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Friday, 12 June 2009

"A Star is Born" by TITVS-ADVXAS

Keep your eyes on Mike, not the Blonde cleavage on the left!

Eyes centre please!

Is that disgraced Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood giving Mike The evil eye?

OK then, One last look at the cleavage (I reckon 38C or D from my own limited ogling)
BTW. I took the screenshots using BBC iPlayer in full screen mode.

Question Time on BBC 1 on Thursday 12 June 2009 at 10:35PM.
Mike Bell is seen holding his hand up several times, and being ignored, but at time index 15:03 David Dumbledorn asks if anyone actually did vote BNP. Mike, alone, raised his hand and was given his Andy Warhol moment (Five minutes of fame), after the catcalls and jeers had died down, that is. Mike managed to get several key points about The evil Hain and his outright involvement with the Ultra Fascist UAF , about the UK involvement in the USA led invasion of Iraq, about ID cards, ultra government surveillance, and immigration.

The script as noted by TITVS is as follows:

David Dumbledorn "Did anyone here actually vote BNP who wants to talk about voting BNP"

Mike Bell (off camera) "I voted BNP"

Mr Dumbledorn "The gentleman there in the glasses"

Mr Bell "You bandy the word around..."

Mr Dumbledorn "You voted BNP?"

[Boos, Hisses, Catcalls}

Mr Dumbledorn "Let him speak about it please"

Mr Bell "Yes I did, for the European Elections. You can boo, but we do live in a democracy. You bandy the word fascist around, but I think its quite fascist to invade other countries, force our democracy on them costing thousands of lives, We're surrounded by CCTVs everywhere we go, You want us to carry ID cards, you want all our DNA taken and recorded, you want to monitor our phone calls and emails. And you're associated, Peter Hain, to an association that attacks your political opponents, I think that's all fascist, really fascist"

Mr Dumbledorn "Just explain why you voted BNP, would you, and had you voted BNP before?"

Mr Bell "I'm totally and utterly disgruntled with mainstream politics in general"

[Amid snotty interjections from the panel Dumbledorn allows Mr Bell to continue]

Mr Dumbledorn "Sorry, go on"

Mr Bell "I started off voting Labour when I was younger, I voted Tory at the last election, this time around, none of them suit me, and I voted, you may boo me, I voted BNP to stick two fingers up at the mainstream parties"

Mr Dumbledorn "And is it to do with immigration, as Ruth Lee was saying?"

Mr Bell "I think immigration is an issue. My opinion on immigration is as simple as this, its good for big business, and they want obviously big business to get the economy going so they re not gonna try and kerb immigration as it suits big business

Mr Dumbledorn [quite dismissively] "And the woman here in the third row"

Straight after this woman was on with her belittling comment about BNP vote. Then we had a token Asian guy in his 20s actually commenting about the d-day landings. Scripted plants or what?

And with true BBC democracy, we never saw Mike's ugly-mug again.

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