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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Message From The Chairman Of The BNP

I am passing on a special message from Sir Nick Griffin
Fellow Patriot,

The indigenous Christian people of the British Isles have been celebrating Easter for centuries. This important festival is a major part of our native culture.
It is thus relevant to celebrate our Christian heritage with pride on this Easter weekend and recognise the enormous and positive impact that Christianity has had on our long history.
This is even more necessary and poignant considering the rise and growth of radical militant Islam in this country. Islamic mosques are growing in number all over the United Kingdom, and every day, thousands of young Muslims hear anti-Western hate spewing forth from the mouths of bigoted and fanatical mullahs.
Rather than resist the spread of this fanatical, expansionist and alien creed - which seeks to destroy Christianity - the Christian church leaders seek to assist it in every possible way. In this task they are assisted by all the other political parties. Help us fight back and win on June 4th by making a small donation of to our campaign fund - every penny helps:
The huge sacrifice made in centuries past by untold hundreds of thousands of Europeans of all nationalities to resist the spread of Islam into Christian Europe has been forgotten or is ignored by modern Western politicians.
Only the Nationalist parties of Europe, such as the British National Party, celebrate the legacy of the Christian heroes such as Richard the Lionheart and Edward I, both English kings who led Crusades.
In modern times, the BNP is leading the fight against the Islamification of our country. No other political party wants to preserve Britain as a Christian state! Across the political divide, all parties bar the BNP are dedicated to transforming us into a "multi-faith" and multicultural society - in other words a nation in which the indigenous British people are minority. Help us save our country by joining the British National Party - don't delay:
We will never allow our children to become a minority in our homeland! We will fight to the bitter end, just like our Crusader ancestors, to preserve our Christian culture and heritage. The spirit of the Medieval Knights lives on in all of us!
Recently, the first Islamic Sharia bank opened in Scotland. When Barack Obama called for Turkey's 71 million Muslims to be allowed to join the European Union, most of the Europe's political elites voiced their approval!
Christmas plays all over Britain have been banned by politically correct school authorities. Churches are being closing and converting into mosques. Towns and cities all over Britain are being colonised by hordes of Muslim immigrants. Some areas are now "no go" areas for Christians. On June 4th, we have a real chance to shake up the anti-British establishment - help us by giving a small donation of towards our campaign:
Just recently, a south Yorkshire school with a large Muslim student population banned its traditional Easter Bonnet parades! What an outrage! More evidence that we are becoming second-class citizens in our own country.
Yes, this is happening to your country! So enjoy the Easter weekend with your family, but bear in mind the mortal threat to our future posed by the Islamification of our country. Cherish your Christian heritage and make sure to pass it on to your children and grandchildren - and make them aware of the sacrifice of our ancestors who held back the hordes of Moors, Saracens and Ottomans and saved Christian Europe.
And most importantly, make sure you take a vow to help the British National Party win on June 4th, as time is running out fast for our children! Better still, make that long-postponed decision and finally join the British National Party:
Finally I would like to congratulate all our recent election candidates and their campaign teams - they have done us proud! On Thursday 2nd April, Tom Redmond took second place in Leeds with 23.6% of the vote. On the same day Chris Godridge obtained 6.5% in Calderdale. In Arun district, Mike Witchell took 13.7% of the vote and in Redcar Lynn Payne scored 16%.
Meanwhile on Thursday 9th in Manchester BNP candidate Derek Adams scored 23.3% of the vote beating the Lib-Dems, Conservatives and the rest! We are definitely on course to become a mainstream party with results like these! Help us score even more impressive results by donating just
Can we do it? Yes we can! The establishment is running scared of the BNP like no time before. Just listen to what that wretch Harriet Harman had to say in a recent interview with a major national newspaper:"Certainly they [the BNP] are a bigger threat than they have been before." The only group the BNP is a threat to is the self-serving, corrupt establishment creatures infesting Troughminster! Help us kick them in the ballots on June 4th!

Have a happy Easter and God bless

Nick Griffin

Chairman, BNP


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