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Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Big Question by TITVS ADUXAS

The Big Questions, Clockwise: The Studio; Benjamin Zephaniah; Louise Bagshawe; Jonathan Bartley; 8 studio guests given chance to speak including Tahir Alam; Robert West; Andrew Brons.

Once again, the BBC showed its own unique brand of totalitarian fascism on Sundays on BBC1's The Big Questions. With a carefully selected audience full of supposedly ‘normal people’. Mass debater Nicky Campbell was joined by Benjamin Zephaniah, who was billed as a poet but is a well known labour sympathiser, Jonathan Bartley, billed as a director of Christian ‘Think-Tank’ Ekklesia, but again is a former Tory party employee and activist, and Louise Bagshawe, billed as an author, but is again a Tory politician and will stand for Corby, Northants at the next election. Members of the audience included Tahir Alam (Assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain and chair of its education committee. He is also vice-chair of the Association of Muslim Schools and director of training at Al-Hijrah Training Academy in Birmingham). Conspicuous by their absence was The UAF, who again refused to share a platform with The BNP.

The first topic was “Does The BNP have the right to be heard?” We heard from the three panellists and audience members. The Rev Robert West and Andrew Brons MEP represented the BNP with due diligence.

The BNP are continually being vilified over their membership policies and despite the debate being entitled “Does The BNP have the right to be heard?” however membership policies was the main and only topic of discussion from:

A spokesperson of The Muslim Council of Great Britain, who actually referred to himself as ‘being invaded by the Pakkis”
A so-called British Rastafarian,
A Conservative Christian (say no more)
A Tory politician who coincidentally is a writer of Teenage soft porn (Chick Lit)

A Warning to residents of Corby, Northants. If you want to be represented by a condescending, fascist Tory b***h in the Houses of Parliament, you should vote for Bagshawe.

Quotes from the show:

NC (to AB) “he (RW) calls himself a vicar, you might as well call yourself a professor”

LB “the BNP, absolutely have a right to be heard, what they don’t have is a right to be heard with respect”

LB “and I think it’s really interesting that today, the two representatives of the BNP would rather do anything, absolutely anything, than discuss BNP policy”
RW “We’re not here to discuss policy”
LB “Why don’t you talk about your policies and lets expose them, the more people know about that, they won’t vote for you”
AB “I’m more than willing to come back on another occasion and discuss policy, but that’s not the question today”
LB “You’re running scared mate”

LB “... voluntary repatriation for Jesus...”

LB “There’s a legitimate debate about immigration that doesn’t include policies from the BNP... “

NC (to RW, who is explaining his theologically sound viewpoint) “This sounds like Jesus with Jackboots”

NC (to AB) “white supremacists”

Post Scripts/Afterthoughts

Out of the 8 members of the audience to give a view, only one was white, and she didn’t get a say until the 16th minute of the show.
Traditionally in democracy, a debate consists of two sides each with two speakers, talking to the open minded audience, Not two people against the rest of the world...

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Britain Awake said...

The usual load of old rubbish i'm afraid, why cant they just debate with us in an adult fashion instead of reverting to cheap insults and references to the holocaust?!

Nicky campbell couldnt resist getting his sly digs in and then not allowing any reply...

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