Says ‘Former Communist’ Commission President

BNP news reports: The European Union has the power in terms of the Lisbon Treaty to control the economies of all its member states, former Communist Party member and now European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has announced.

Mr Barroso said yesterday he was going to use the “full force” of the Lisbon Treaty to impose economic control over every EU nation.

He said that this would be necessary to create “financial stability” within the EU. “The economic crisis is worse than anyone imagined and increased economic inter-dependence demands a more determined response and makes the case for stronger economic governance in the EU,” Mr Barroso said.

“Now we have the Lisbon Treaty, which provides for (economic) policy warnings. The commission intends to use these powers to the full.

“The commission will address country-specific (economic) recommendations to member states and warnings in the case of inadequate responses.”

He said the commission would now draw up economic targets for all member states in five key areas, including employment, poverty reduction and the number of young people attending university.

“Five years ago, at the time of the proposed revision of the Lisbon Treaty, there was strong resistance to the idea of stronger governance in Europe and increased economic co-ordination.

“But now things have changed. There is a much bigger awareness of the need to act together … that is recognised and accepted by all European leaders.

Gordon Brown committed Britain to the Lisbon Treaty and David Cameron is also now committed to it after giving an “iron-clad” guarantee that he would give the public a referendum on the topic.

* The Conservative Party also betrayed its supporters by voting for the re-election of Mr Barroso as European Commission president.

Mr Barroso received a standing ovation from many Conservative MEPs when the result of the vote was announced — despite his membership of the underground Maoist MRPP (Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party, later PCTP/MRPP Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat).

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A new slant on a very old tale...

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.
The seven dwarfs always left to go work in the mine early each morning. As always, Snow White stayed home doing her domestic chores.

As lunchtime approached, she would prepare their lunch and carry it to the mine.

One day as she arrived at the mine with the lunch, she saw that there had been a terrible cave-in.

Tearfully, and fearing the worst, Snow White began calling out, hoping against hope that the dwarfs had somehow survived. 'Hello...Hello!' she shouted. 'Can anyone hear me? Hello!'

For a long while, there was no answer. Losing hope, Snow White again shouted, 'Hello! Is anyone down there?'

Just as she was about to give up all hope, she heard a faint voice from deep within the mine, singing; 'Vote for GORDON BROWN! Vote for GORDON BROWN!'

Snow White fell to her knees and prayed, 'Oh, thank you, God! At least Dopey is still alive.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Titvs is widely known...

Worn by an unlikely ally!

Friday, 26 February 2010

A typical day on the buses?

A little story about a little girl travelling on a bus in Birmingham.

Titvs Advxas's daughter, Erica is just 21. She has a boyfriend, and they are very happy.

Today, I am told, Erica went shopping to The Fort Shopping centre, a retail park built on the skeletal remains of the Fort Dunlop Tyre Factory.

Coming home to Acocks Green (a white working class area of Birmingham), she caught the number 11 bus (The 26 mile 'outer circle' route that travels all the way around Birmingham) for the short trip from Bromford to Acocks Green.

Being a bit zany, she caught the 11a (anti clockwise) rather than the 11c (clockwise) and her trip took 20 miles (75minutes) rather than 6 miles (25 minutes)!

Erica was quite concerned that she was the attention of many of the Asian males on the bus.

In fact she was asked by EIGHT of them, at different times, if she had a boyfriend, if she would go out with them, or if she would give them her phone number. Some of the men asking were grey haired and in their 50s or 60s. One even asked her if she would give him sex on the bus.

Now I do know Titvs's daughter, and she always dresses respectfully and is not the sort of person who would act in any way that would bring her attention like this, but all of this attention took place through Witton, Perry Barr, Handsworth Wood, Handsworth, Winson Green and Bearwood. All areas now considered 'occupied territory'.

She is also fairly sure that all 8 were Muslim, as they wore Muslim style clothes.

She tells me that this sort of predatory behaviour is apparently common amongst Muslim males of all ages, as they try to make their mark in this land.

Look at the sex rings in Yorkshire and Lancashire involving gangs of Muslim men (of all ages) and young white females, that have been bought to the attention of the BNP but not to the attention of the general public because of the NUJ/Marxist press embargo on ethnic identity in crimes involving Muslim perpetrators.

What if a white guy was on a bus, asking all the bhurka wearing females for their phone numbers?

He may well not survive the trip with his carotid artery intact and his head still attached to his body...

And as for Erica, what if the bus trip was at night rather than in broad daylight?

Thursday, 25 February 2010

UKIP’s Nigel Farage Named as EU “Pension Benefits” Swindler

BNP News writes... The fake UKIP party has been rocked once again by the revelation that leading member Nigel Farage has been named as one of the MEPs exploiting EU taxpayers in the growing “pensions” scandal.

Mr Farage has joined the ranks of other British MEPs already identified in the scandal, named as Tories Daniel Hannan and Timothy Kirkhope, Labour’s Glenys Kinnock, the Lib-Dem Andrew Duff and, of course, the already jailed UKIP MEP Tom Wise.

Nick Griffin MEP sent Mr Farage a letter of demand through the European parliamentary postal system yesterday, asking the UKIP leader in Brussels to show some moral fibre and withdraw from the disgraceful scheme which forces taxpayers to contribute twice as much as that which MEPs pay.

To make the scandal even worse, the MEPs can charge their contribution to their parliamentary expenses bill, meaning that they can draw a pension without paying a penny in at all.

