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Friday, 26 February 2010

A typical day on the buses?

A little story about a little girl travelling on a bus in Birmingham.

Titvs Advxas's daughter, Erica is just 21. She has a boyfriend, and they are very happy.

Today, I am told, Erica went shopping to The Fort Shopping centre, a retail park built on the skeletal remains of the Fort Dunlop Tyre Factory.

Coming home to Acocks Green (a white working class area of Birmingham), she caught the number 11 bus (The 26 mile 'outer circle' route that travels all the way around Birmingham) for the short trip from Bromford to Acocks Green.

Being a bit zany, she caught the 11a (anti clockwise) rather than the 11c (clockwise) and her trip took 20 miles (75minutes) rather than 6 miles (25 minutes)!

Erica was quite concerned that she was the attention of many of the Asian males on the bus.

In fact she was asked by EIGHT of them, at different times, if she had a boyfriend, if she would go out with them, or if she would give them her phone number. Some of the men asking were grey haired and in their 50s or 60s. One even asked her if she would give him sex on the bus.

Now I do know Titvs's daughter, and she always dresses respectfully and is not the sort of person who would act in any way that would bring her attention like this, but all of this attention took place through Witton, Perry Barr, Handsworth Wood, Handsworth, Winson Green and Bearwood. All areas now considered 'occupied territory'.

She is also fairly sure that all 8 were Muslim, as they wore Muslim style clothes.

She tells me that this sort of predatory behaviour is apparently common amongst Muslim males of all ages, as they try to make their mark in this land.

Look at the sex rings in Yorkshire and Lancashire involving gangs of Muslim men (of all ages) and young white females, that have been bought to the attention of the BNP but not to the attention of the general public because of the NUJ/Marxist press embargo on ethnic identity in crimes involving Muslim perpetrators.

What if a white guy was on a bus, asking all the bhurka wearing females for their phone numbers?

He may well not survive the trip with his carotid artery intact and his head still attached to his body...

And as for Erica, what if the bus trip was at night rather than in broad daylight?


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