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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Violent Thugs Disrupt BNP Press Conference

Nick Griffin speaking earlier in the year

Violent thugs from the Tory and Labour backed UAF organisation have shown their hatred of free speech and democracy by physically attacking a British National Party press conference outside the Houses of Parliament this afternoon, leading Nick Griffin to re-issue his challenge to the leader of the Tory Party to either endorse or withdraw his declared support for that group.

“Mr Cameron is a signatory to the founding charter of the UAF, which has extensive links to the Socialist Workers’ Party and the Communist Party of Great Britain,” Mr Griffin told BNP News immediately after the UAF attack.

“Mr Cameron must tell his supporters if he really aligns himself with these thugs who resort to violence in the face of the democratic process,” Mr Griffin said.

“The most disgusting thing is that this mob and its aims are backed by MPs from all the Westminster parties. Once you have accepted the use of violence to enforce political aims, you have slipped down the road to Zimbabwe style politics. The continued endorsement from Messrs Cameron, Peter Hain from Labour and many candidates from the Liberal Democrats must now be brought out into the open.

“The reality is that the BNP campaigned democratically, peacefully and was openly elected to office. It does not matter if they disagree with us - we disagree with the other parties fundamentally - but the use of violence draws the line. The Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats must tell the world if they support political violence or not.”

Mr Griffin said the “childish activities of a few worthless silly students, organised by the far left, will never stop the BNP. We have a duty to our electors to put forward the case for the continued survival of Britain. These tactics merely serve as an own goal for the enemies of the BNP, as it reveals that they have lost the democratic argument. Their inability to win any argument forces them back onto naked fascism and violence. We dismiss them with contempt, and will carry on.”

* Ironically, it was the large throng of journalists who bore the brunt of the UAF fascist thugs’ violence, with several being hit by eggs, placards and poles.

* The BBC and other news outlets reported being flooded with calls, texts and emails from viewers expressing their disgust at the Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem-backed UAF. Most messages were along the lines of “I was not a BNP supporter but after today I can see who the real fascists and enemies of free speech are


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