“Following on from the revelation that you removed over £2 million in expenses and allowances from the EU Parliament over 10 years, your name has now been included in the latest pensions’ scandal,” Mr Griffin wrote to Mr Farage.

“According to reports, the taxpayer contributes two euros for each euro paid by the recipient, with the MEPs’ personal contributions coming not from their salary but taken automatically from office expenses,” Mr Griffin wrote.

New Europe magazine states that MEPs ‘are supposed to reimburse this account but there are no checks and balances’.

“In 1997, the Dutch Parliament stated the fund was ‘morally objectionable’ and that it allowed MEPs to ‘get rich by milking the taxpayer’.

“In April 2007, MEPs voted to keep secret the list of names of those MEPs who benefit from the fund. The December 2007 list of MEPs in the scheme is now in the public domain, thanks to German investigative journalist Hans-Martin Tillack.

“Your name is included amongst some of the most loathed of Europhiles and MEPs, including European Commissioner Antonio Tajani of Italy; French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner; former Belgian PM Wilfried Martens, who heads the European People’s Party, which rules the Parliament; another former Parliament president, Pat Cox; Umberto Bossi, Italian Minister of Federal Reforms; and former French PM Michel Rocard; jailed ex MEP Tom Wise; Glenys Kinnock (S&D); Timothy Kirkhope (ECR); Andrew Duff (ALDE); Rumiana Jeleva (EPP) and Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Green).

“Please will you confirm:

“1. That you have reimbursed your office expenses’ account.

“2. That you will withdraw from this pension scheme which milks taxpayers’ funds.

“3. That you will lead by example and condemn this monstrous waste of taxpayers’ monies,” Mr Griffin concluded.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

BNP Forces Oldham Chronicle to Tell Truth over Racist Attack

The BNP have forced a Newspaper AND local police toidentify a Race Crime as such according to BNP News...

The Oldham Chronicle has been forced to publish the truth about a racist attack in Oldham — after the British National Party’s legal advisor contacted both the newspaper and the local police over the matter.

Earlier, the Oldham Chronicle had claimed that an attack by a gang of what they described as “Asians” on a group of whites was not being regarded by the police as a racial incident.

After Nick Griffin MEP pointed out that there had been several such incidents in Oldham and had warned against cover-ups, the matter was taken up by BNP legal advisor Lee Barnes.

In a letter to the Oldham Chronicle, Mr Barnes said that the party had “received a report from residents of Oldham alarmed at the reports in your newspaper which stated that the police refused to classify the incident as a race attack.

“I have spoken to the police and they have confirmed that they have classified this as a racist attack,” Mr Barnes wrote to the paper.

“Can you please inform us, and the Oldham police liaison officer on this email, why your paper stated that the attack has not been classified as a racist attack?

“With a series of racial attacks on whites in Oldham over the last few weeks according to our people in the area, the allegation that the police are refusing to classify hate crimes against whites as hate crimes is something we have to investigate.

“Can you please print a retraction in your newspaper and clearly state that this was a racist attack and that it has been classified as such by the police,” Mr Barnes wrote.

In the original article, the Oldham Chronicle said that the “victims, all white, fear it was a racially-motivated attack because all the assailants were Asian” but went on to say that the “police say they do not believe there was a racial element and have classed the crime as common assault.”

Today, however, that same newspaper has reported that the police have indeed declared the assault as a “racially motivated” incident.

Without referring to Mr Barnes’s intervention, the Oldham Chronicle went on to say in the new article that their first report had “led to complaints that Oldham Police was refusing to abide by requirements in the classification of race attacks.”

According to the new report, Chief Superintendent Tim Forber wrote to the Oldham Chronicle to say the incident was being treated as a hate crime and that the decision was made by the police to classify it as such “on account of the fact that there had been two similar incidents in that area in the preceding days when racist language was used.

“All three incidents involved groups of Asian youths and white victims and the similarities were such that it was deemed the most appropriate course of action,” Chief Superintendent Forber wrote to the newspaper.

The report continued by saying that the “Hate Crime Unit is now investigating all three incidents and two men have been arrested in connection with the first two, with one charged with robbery. Extra patrols are continuing in the area.”

The BNP has flexed its growing muscles once again and the media will no longer be allowed to get away with deception on this scale.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

IAC does Weyman Bennett...

Click on this picture...
...and be transferred to the original post on Grumpy Old Twat's "....is a cunt" blog

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Migrationwatch Releases “Censored” Government Paper Which Outlines Political Objective of Mass Immigration

More leaked government information exposed by Migrationwatch on the BNP website...

The Migrationwatch think tank has just released a copy of the uncensored Home Office Economics and Resources Analysis Unit and the Cabinet Office Performance and Innovation Unit document which proves that mass immigration to Britain is a political tool used by the Labour Party to socially engineer society for its own ends.

This document was given restricted circulation in October 2000 and was obtained by Migrationwatch UK under a Freedom of Information Act request to the Cabinet Office.

“The massive increase in immigration under Labour was a deliberate policy undertaken for ‘social’ as well as economic reasons,” said Migrationwatch.

In an article for the Evening Standard last October, Andrew Neather, a former speech writer for Blair, Straw and Blunkett in the early 2000s, revealed that mass immigration “didn’t just happen: the deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000 until at least February last year… was to open up the UK to mass migration.”

According to Migrationwatch, Mr Neather went on to describe a Government policy document which he had helped to write in 2000. He said that “drafts were handed out in summer 2000 only with extreme reluctance: there was paranoia about it reaching the media.”

