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Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Recent Email From Me To My Entire Windows Address Book By TITVS-ADVXAS

Dear Friend,

I am writing this letter from my heart. I am sending it to each and every family and friend and colleague, both old and new, in my email contacts book. Remember I come from a medical background and I have many friends of all creeds and colours. I have also learnt to speak a few phrases in Urdu/Punjabi because I feel that this is important for my areas of working, so if I offend you in writing this letter, then please accept my apologies in advance, but also please hear me out too. I do hope that I won’t lose any friends by expressing these views, but if I do then that is a price I will have to pay for my views.

Can I start by asking you a few questions?

· Are you British?
· Are you proud to be British?
· Do you want to keep Britain as a green and pleasant land?
· Do you VOTE either Labour or Tory or Lib-Dem or Green or UKIP?

If you answered yes to the above then please watch this short video by a Muslim MP, Shahid Malik.
Click here to watch the Video

By 2040 Mr Malik predicts the complete Islamification 'god willing' of Britain, complete with a Muslim head of state and the introduction of Sharia law in Britain. If I am alive then I will be 80. My children will be in their 50s and my current grandchild will be 32. Victoria will no doubt have a family and children of her own too and it’s within the realm of possibilities that she may have grand children.

Now which political party will not allow this to happen?
Labour? Tory? Lib-Dem? Green? UKIP?
In fact none of these parties will stop the colonisation by Muslims and total Islamification of our way of life.

There is one party that won't allow this. That party is The British National Party (The BNP). The other parties wish to continue immigration as a way to secure their own votes for their own selfish futures. The only analogy here I can think of is using petrol to attempt to put out a fire.

Please don’t confuse The BNP with The National Front (The NF), as a very old and dear friend of mine did recently when I sent him an email asking him to consider the views of The BNP. The BNP is not The NF. Although they came from similar origins, The BNP has evolved in a much different direction to the NF. The BNP are not Racists. The BNP want to put British people first in Britain. That is not racism is it? The BNP have no problems with other cultures that do not want to push their own cultural ideals upon the rest of us. The BNP don’t have problems with 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants who support the state both financially and patriotically. The problem they do have is that of the immigrant who comes to Britain with no desire to work or input to the welfare system, but with every intention of bleeding the welfare system for as much as he can, and with every intention of causing hatred and dissent within Britain and against The British way of life. The BNP also have problems with British social scroungers too. So this is not racism. This is realism.

If you feel that your chosen party won’t let you down, then fine. Under article 10 of the convention for the protection of human rights, everyone has the right of freedom of expression. This right shall include the right to hold opinions and the right to receive and impart information and ideas without interference public authority regardless of frontiers (and yes I have robotically cut and pasted that). You have the right to have your own views, and I will gladly listen to your views, if you wish to express them to me in the same way I have expressed mine to you.

The BNP like me, have many friends of Sikh, Hindu, Chinese, Polish, Muslim and Jewish origin.
The BNP like me, are Realists NOT Racists
The BNP like me, are Nationalists NOT Internationalists

Before you vote please consider the consequences of NOT voting for The BNP

Best Of British



Durotrigan said...

Yes, like you Titus, I have come to see that the only way to prevent Islamisation is to vote for and support the BNP. Alas, this is something that I cannot divulge to friends, for their brains have been mushed by constant overexposure to the Guardian and the BBC. Even though they are of many years' standing, they would not understand my position and would condemn and in all likelihood disown me.

My boss is a Muslim and our office diversity commissar. He is affable and popular, and yet uses the terms "you" and "us" when he speaks of the Taliban. He scoffs at the fact that there are terrorist plots afoot in the UK, and has brought a Qur'an into a meeting and stated that he lives his life "in accordance with its contents".

Despite the aforementioned attitudes, he is a local representative on a government-linked anti-terrorism advisory panel. He may be what the media likes to portray as a typical 'mainstream moderate Muslim', yet his goals are the same as his violent confederates, but rely instead upon the mechanisms of gradual demographic change, the muzzling of free speech and systematic disinformation about the nature of Islam. Worryingly, he also has a family member who writes computer programs for the Eurofighter. What havoc could such a man let loose?

I wish you luck in raising support for the BNP amongst your family and social circle.

Who would have thought that Titus would once again meet the Durotriges in the 21st Century, but this time upon a friendly rather than a warlike footing?


Thanks for the kind words. Remember Italy as an allie in the great war and an enemy in the second...
This blatant attitude by your boss is widespread in immigrant communities.
Hopefully Griffin, Darby and the others will start the downfall of the immigrant butt licking establishment, by becoming MEPs in June.
BTW, please feel free to use my email as a template to send to your own friends, (you can do this anonymously by setting up a disposible hotmail account, and you can futher protect your anonymity by doing it from an internet cafe or library) (Apologies if that comment is like teaching grannies to suck eggs!)
Best Of British Regards

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