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Thursday, 23 April 2009


Well its the day WE celebrate our Identity. So rather than my own babblings, here are the babblings of somebody far more important and eloquent, Nick Griifin, Chairman of my Boys Club:

Fellow Patriot,
Happy St George's Day!
Today is supposed to be a day on which the native people of England can celebrate their identity without fear of persecution from the politically correct liberal Leftists.
However, in today's warped Britain, even St George has come under attack by our political masters.
The legend of St George and the Dragon was brought to Europe by returning Crusaders. According to that story, a dragon made its nest at the water source of a city. The city's inhabitants had to offer sheep to the dragon in order to be allowed to draw water. However, they eventually ran out of sheep and the dragon demanded humans instead. Lots were drawn to see which unfortunate person would be offered to the dragon in exchange for the right to draw water.
On one occasion, the princess of the city drew the shortest stick. The king begged for her life, but it was in vain; all had an equal chance of being sacrificed to the dragon. At the crucial moment, St George appeared and challenged the dragon. Protected by the sign of the Christian cross, St George slew the dragon and rescued the princess. The grateful citizens of the city then converted to Christianity.
Our ruling political elite strives to eliminate or dismantle anything that gives the native people of the British Isles any sense of identity, tradition or cultural loyalty. So it should be no surprise that the liberal-left has for decades waged a relentless war against any celebrations on St. George's Day. In their eyes, recognition of our nationhood will endanger the "multiracial society" they wish to impose on the British people. Better to eradicate any remnants of national identity whatsoever, lest our people realise what they are losing.
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The latest salvo in this relentless war against native identity was the banning of a highly popular St George's Day parade in the Black Country, West Midlands. Thanks to the rigorous efforts of our local activists and the enormous pressure applied by the BNP's Operation Fightback, the parade was reinstated!
Rest assured, all those homegrown traitors who have taken part in the war against our indigenous rights will one day be held to account for their crimes. Treason may be acceptable now, but in the free, liberated Britain of the future, treason will be punished in the manner of the old days of our forbears: through Traitor's Gate and into the Tower!
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I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my personal hero: Alfred the Great. Alfred was our greatest king and a dauntless and dedicated ruler. He united the splintered Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and created the modern nation of England. He was also an inspirational leader who led native Anglo-Saxon resistance against a devastating Viking onslaught. I would like to quote from the British Pride website:
"The Danes then made a sudden surprise attack on the stronghold of Chippenham, where Alfred was staying for Christmas. It became obvious to Alfred that the Danes would not stop until all Anglo-Saxon England was under their domination. Alfred was forced to flee Chippenham and made his way through swamps to safety. He was given shelter by a peasant woman who, completely unaware that he was king, left him to watch some cakes cooking by the fire. Overwhelmed with the problems he and his kingdom faced, he let the cakes burn. When the woman returned, she gave Alfred a telling off, but then realised the king's identity and apologised. Alfred insisted that he was the one who needed to apologise. Such humbleness is rare for kings."
"Alfred did not accept defeat at this point, but from a base in Athelney he organised an effective resistance movement, rallying militia from Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. Alfred disguised himself as a musician in order to gain access to the Danish camp. There he discovered the Danish attack plans, and armed with this knowledge was able to defeat the invaders at the Battle of Edington in Wiltshire."Alfred was just one of our amazing ancestors who never gave up the fight to defend this island which is our home. What a contrast to our contemporary leaders!
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During this day in which we celebrate England's national identity, we must also pay homage to the union and kindred bonds of the British Family of Nations. In 1707, the peoples of the British Isles united under a single government. From that point on, we emerged as a remarkable force on the world stage. Our achievements in science, technology and progress are still unmatched.
Scots, Welshmen, Englishmen, Ulsterfolk and Irish have sacrificed and perished shoulder to shoulder to defend our island homeland on the bloodstained grounds of Waterloo, the Crimea, Rorke's Drift, the Somme, Dunkirk, the beaches of Normandy and the Falklands. In the Battle of Britain, pilots from across the pan-British world struggled to defend our skies against the mighty Luftwaffe and achieved victory after much sacrifice.
The British people, from Cornwall to the Highlands, from Ulster to East Anglia, must stay united. The alternative is subjugation in a federal, undemocratic European empire ruled by unaccountable Marxist elites, dedicated to transforming our continent into "Eurabia" (the liberal left project to unite the Islamic Middle East and Christian Europe which is to be achieved by massive population movements).
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That is why the British National Party is launching the largest and most far-reaching election campaign in British Nationalist history. In terms of the size, reach and sophistication, there has never been anything like it! It includes 29 million leaflets, dozens of billboard and newspaper advertisements, powerful election broadcasts, nationwide Truth Truck tours, 100,000 election posters and much, much more.
For the first time we will have in place the administrative structure to enable us to process and consolidate the expected tens of thousands of inquiries. The "Rapid Expansion Plan" has been a roaring success and the results will be rolled out shortly - be prepared to be blown away by our increasing professionalism!
Roll on June 4th, D-Day approaches! Let's get to work!

Happy St. George's Day

Nick Griffin

Chairman, BNP

P.S The enemies of this country are terrified at the prospect of the BNP making a breakthrough into national mainstream politics on June 4th - help us make it happen!! We only have a matter of weeks to go and there is still so much work to do!! There has NEVER been a better time than the present, but we need YOUR help to make it happen! Donate just £5 to our Euro Election Campaign Fund:

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