The paper was eventually surfaced as a purely technical product of the Research Department of the Home Office but earlier drafts that he saw “included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.”

He remembered “coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended — even if this wasn’t its main purpose — to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.”

Migrationwatch have now obtained an earlier draft of that policy paper, circulated in October 2000, and have compared it to the version eventually published in 2001 by the Home Office Research Department as a rather obscure economic paper.

The draft had already been censored but it was to be neutered still further. In the Executive Summary six out of eight references to “social” objectives were removed from the version later published.

These included a remark that “the entry control system is not closely related to the stated policy objectives. This is particularly true in the social area, where in the past the implicit assumption has largely been that keeping people out promotes stability.”

Also cut out was a statement that “in practice, entry controls can contribute to social exclusion” as well as other politicised passages in the main body of the document.

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch, said “Andrew Neather later tried to play down the significance of his revelations but these documents show that his original account was correct. Labour had a political agenda which they sought to conceal for initiating mass immigration to Britain. Why else would they be so anxious to remove any mention of social aspects unless they feared that they would reveal their true motives? Only now that their working class supporters are deserting them in droves have they started to talk about restricting immigration. Our population is heading rapidly towards 70 million, largely as a result of immigration, but they still refuse to set any limits.”

Migrationwatch also pointed out that the Labour manifesto of 1997 made no reference to an increase in immigration. It said only that “Every country must have firm control over immigration and Britain is no exception.”

Furthermore, the think tank said, the Labour manifesto issued in 2001, after the publication of this document, said only that “People from abroad make a positive contribution to British society. As our economy changes and expands, so our rules on immigration need to reflect the need to meet skill shortages.”

Finally, research into voting patterns was conducted for the Electoral Commission in May 2005, just after the last election. The “Black and Minority Ethnic Survey”, conducted by MORI, asked which party respondents had voted for in 2005. Of Caribbean and African voters, 80% had voted Labour, 2–3% Conservative and 5–11% Liberal Democrat. Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshis voted 56%, 50% and 41% for Labour. The equivalent figures for the Conservatives were 11%, 11% and 9% while Liberal Democrats came in at 14%, 25% and 16%. Mixed and other categories were similar to the Asians.

A Thank you From Bob!

It's just 20 days...

...since I started to write articles on the TITVS ADVXAS blog. Titvs told me that I must keep all the posts supportive of Nationalism and the BNP, which I have. I was, if truth be told, nervous of this, as Nationalism is a concept that touches of elements of extreme views. That was what I thought at the end of January. Now, having read loads of Nationalist blogs and publications, I can see where Nationalists are coming from. Whats more, I have been converted too!

Thank you to the 900 people from 27 counties who have viewed the relaunched blog in that 3 weeks. Titvs also confided that the average number of hits per week was 450 - 500, so my 300 per week is a tad shy of that, but it's far higher than any of my other blogs.

When the trial period ends on 28th February 2010, I am proud to announce that will continue to run the blog TITVS ADVXAS - THE CENTVRION OF TRVTH with full control over content and blog layout. Furthermore, I shall also be in control of the email address TITVS.ADVXAS@GMAIL.COM


Thursday, 18 February 2010

The beat goes on and on....

You may remember reading this article on The Billesley Patriot last September, where MP Roger Godsiff advised an unhappy constituent to vote for The BNP...

Labour MP advises disillusioned constituent to Vote BNP

A friend of mine, who lives just outside of the Billesley ward in Springfield (but is in the block that our demographic wizards have 'moved' from here in order to make Billesley a more enriched area) was recently talking about the way his own life is suffering due to immigration, and how his own MP implied that his (my friends) only solution would be to vote for The British National Party in the future.

He recently sent an email to his MP Roger Godsiff as he was becoming increasingly concerned over the unruly behaviour of many of his enriched neighbours.

You may remember that Mr Godsiff was discovered to have claimed for bath mats, gardening equipment and more than £7,000 of property repairs on his office expenses, as revealed earlier this year in the Daily Torygraph.

Here is his email (submitted via writetothem.com), with his identity concealed as he is mindful of the possibility of reprisals. I must stress that he is not a member of the BNP and did not know I was until recently, and he showed me the email and the reply by his MP.

Name Withheld
Address withheld
West Midlands
B13 ???

Phone: withheld

Email: withheld

Monday 20 April 2009
Dear Roger Godsiff,

I, Sir, am becoming increasingly concerned with the behaviour and attitude of the public at large, in Birmingham.

I hate to admit it, but i am starting to become a little bit phobic toward the influx of 'Asian' peoples who have been populating our city in recent decades.

I am not particularly biased toward one race or whatever, I believe in 'live and let live' basically, but, i cannot help but notice the belligerent attitude and generally anti white culture that is now prevalent in this area.
I have seen numerous disputes recently (roads, shops, etc.) Where young Asians have harassed drivers, shopkeepers, people minding their own business.

I try not to get involved, but, i find, the ferocity, abuse, and confrontation is escalating out of all proportion.

This area is fast becoming a hot bed of strife and antiism which is rivalling the seeds of Nazism...

Name Witheld.

Now here is the letter of reply. Again, the identity of my friend is concealed

As you can clearly see, Mr Godsiff admits that he hasn't got the balls to discuss this in the houses of parliament and clearly offers my friend the option to come to us.
My friend, however, is still in two minds on the subject.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Anti-Flag Mentality Not Solely British Problem...

We are Cornish. We are English. We are Irish. We are Scottish. We are Welsh. Whichever one, we are British.

