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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

More Dambusters Stuff by TITVS ADVXAS

I couldn't resist a screenshot of this banner from the main website.

I went to one of the many celebrations that surely were taking place nationwide last night. Thank you to Les and Lynn for their hospitality on the opening night of the aptly named "The Griff Inn". Les must have put more than a few hard earned shillings and quite a lot of blood sweat and tears into this magnificent and fully furbished log chalet at the bottom of his garden.

The grand opening of The Griff Inn

As you know, I am new to the party and felt quite honoured to be invited to and included in the proceedings. A handful of us were there to toast Nick and Andrew and start discussing the next big step. Getting BNP Councillors into Birmingham City Council (Without The Old "Bore" doing a recount behind closed door this time).

The Smears Continue!

Over the last 24 hours, Nick and Andrew must have received more TV airtime than the whole party had enjoyed in the whole of the previous 27 years since 1982 when The BNP were formed. Despite that, yesterday on Channel 4 News we saw an interview between new BNP-MEP Andrew Brons and The Studio where News (W)anchor, Liverpool born Krishnan Guru-Murthy showed off his NUJ ethos of continuing to paint the BNP in a bad light as he disgracefully aided and abetted Egyptian born New-Labour MP Margaret Hodge.


Let's hope that the already dis-illusioned public will start to demand parity as this continual vilification process will show the NUJ for the bigots that THEY clearly are.

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