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Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Sheer Obscenity By TITVS ADVXAS

The real obscenity of the unfolding MP's Expenses scandal is not just wide ranging types of claim and their utterly unprecedentedly large values. To me it's the blatant retort from each and every one of them that "It's within the rules" coupled with the fact that these thieves, liars and cheats can simply write out a cheque for the full amount, further proof that these claims are unwarranted and unnecessary.
The highest ones made public so far being £66,000 from NEW LABOUR and ANTI BNP Muslim MP, Shahid Malik, £41,000 in the case of NEW LABOUR's Phil Hope and £22,500 for NEW LABOUR's Margaret Moran. Today's expulsion from
NEW LABOUR of Elliot Morley by PM Gordon Brown is the latest embarrassment for the premiere.
Published from the BNP website is this about our old friend MP Shahid Malik

Muslim Labour MP Shahid Malik, who spends most of his time campaigning against the British National Party or predicting a totally Islamified Britain, has been revealed as the biggest swindler of them all, ripping off taxpayers more than any other single member of parliament.
Mr Malik, who incredibly is also “Justice Minister” (we wonder what type of “justice”), has been exposed as claiming thousands of pounds in taxpayer allowances on his second home while renting his main home at a heavily discounted rate. Mr Malik claimed £66,827 over three years on his house in London (£18,173 less than its original purchase price) while renting his main home in Dewsbury at a discounted rent of less than £100 a week.
Last year, he claimed £23,083 from the taxpayer for his London town house, equivalent to £443 per week. Mr Malik’s arrangement means he pays below market rent for his main home while billing taxpayers thousands for his second home in London.
The MP for Dewsbury also claimed for thousands of pounds’ worth of furniture and electrical equipment including £2,600 for a home cinema system - which was cut in half by the Commons Fees Office - and £730 for a massage chair.
Other items Mr Malik has claimed for include a £671 fireplace, a leather daybed sofa and a £510 fitted wardrobe. He attempted to make claims for an iPod and portable DVD player but these were rejected by the fees office as outrageous even by their already twisted standards.
Laughably, Mr Malik, who just last week took part in a coordinated media smear campaign against the BNP, defended himself by blaming the Fees Office rules.
“The expenses system is flawed,” Mr Malik said in his defence. “I have not broken any rules.”
Mr Malik confirmed that he had put a claim in for a home cinema system costing £2,600.
“I rang the Fees Office and asked if there was a limit to what I could spend before I bought a TV and they said ‘No’. I did think at the time that was madness,” he said, ignoring the fact that he still willingly participated in this “madness.”
Mr Malik also faces allegations over the fact that his landlord in Dewsbury, millionaire Tahir Zaman, was fined in 2005 for letting a house to a family of five despite a council enforcement order classing the building as “uninhabitable.”
Mr Zaman also received more than £4,000 a year from Mr Malik for renting out his constituency office to him. The money is funded from a separate system of parliamentary expenses.
In what is possibly one of the most incredible revelations to date, Mr Malik also claimed £65 for a court summons for council tax non-payment, making the taxpayer pick up the tab for the fines incurred by his personal unpaid debts.
Mr Malik is possibly most famous for predicting a totally Islamified Britain. At least he has given us the ability to see what type of standards we can expect once this happens.
* Yet another former Labour cabinet minister, Clare Short, has admitted claiming thousands of pounds to which she was not entitled.
Miss Short claimed the full cost of her mortgage for two and half years despite being only entitled to charge for the interest.
When the mistake was spotted in 2006 by the Commons Fees Office, Miss Short wrote to officials saying they should “accept some responsibility for the situation” for not spotting her error earlier. In total the ex-Labour MP claimed £8,436 more than she was entitled to.
Miss Short submitted regular claims towards decorating at her second home, including hundreds of pounds’ worth of work on a summer house and conservatory, as well as her porch, patio and kitchen. She also charged more than £1,500 for repainting costs.
Miss Short expressed regret to the media, telling them that the revelations “may increase the vote for the BNP.”

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