Yet there is a hidden agenda... Actually there's just an agenda (no longer a hidden one, but a blatantly overt one) to stop us from flying our flags (Our Union flag, Our English George Cross, Our Scottish Saint Andrews Cross or Saltire, Our Welsh Red Dragon, Our Saint Patricks Cross and Our Cornish Saint Piran's Flag) on our public buildings and on our own private properties whether to celebrate an event or just out of sheer local pride. Many local council's cite the flags' cause of offence to Muslims.

But there's us thinking that the establishment's in-bred pro Islamic anti-patriotism was just limited to our own shores.

Well it is not limited to the UK nor indeed to Europe. There is a world wide anti-patriotic stance taken by Governments and Big businesses to avoid flying pro-patriotic flags. as seen in East Windsor, Connecticut, USA...

"Soldier's Mother Told She Cannot Fly American Flag or Blue Star Flag"

TERESA RICHARD, whose son, Cpl. Tony Donihee, is serving in Afghanistan, says that when Donihee was leaving her East Windsor home after his last visit, he saluted the flags she had flying. The condo association where Richard lives says she must take down her flags. Her response: No way.

Cpl. Tony Donihee is serving with the Connecticut National Guard in Afghanistan. His mother, Teresa Richard, flies two flags in his honor outside her East Windsor condominum.

EAST WINDSOR -- Cpl. Tony Donihee came home from Afghanistan to the sight of the American flag waving outside his mother's condominium.

And he beamed.

His mother, Teresa Richard, said he was so moved by her gesture that he saluted the flag at the end of his several-week visit in August.

Now back in Afghanistan, Donihee, a member of the Connecticut National Guard, calls his mother about once every two weeks to talk, and to ask if the flag is still there. But since his visit, Richard has received several warnings from her condominium association that the flag, hanging from a pole in her front lawn, is in violation of "common area" rules.

The last letter from the Stoughton Ridge Condominium Association arrived in January, notifying her that the American flag, along with her Blue Star flag hung by mothers of soldiers, will be tolerated until Labor Day weekend. Every day after that, she will be subject to a $25 fine.

But Richard is standing firm and vows not to lower her flags after Labor Day, or any other day.

The flags, an acknowledgement of her son fighting for freedom, will remain just outside her kitchen window, where she leans over to watch them flutter every morning while making coffee and every night before heading to bed.

"I haven't heard from Tony for a week, and I don't know when I'll hear from him again. People don't know what that's like," she said, leaning across her kitchen sink to get a better view of her flags. "Right now, that's my son. That's my connection."

Richard has been trying to gain the support of residents, veterans and politicians, with limited success.

The East Windsor Veterans Commission sent a letter Friday to Richard's condo association urging it not to destroy an "honorable and long tradition."
"We feel the American flag should be flown any place, any time, without any restrictions," commission Chairman Warren Wenz said. "This isn't Nazi Germany or Japan during World War II. This is America."

Richard is waiting for other heavy hitters to weigh in, hopefully on her side. Richard has contacted the offices of U.S. Rep. John Larson, D-1st District, U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., and state Rep. Ted Graziani, D-Ellington. They have yet to respond, she said.

"They said they'd get back to me, but I never heard from them," she said.

Meanwhile, the veterans commission letter has prompted little reaction from the association. Mark Kubera, the complex's property manager, and Kevin Carson, president of the association's board of directors, did not return several telephone calls from The Courant seeking comment.

A letter signed by Kubera in late August notifies Richard that "no flags, including the American flag, may be displayed from poles in planting beds or any common or limited common areas." The rule was adopted into the association's rules and regulations in October 2004, according to the letter.

Two years before the rule was adopted, the association had a similar run-in with some residents who had pitched and hung flags outside their condos. A few received letters from the property manager at the time, requesting the flags be removed.

One resident, Gene Doering, refused and hired an attorney, threatening to sue. He said he hasn't heard from the association since.

An American flag still hangs from a pole on his front lawn.

"I was surprised that [the association] even wanted to tackle the issue," Doering said. "I mean, what is wrong with these people?"

So Richard continues her personal crusade.

Her voice cracks and she takes a minute to wipe away tears as she pulls out a letter she has written to President Bush. She said she's still relying on her elected officials to step up.

Meanwhile, she said, at least she can enjoy a seven-month reprieve.

Richard received a call from her son last week. He asked: "Mom, are my flags still up?"

She replied: "Yes, they are."

Although this story is a few years old, the sentiments shown and the authoritarian stances taken still persist.

I thought that people who apply to become UK citizens have to make a statement saying that they will support the country.

In America there's the pledge of allegiance that is made daily in Schools and at some workplaces, so why should we be bothered about upsetting someone else, who blatantly wears his own colours or costume, by showing pride in our own home flag?

Stroud New Labour MP courts the favours of UKIP...

I found this interesting link on Barnsley Nationalist's Blog. It seems that the UKIP status of being "The Establishment's SAFE Alternate Tory Vote" has ended. With New-Labour MP David Drew being observed speaking at a UKIP meeting in Stroud, Gloucestershire, rumours are now rife to a prospective New-Labour/UKIP alliance after the election. PM Brown has also been seen trying to bolster prospective Lib-Dem support with him squeaking (not speaking) of a the introduction of a kind of PR with alternative choice of candidate (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc designed to reduce the chance of BNP success) All is not surprising really, as we know, under the LILAC umbrella, all parties seem to follow the common agenda of forming a Marxist state with the eventual full integration of the UK within a USEU (Unite States of European Union) or EURABIA (single Muslim European state) The link goes to a Tory blogsite, and I have copied and rewritten it below the pro-LILAC propaganda to pro BNP!!!

