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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Schyzophrenia By TITVS-ADVXAS

I don't know how familiar anyone is with YouTube and some of the people who give daily video blogs of their exciting (ZZZZZZzzzzz.....) lives (mostly in The USA).

Well I tried it for at least one day! Boy was I a big fat bore. And I got the most bizarrely unkind and abusive comments from people, who'd come across me by accident, from all over the world. My favourite YouTuber by far is ZIPSTER08 who is the alter ego of a real life and unknown-in-the-UK rock performer called TL Roth. Roth and Zipster both have daily v-blogs and there is an almost schyzophrenic distance between the two. Zipster the egocentric extroverted camp geriatric, and Roth is almost an opposite in all descriptions. Yet both manage to put out daily interesting blogs. Zipster who along with another guy called Matt is founder of the YouTube Community Choir whose first (and only) production was "The 12 days of Christmas" in 2006. (I had applied to be involved and was sent a song sheet and instructions, sent off my version, but my contribution was not used at all)

Now if you know me, then you know that I try to produce at least 2 written blogs on Blogger, and boy is that tough. TITVS ADVXAS and my real life persona, named here as "Clark Kent" are two separate entities and crossover is occasional and brief. I try to keep my political blogging with TITVS and my family stuff with "Clark". TITVS is managing to put out one a day, while Clark, who's home life is suffering because of all of TITVS's political activism, manages on average one every three days. More than that Clark wants to 'come out' and publicise his political views but living in a typical 'multicultural Birmingham street' it would put unfair pressure on his live-in extended family who have their own problems.

I have been altering the settings on both blogs to include advertising (with a revenue that after a whole month currently stands at the impressive $0.00), excerpts from other blogs I follow with great interest, a feed from The BNP, and other snippets.

I must mention that I was pleased to see the email from "Mister Tranmere Rovers" quoted verbatim my blog from yesterday. BUT DIDNT PUT THE F**KING TITLE, "The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend"!!! which was a reference to my Sikh friends with whom I share a common and dastardly enemy. The I word. Islam.

I finish with the proud announcement that my alter-ego "Clark Kent" has recently acquired a celebrity stalker or follower, who, in order to retain Clark's anonymity, will be referred to as Russ Green (sorry Russ). I was truly amazed to know that Russ (who is a giant in the political world and The BNP) actually read's Clark Kent's blog. I hope to see Russ, Kevin, Gordon (and the twins) and Ken at their next meeting very soon.

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