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Saturday, 16 May 2009

BNP Councillor Publishes 'IN-excessive' Expenses BY TITVS ADVXAS

Day after day this month we have seen the utter greed of our MP's on the front pages of our tabloids and broadsheets, due mainly but not entirely to The Daily Telegraph. Any anger that we had about the vast amounts our local football stars receive for 5 days of golf practice and 90 minutes of abysmal letdowns, has been fully and deservedly redirected at those Disgustingly Blase Westminster Swine Trough Merchants. Anyone who saw a smarmy faced Margaret Beckett on Question Time will by now be wishing to reintroduce The Death Penalty for them...

How refreshing it was amongst all this to see the expense claims of Mister Sandwell, Russ Green, a BNP Councillor for THREE years, published for all to see on THE BLACK COUNTRY PATRIOT Blog

"Cllr Russ Green comes clean" !

As we see the shocking level of depravity that the Lib,Lab,Con greedy, self serving pigs in Westminster have descended to, Councillor Russ Green thought it was time to give all the details of his own income :-
Annual income £14,793,
Net income £880 per month
Expenses claimed :-
Travel £0,00
food £0,00
Nappies £0,00
moat maintenance £0,00
Cat food £0,00
40-inch flat screen TV £0,00
Bath plugs £0,00
Gardening services £0,00
Fireplaces £0,00

Cllr Russ Green has not claimed a single penny in expenses in three years as a Councillor !

Every Lib,Lab,Con Councillor at Sandwell Council has taken full advantage of free state of the art computers, combined with hand held mobile computers and accessories,
Councillor Russ Green is the only Councillor at Sandwell Council that has refused to accept such extravagances,
Councillor Russ Green uses his own computer and pays for his own connection to the internet !

Like other BNP councillors across the land he has claimed £0.00 in expenses whatsoever

Vote for honesty and decency ! Vote for the "BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY" on June the 4th !

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