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Friday, 12 June 2009

They who try to suppress freedom by Unite Against Farce

UAF activist Weyman Bennett

Trying to catch up with all the stuff I missed before I joined the BNP, I was recently listening to Global News Talk with Tommy Boyd from 16th February where Tommy tries to persuade the bigoted Weyman Bennett from the campaign organisation Unite Against Fascism to share a microphone with Simon Darby.
The incident reminds me of Churchill's alleged quote from just after WW2, where he is purported to have declared (about NAZI fascism) “When fascism returns it will be in the guise of opposition to fascism”. Well having witnessed the grossly perverse UAF in action this week, I can say "WINNIE, ALMOST TO THE VERY WORD, YOU WERE DEAD RIGHT".
Free speech is Free speech.
Evelyn Beatrice Hall (who wrote under the pseudonym S.G. Tallentyre) was a writer best known for her biography of François-Marie Arouet better known by the pen name Voltaire. She completed her biography of Voltaire "The Friends of Voltaire" in 1906. She wrote the phrase, which is often misattributed to Voltaire, "Je ne partage pas vos idées mais je me battrai jusqu'à la mort pour que vous puissiez les exprimer" ["I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,"] as an illustration of Voltaire's beliefs.
People like The UAF have absolutely no right use violence to stop another person from speaking. They only have their own right to free speech to counter argue. If they resort to childish actions as Mr Bennett did, or violence as The UAF did on Monday at the BNP news conference in London, then their own role in democracy should be questioned too.
As Tommy Boyd said "HOW VERY DARE THEY"

©Unite Against Farce 12/6/2009
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