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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ecclesiastic Hypocrisy... Again By TITVS ADVXAS

Grumblings and rumblings from The Church, again, as another Premier League football match is set to play at 2PM on Easter Sunday at Villa Park in Birmingham.

Now I've set out my stall before. I am not a Christian, But I do support movements that preserve our Sunday traditions. I am against widescale Sunday trading, and I am certainly against this move by Aston Villa to again play on the most important day in The Christian Calendar.

Aston Villa and Everton, it seems, are merely pawns of the hold that Sky television and Setanta clearly possess over rescheduling of matches for live TV coverage.

So where is the hypocrisy then?

In December 2008, Greenwood Junior School in Nottingham cancelled their annual nativity play, because it clashed with The Muslim Festival of Eid which was described as 'more important' to its pupils. Last week, The Meersbrook Bank Primary School in Sheffield cancelled its annual Easter Bonnet parade. The school announced that the decision had absolutely nothing to do with the very high proportion of Muslim pupils at the school.

The hypocrisy is the deafening silence from the church. In previous blog on Sunday Trading I blamed the weakness of The Church for the introduction of widescale Sunday trading.

If The Church can be so outspoken about one game of football, yet be so emaciated over the shadowing of Christian festivals by fear of upsetting the Muslim populous, then there is no hope for The Church of England.

RIP Christianity

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