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Monday, 13 April 2009

Please State... By TITVS-ADVXAS

As a youngster, growing up in a white working class area of Birmingham, known as Acocks Green, in the sixties, I was happy. I was oblivious too. Oblivious to the need for a totalitarian nanny state
But I am in England. Part of The United Kingdom. Our Queen is head of The Commonwealth. We are in the land of the free. We don't need that sort of government.

But the government had its own idea.

As a youth I watched television programs about South American States and Central African States where people disappeared overnight with no explanation, where the police and secret police had absolute autonomy and power. Where hundreds of people would be arrested early in the morning for planning a peaceful protest... Hang on. Reality Check. What I detested so much about places like Russia or Uganda or Chile or China in the 70s, is happening here in the UK today!

This news cutting from BBC news is typical of the Ruling Labour Fascist Regime:
Police arrest 114 in 'power demo'
More than 100 people have been arrested in Nottingham over a suspected plan to target a power station. Police said 114 men and women were arrested in Sneinton Dale on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass and criminal damage. Officers said they believed those arrested were planning to protest at nearby Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. A spokesman said "specialist equipment" had been found by officers who feared a threat to the safety of the site. He said police thought there was a "serious threat" to the power station. The arrests were made at an independent school. There were no injuries. 'Real bedlam' Residen
ts in the suburb of Sneinton contacted the BBC with reports of a large police presence in the area. Tess Rearden, who lives near where the arrests were made, said she saw 20 police vehicles. She said: "It was all slamming of doors and van doors and all these vans were coming up here - police vans, riot vans. "My son came out of his bedroom and he said: 'Have you seen what's going on out front?' "They were all up and down the roads here. It was bedlam, real bedlam." City councillor David Mellen said: "I understand there was some kind of gathering of people here last night and police took action. "Obviously it's disturbing for the neighbours in the area but if police had information there was some kind of danger to the power supply for people in the East Midlands, then obviously they need to take action." Power station operator Eon said it was aware of the arrests but would not comment further.
Historically, in fascist states, people were never allowed to organise a public peaceful protest.


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