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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

BNP Forces Oldham Chronicle to Tell Truth over Racist Attack

The BNP have forced a Newspaper AND local police toidentify a Race Crime as such according to BNP News...

The Oldham Chronicle has been forced to publish the truth about a racist attack in Oldham — after the British National Party’s legal advisor contacted both the newspaper and the local police over the matter.

Earlier, the Oldham Chronicle had claimed that an attack by a gang of what they described as “Asians” on a group of whites was not being regarded by the police as a racial incident.

After Nick Griffin MEP pointed out that there had been several such incidents in Oldham and had warned against cover-ups, the matter was taken up by BNP legal advisor Lee Barnes.

In a letter to the Oldham Chronicle, Mr Barnes said that the party had “received a report from residents of Oldham alarmed at the reports in your newspaper which stated that the police refused to classify the incident as a race attack.

“I have spoken to the police and they have confirmed that they have classified this as a racist attack,” Mr Barnes wrote to the paper.

“Can you please inform us, and the Oldham police liaison officer on this email, why your paper stated that the attack has not been classified as a racist attack?

“With a series of racial attacks on whites in Oldham over the last few weeks according to our people in the area, the allegation that the police are refusing to classify hate crimes against whites as hate crimes is something we have to investigate.

“Can you please print a retraction in your newspaper and clearly state that this was a racist attack and that it has been classified as such by the police,” Mr Barnes wrote.

In the original article, the Oldham Chronicle said that the “victims, all white, fear it was a racially-motivated attack because all the assailants were Asian” but went on to say that the “police say they do not believe there was a racial element and have classed the crime as common assault.”

Today, however, that same newspaper has reported that the police have indeed declared the assault as a “racially motivated” incident.

Without referring to Mr Barnes’s intervention, the Oldham Chronicle went on to say in the new article that their first report had “led to complaints that Oldham Police was refusing to abide by requirements in the classification of race attacks.”

According to the new report, Chief Superintendent Tim Forber wrote to the Oldham Chronicle to say the incident was being treated as a hate crime and that the decision was made by the police to classify it as such “on account of the fact that there had been two similar incidents in that area in the preceding days when racist language was used.

“All three incidents involved groups of Asian youths and white victims and the similarities were such that it was deemed the most appropriate course of action,” Chief Superintendent Forber wrote to the newspaper.

The report continued by saying that the “Hate Crime Unit is now investigating all three incidents and two men have been arrested in connection with the first two, with one charged with robbery. Extra patrols are continuing in the area.”

The BNP has flexed its growing muscles once again and the media will no longer be allowed to get away with deception on this scale.


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