Labour MP's secret speech at local UKIP dinner sparks rumours of electoral pact

Don't fall for it!!

Given that he will have to defend his majority of less than 1,000 within the next few weeks, you might have thought that the Labour MP for Stroud since 1997, David Drew (pictured), would have been pounding the streets of his constituency last Friday night.

But no - I can reveal that he was at a fundraising dinner for a rival political party, and it would appear that he was there without the knowledge of his own local Labour Party.

I call his constituency office and ask the person answering the phone if she can confirm that Mr Drew was attending the fundraising dinner for the Gloucestershire branch of UKIP last week and was told:

"He wasn't; I am fairly sure he was at the Christian Socialist Movement conference."

On being told that I had it on good authority that he was at the UKIP dinner, his office said they would have to get back to me - and I am still waiting for a reply.

The guest of honour at the dinner was the ex-leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, who has since confirmed to me that Drew not only attended the function, but also gave a spontaneous speech, which was afforded a standing ovation.

"We cheered him to the rafters... I think he's toughened up his position on the EU after the Lisbon Treaty went through without a referendum."

Rumours are now circulating that Drew is seeking an electoral pact which would see UKIP not standing a candidate in Stroud at the general election - a suggestion which Farage seems to imply is a possibility by the tone of his response:

"I'm not running the party any more, and in any case that's a matter for the local party to decide... but I think they're a sensible bunch."

It remains to be seen how dim a view the Labour Party machine takes of his public courting of UKIP, but TITVS ADVXAS, has a simple message for the local electorate:

"The only way to ensure Britain's interests are defended in Europe is to vote for The British National Party."


I saw this on The Black Country Patriot from Monday...

Members of my friends in Team Black Country BNP are soon to undertake a 1,100 foot walk up to Rodney's Pillar, on the Shropshire borders. Sponsors will be helping to fund the candidates for entry in to the campaign to potentially elect Members of Parliament to Westminster.

The last time this walk was completed, we were joined by Chairman Mr. Nick Griffin, and Deputy Chairman, Mr Simon Darby. We cannot promise that this will happen this time around, due to their massive commitments elsewhere, but who knows?

The team will walk up the 1,100 foot hill, and sponsors are required to help the campaign to get MP's elected, or give the enemies of our country a bloody good fright indeed, and prepare the way for future General Elections with a show of strength.

At 1 penny per foot, sponsors are able to help without breaking the bank. Some will want to go the whole hog, and sponsor every step. £11 will see the whole walk covered, but it is down to personal circumstances etc.

Anyone who wants to join the actual walk, contact Russ Green or John Salvage by email

Sponsors please send cheques to Black Country British National Party, 131, Wattle Rd, West Bromwhich. B70 9EX. Alternatively, fill in the credit/debit card forms that will be available to all members and supporters shorty upon request and via post/internet.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Zero Tolerance ...

We've all seen the signs in our hospitals which have spread around other NHS outlets and establishments and then around other outlets where (mainly) public services are dispensed.


I first spotted a notice like the one here (which I got from the 'net and it refers to abuse against health professionals in New South Wales) in 1996 when I visited an A&E department of a hospital, not too far from Acocks Green, a white working class area of Birmingham. The hospital in question was Birmingham Heartlands, formerly known as East Birmingham Hospital. It came to my attention as a man who was obviously concerned about the (lack of) treatment to his child began to raise his voice and adopt an aggressive posture.

Now I do not condone violence in any way shape or form, but I do not like being placed in a position where I am being given blatantly poor service from anywhere, especially where it concerns the health of loved ones, such as in hospitals.

Zero tolerance has recently been taken to a new estreme in a Lincolnshire hospital...
AGGRESSIVE patients or visitors to hospitals in northern Lincolnshire could find themselves caught on camera.

The hospital trust which runs Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Goole hospitals says new digital body cameras worn by security staff will act as a deterrent if anyone starts being physically or verbally abusive but may also provide footage for use in prosecutions.

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which has a zero-tolerance policy against violence or abuse of staff, visitors and patients, will not disclose how many of the mobile cameras there are.

Staff will wear high-visibility green armbands identifying them as a mobile CCTV operator.

Before starting to film they will warn people their behaviour is unacceptable and their intention is to record it.

The trust says they do not have more of a problem with assaults and violence than anywhere else.

Over the subsequent years, I too have been at the receiving end of poor service, and not being trained to cope, have responded in the way that I am supposed to, and raised my voice or banged a desk and "BOOM" I have been excluded from the services at that establishment.


Zero tolerance to violence or aggression is a device or mechanism fabricated by governments to ensure that it can underfund its own services to a point that the service fails to perform satisfactorily. Its use is an adjunct to political correctness and is very often

On the bandwagon along with the health services, come the social, welfare and income support services and, more recently, the private sector, where poor service has always been rife!

The beat goes on...

Following the weekend and The BNP's EGM with the acceptance that we must change our constitution with regard to party membership, I have dug up this article which was on The BNP Website last month about the genetic makeup of the European continent, promoting an interesting publication from Excalibur.

Apparently we (the indigenous Brit) are unique (as we already know). Yet the Lib/Lab/Conners, would still have us believe otherwise...

Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Britain (DNA, History and the Right to Existence of the Native Inhabitants of the British Isles)

Contrary to what the liberal left Tory/Labour/Lib-Dem/UKIP-ECHR allege, the native people of the British Isles are a distinct, identifiable and homogeneous indigenous people who have every right to exist and be free from invasion and domination — like any other indigenous people on earth.

