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Friday, 24 April 2009


I don't want to bore the tits of everyone too often, but I have just been browsing the BNP website, and have read yet another article that has made me physically sick. Not wishing to share this with the world and, luckily I was browsing at home and not at The Library, I did actually vomit my porridge and marmite on toast about 15 minutes ago.

What was the article that could make a grown man so ill?

The increasing Islamification of Britain, which if left unchecked will see this country utterly overrun within a matter of decades, has been re-emphasised with the news that Manchester schools will be able to close for Islamic holidays under new plans to “reduce high absence rates.”
Many Muslim children already miss school to celebrate religious festivals such as Eid. Chiefs at Manchester City Council are considering allowing schools with large numbers of Muslims to close during Islamic holidays.
Under the current system schools close for Christian holidays, but parents are allowed to take children out of lessons for other religious festivals.
This particularly affects Manchester which has the third worst school attendance rates in the country.
Almost one in ten of all absence days in the city’s schools are noted as religious observance.
In an attempt to improve these figures, schools will be allowed to opt to close if 40 percent of pupils are likely to take time off.
Schools will be encouraged to use these extra holidays to facilitate teacher training days while traditional school holidays will remain unchanged.
Some east London schools where the majority of pupils are from Muslim families already close for two days over Eid.
The local authority states: “Tower Hamlets policy is that schools should close for Eid (these dates have been advised by the East London Mosque).
“It is important to ensure that all Muslim pupils and staff can participate in religious observance without being absent from school. This is consistent with the council’s attendance policy that “every day matters.”
Douglas Murray, director of think tank the Centre for Social Cohesion, said: “Either people are British and go to British schools and have a particular holiday system, or we decide to carve the country up into areas that are Muslim and non-Muslim, and I think that’s what this does.”
* The process of colonisation occurs when foreigners come to a country and by sheer numbers force their ways upon the indigenous population.
What is happening in Britain today is nothing else but colonisation, aided and abetted by the Tory and Labour Party.
The British National Party is the only party dedicated to halting and reversing this process.
[This article has been reprinted from the BNP website.]

I can only echo what The Article says adding that both the Labour and Tory parties will one day be held accountable to the people for these diabolical crimes against The British People.

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