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Monday, 8 February 2010

Right Honourable Friends.

From Russ Greens Black Country Patriot Blog

An MP who sits on the house of commons committee that monitors whitehall spending tried to charge the taxpayers £65 in court costs "he" had incurred for non-payment of council tax.

Ian Davidson was issued with a summons from Camberwell green Magistrates Court in August last year after failing to pay the £839,02 bill.

The summons costs were added to this, and Mr Davidson, the Labour MP for Glasgow South West, submitted an expenses claim for the full amount of £904,02.

Luckily, someone saw what he was doing and wrote to the MP in October last year stating "fines and late payment fees do not fall within the remit of this allowance".

Mr Davidson designated a property in London as his second home for expenses purposes and reclaimed about £900 per month in mortgage interest.

He also successfully claimed hundreds of pounds for furniture, including a £569 sofa bed which was delivered to his constituency home in Glasgow.

If it wasn't bad enough that Davidson had let his council tax arrears get to the point of a court summons, to try to pay the fine out of public money really is the icing on the cake.

The vast majority of MP's enter politics as Councillors, the party that controls a council, be it Labour, Conservative or LibDem, give themselves all of the extra jobs etc, each extra job adds thousands of pounds to their salary, they tempt prospective candidates with offers of easy money, this is why our country is in the sorry state it finds itself in at the moment, the vast majority of MP's at Westminster entered politics for their own personal benefit, they are motivated by money.

British National Party candidates know full well that they won't get any extra lucrative jobs, they will just get the basic Councillor allowance, they also know that they will face hostility from the media, press etc, this is proof that BNP candidates aren't motivated by money, they can see something is wrong, very wrong, and they are putting their own heads above the parapet to try to get something done about it.

By far the best way to send a message to the greedy selfish pigs at Westminster is to vote BNP !


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