Excalibur Books is proud to announce the pre-launch of a new booklet which conclusively refutes the lie that there are no indigenous British people.

Titled Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Britain (DNA, History and the Right to Existence of the Native Inhabitants of the British Isles), this booklet by Arthur Kemp draws upon the very latest DNA evidence and historical fact to show that the vast majority of the British people have ancestors going back to the last mini ice age more than 12,000 years ago.

  1. The table of contents is as follows:
  2. Introduction (Deals with the denial of indigenous status to the British people)
  3. Indigenous People — A Definition (uses UN and other definitions)
  4. Haplogroups and the Genetic Identification of Peoples (explains Y-Chromosomes, mtDNA and Autosomal DNA in detail, and how they are used in forensics and history to identify and track peoples to specific areas)
  5. The Haplogroups Which Mark the Indigenous People of Britain (explains which haplogroups are indigenous to Britain)
  6. A History of the Peopling of Britain (a potted history of the people who have made up Britain through settlement, i.e. Euro base population: Celts, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, Normans – including figures on actual numbers of settlers and their genetic impact as measured by haplogroup)

Four Flags, One Nation: The right of the people of the British Isles to existence and freedom from colonisation, domination and dispossession of their lands and culture.

This booklet shows:

  • Genetic evidence shows that the vast majority — nearly 80 percent — of all British people have ancestors going back to the end of the last mini ice age 12,000 years ago;

  • Genetic evidence showing that the Celtic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking/Danish and Norman conquests had negligible impacts upon the British people (less than 5 percent each);
  • Genetic evidence showing that the Irish people have far more in common with the British than both sides of that traditional divide realise.
  • The people of the British Isles have been indigenous peoples for far longer than many other nations who are already classified as “indigenous” by the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

This booklet also shows how the indigenous people of Britain are fully protected by the United Nations Charter on Indigenous Peoples from “dispossession of their territory” through “mass population transfers” and from “forced integration and assimilation” and “destruction of their identity and culture” (all according to the United Nations).

Even more importantly, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states that all indigenous peoples have the right to define who is part of their nation and who is not.

The booklet will be off the presses early in February, but you can pre-order your copy now for just £6 including postage and packing from EXCALIBUR now by clicking here.

Criminal Muslim Mobs Control British Underworld

Islamic gang members have claimed that fear of terrorist attacks has allowed them to gain control of large parts of the British underworld, particularly in London writes the BNP Website

Twenty-one-year-old Amir – an ex-gang member – says that Muslim drug dealers and credit card scammers have exploited the fear of terrorist attacks to force out white, black and Eastern European gangs. Many rival gangs are convinced that the Islamic gangland has ties with Al Qaeda and are fearful that any clashes will result in revenge bombings.

Amir described how their gangs have control of some of the country’s biggest prisons, using promises of expensive legal teams and protection if the inmates will convert to Islam. The prison system itself promotes conversion as Muslim inmates receive extra prayer time without guard supervision and superior quality halal meals.

Mosques have been described as ‘Islamic Barracks’. Amir revealed just how apt that description is, explaining that the gang members will use the mosque to hide from the police and rival gangs, until they’re ready to fight back using other local Muslims as a garrison force.

Rival gangs believe that the Muslim mob has an advantage over other ethnicities because they only deal with other Muslims. The Islamic colonisation of major English cities means that the gangs have a ready-made national network of willing accomplices.

Muslim gangs were involved in the racist hammer attack that left schoolboy Henry Webster brain-damaged. Testimonies made in the following court case stated that the school had a serious problem with extremist Muslim pupils since the 2005 London bombings.

We have London all sewn up. Muslims have this country under control. Nobody can touch us,” declared Amir.

Monday, 15 February 2010


Muslim suicide bombers in Britain are set to begin a three-day strike on Monday in a dispute over the number of virgins they are entitled to in the afterlife.

Emergency talks with Al Qaeda management have so far failed to produce an agreement.

The unrest began last Tuesday when Al Qaeda announced that the number of virgins a suicide bomber would receive after his death will be cut by 25% this January from 72 to only 60. The rationale for the cut was the increase in recent years of the number of suicide bombings and a subsequent shortage of virgins in the afterlife.

The suicide bombers' union, the British Organization of Occupational Martyrs (B.O.O.M.) responded with a statement that this was unacceptable to its members and immediately balloted for strike action.

General Secretary Abdullah Amir told the press, "Our members are literally working themselves to death in the cause of Jihad.

We don't ask for much in return but to be treated like this by management is a kick in the teeth."

Mr. Amir accepted the limited availability of virgins but pointed out that the cutbacks were expected to be borne entirely by the workforce and not by management.

"Last Christmas Abu Hamza alone was awarded an annual bonus of 250,000 virgins," complains Amir.

"And you can be sure they'll all be pretty ones too. How can Al Qaeda afford that for members of the management but not 72 for the people who do the real work?"

Speaking from the shed in the West Midlands in which he currently resides, Al Qaeda chief executive Osama bin Laden explained, "We sympathize with our workers' concerns but Al Qaeda is simply not in a position to meet their demands."

"They are simply not accepting the realities of modern-day Jihad, in a competitive marketplace."

"Thanks to Western depravity, there is now a chronic shortage of virgins in the afterlife."

"It's a straight choice between reducing expenditure and laying people off."

"I don't like cutting wages but I'd hate to have to tell 3,000 of my staff that they won't be able to blow themselves up."

He defended management bonuses by claiming these were necessary to attract good, fanatical clerics.

"How am I supposed to attract the best people if I can't compete with the private sector?" asked Mr. Bin-Laden.

Talks broke down this morning after management's last-ditch proposal of a virgin-sharing scheme was rejected outright after a failure to agree on orifice allocation quotas.

One virgin, who refused to be named, was quoted as saying "I'll be buggered if I'm agreeing to anything like that........it's too much to swallow".

Unless some sort of agreement is reached over the weekend, suicide bombers will down explosives at midday on Monday.

Most branches are supporting the strike.

Only the North London branch, which has a different union, is likely to continue working. However, some members of that branch will only be using waist-down explosives in order to express solidarity with their striking brethren.

Spokespersons in the North East of England, Swindon, North Kent and the entire Australian continent stated that this would not affect their operations as "There are no virgins in their areas anyway".

Apparently the drop in the number of suicide bombings has been put down to the emergence of Susan Boyle - now that Muslims know what a virgin looks like they're not so keen on going to paradise.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

BNP Triump is Real

As seen on another blog...

Or as that blogger said "Here's one for Nick Griffin; A Triumph herald's The BNP"

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Islamic Fatwa on Airport Body Scanners Cuts to Heart of Compatibility Debate

Yet another US and THEM scandal has emerged, following this months unveiling of full body scanners at UK main airports. As reported by The British National Party main website Islamic travellers are interpreting a Koranic Law to avoid having to pass through the scanners. As always, the foolhardy politically correct Lib/Lab/Con merchants are more than willing to listen and obey...

An Islamic fatwa forbidding Muslims to pass through airport full body scanners cuts to the very heart of the issue of Islam’s fundamental incompatibility with modern secular western society.
Justify Full
The ruling that Muslims cannot subject themselves to the full body scans, which were ironically installed after a Muslim would-be airplane bomber hid explosives in his underpants, was issued by the Fiqh Council of North America.

The ruling was based on Koranic law which states that “It is a violation of clear Islamic teachings that men or women be seen naked by other men and women,” said the Muslim organisation.

There are already forty such scanners in nineteen airports in America and it is estimated that there will be 450 installed within the next few months.

The scanners are also being installed in Britain, where authorities have said that any passengers refusing to pass through them will not be allowed to board an aircraft.

This scanner issue is however only one symptom of the obvious and growing rift between the increasing waves of Muslim immigrants in the West and the resultant population growth caused by their dramatically higher reproduction levels.

In all aspects of society, the growing Islamic influence has shown itself to be completely opposed to the fundamental underpinnings of modern Western society.

With regards to the very principle of democracy, for example, Islam prohibits many areas on which fundamental democratic concepts are based.

In Islam only God reserves the right to make laws while in democracy people make laws. This prohibition is very widespread in the Islamic world and is based on very clear utterances in the Koran, namely:

“Do they then seek the legislation of (the Days of) Ignorance? And who is better in legislating than God for a people who have Faith.” [5:50]

“And whoever rules not by what God has revealed, those are the wrongdoers.” [5:45]

“The rule is only for God.” [12:40]

“And He (God) allows none to share in his rule.” [18:26]

This is seen in practice as well. A report in the Middle East Quarterly magazine of Fall 2007, titled “Are Muslim Countries Less Democratic?” concluded that “Islamic doctrine also places little emphasis on individual rights, especially by those Muslim sects such as the Shi‘a whose leaders have stressed a theocratic approach toward government. Although the leaders of some Muslim nations have severed the bonds between mosque and state, many of these same rulers still maintained the politically repressive traditions of their countries to enhance their own power.

“Moreover, this democracy deficit is likely to remain for many years in the future. These conclusions imply, in turn, that exporting democracy to the Middle East or other Muslim countries may not be impossible but will certainly have a very distant horizon.”

It is no coincidence that there is not one fully democratic (in the western sense) Islamic nation on earth.

It is not only in democracy where the fundamental incompatibility of Islam and western democracies comes to the fore. The well-known topics of women’s rights, homosexuality, alcohol and freedom of religion have all been revealed as points of divergence.

Pope Benedict’s September 12, 2006 speech at the University of Regensburg aptly summed up the situation: “Islam has a total organization of life that is completely different from ours; it embraces simply everything,” he said.

“There is a very marked subordination of woman to man; there is a very tightly knit criminal law, indeed, a law regulating all areas of life, that is opposed to our modern ideas about society. One has to have a clear understanding that it is not simply a denomination that can be included in the free realm of a pluralistic society.”

New 'PR' Voting System designed to Exclude BNP

“Alternative Voting” System — What Does It Mean?

MPs have voted to allow a referendum on the Alternative Voting (AV) system next year, telling the public that it will make politics more representative — but the Electoral Reform Society has warned that AV leads to an “even greater distortion” in the political process.

Under the AV system, the same constituency boundaries are used and voters would elect one person to represent them in Parliament, just as we do now, the ERS pointed out.

“However, rather than marking an ‘X’ against their preferred candidate, each voter would rank their candidates in an order of preference, putting ’1′ next to their favourite, a ‘2′ by their second choice and so on.

“If a candidate receives a majority of first place votes, he or she would be elected just as under the present system. However if no single candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the second choices for the candidate at the bottom are redistributed.

The process is repeated until one candidate gets an absolute majority,” the ERS said, adding that the “alternative vote is not actually a proportional system, but a majoritarian system. It looks most similar to the current electoral system.”

The system is used in the Australian House of Representatives and is clearly designed to prevent smaller parties from making any breakthroughs.

This obviously forms part of the Government’s thinking as it faces a loss of its core supporters to the British National Party.
  • The ERS pointed out that the AV system does “not give proportionality to parties or other bodies of opinion, in Parliament. Research by Democratic Audit in 1997 showed that the results could actually be even more distorting than under first-past-the-post,” that think tank said.
  • “It also does very little to give a voice to those who have been traditionally under-represented in parliament” and as there is “no transfer of powers from party authority to the voters, it does not produce a proportional parliament,” the ERS concluded.
  • In other words, the AV system is no improvement upon the existing system and is merely designed to make it more difficult for a party such as the BNP to gain parliamentary representation.

The House of Commons backed the plan to hold an £80 million referendum on the AV system by 365 to 187. A poll has revealed that 70 percent of voters believe Gordon Brown changed his long-standing opposition to electoral reform as a result of “political calculation.”

The AV system is obviously a sleight of hand which is directed against the BNP and is not aimed at improving democracy in Britain.

Rather, Mr Brown’s sudden conversion to AV is an indication that he seeks to undermine the democratic process even further.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Q: Whats the difference between Political Correctness and Utter Stupidity?

A: Nothing.... read this article from WHYLINK

The Hospital Gown That's Also a Burkha...

A British hospital has announced that it is to introduce burkha style hospital gowns for its female Muslim patients.

This will soon be coming to an NHS hospital near you, women who want to cover up because of their faith are to be offered these striking turquoise garments.

Critics say this is another example of political correctness gone mad.

The "Interfaith gown" is being piloted at the Royal Preston Hospital after complaints from (Muslim) women that the (normal) regulation dress was to revealing.

Hospitals around the country are being offered the burkhas by an NHS clothing supplier for around twelve pounds each.

The "Inter-faith gown" is designed to reveal nothing but the patients eyes and hands (and yet allow access for surgeons?).

This may be viewed as a reasonable request from one particular group of patients but were does that request fit into the hospitals priorities, this is just another example of political correctness gone mad.

This was brought in because it is a Muslim request and words like "race" and "faith" have been used , they did make other requests brighter lights more flexible meal times and longer visiting hours just for them.

British Go Red To Make Greece Go Black

As reported by The BNP website...

German Government Confirms that British Taxpayers Will Go into Debt to Pay off Greece’s National Deficit.

A German government spokesman has confirmed that European Union countries had decided “in principle” to financially help Greece meet its national deficit because a collapse will destroy the euro currency.

This means in effect that British taxpayers will have to pay close to £7 billion to help Athens — while the British government’s deficit stands at £830 billion.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble told officials in Berlin on Monday that there “was no alternative” to a rescue plan for Greece, while the front page of City AM reports that Germany and other European countries are working on a bailout plan to save Greece and “restore confidence in the euro.”

Mr Schäuble has asked officials to prepare a plan in time for the next EU summit to discuss what form the financial support should take. It appears that loan guarantees from Germany and “other countries” are the most likely scenarios.

The amounts of these loan guarantees are likely to be calculated according to other EU member state’s economy sizes, irrelevant of whether they are eurozone members or not. This means that Britain will in all likelihood be called upon to meet a £7 billion bill as its share to prevent a collapse in the euro currency.

The Greek crisis — which has already spread to Spain — underlines the core problem with the EU’s monetary union (to which the major parties are ultimately committed as it is a natural and inevitable consequence of continued membership of the EU.

A monetary union leads to a common budgetary policy as well as a single interest rate. If one country’s national economy runs into problems — as has happened in Greece — the taxpayers of other eurozone countries are also punished because their currency is interlinked.

The Conservative Party claims to be opposed to the euro, but they also claimed to be opposed to the Lisbon Treaty.

The Tory’s “iron clad promise” of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty vanished when they realised that a no vote would mean that Britain would have to withdraw from the EU if such a decision were ever to be brought to practical implementation.

There is no reason to suspect that the Tories will use any other logic when it comes down to joining the euro currency.

The only party which has consistently opposed membership of the European Union — and consequently of the eurozone — is the British National Party.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Black History Month.

I remember reading an excellent article about American Black History Month on Sarah's Blog last weekend.

With all the anti-white feelings and anti white racism that this spawns it was difficult for me to keep calm.

Especially after what we (The BNP) had gone through over the previous few months, notably from the anti-BNP Trotskyist Trevor Phillips and his government funded anti-white and anti-BNP quango.

By Monday, I had calmed down, my blood pressure returning to 120/80 and the pulsating spasms in my carotid artery and in my temples disappearing too.

Then on Tuesday, shopping in my local Morrisons supermarket, I espied this packet of Sausages with the banner "Flavours Without Frontiers"

We all know that we could never market a brand of sausage labelled being made by a white farmer dont we?

Islamic Trojan Horse is here!

Exclusive Interview with Oskar Freysinger made on 13th december 2009 in Savièse, Switzerland.

In this part: Azzam Tamimi (Palestinian intellectual close to Hamas who, on Al-Jazeera TV, called Oskar Freysinger "Hitler"); the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem collaborated with Hitler, SS special divisions made of thousands of Muslims ; the islamic belt demography compared to the Eurasia one; some people have let enter the Trojan Horse in our western societies; Cassandra who always tells the truth but is never listened; the moral duty of any genuine politician once he knows the truth…

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