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Monday, 8 June 2009

The Dam is breached but The BBC carry on the slur... By TITVS ADVXAS

Afraid of The Truth?

The Dam Busting Duo!

Nick Griffin has said that "The Dam of Lies has been breached" but the slur continues as the big four have apparently condemned The BNP for taking two seats in Yorkshire and The North West. That despotic reporter Nick Robinson has turned around the fact that there was a smaller turnout to glorify the number of votes Nick Griffin received being 'less than in 2004'. Well as the turnout was way less, Nicks percentage increased. Simple maths, and as Simon stated in his blog, that a smaller number of votes would be needed due to the lower turnout.

From the BBC site:

The BNP gained a seat in Yorkshire and Humberside and in the north west of England, where party leader Nick Griffin was elected - the first time the anti-immigration party has won seats at national elections.

'Two-fingered salute'

Their result was condemned across the political spectrum, with both the Tories and Labour calling it a "sad day" for British politics.Health Secretary Andy Burnham said: "The BNP is like the ultimate protest vote. It is how to deliver the establishment a two-fingered salute. I think largely it is a comment on Westminster politics."

Lets now watch as Griffin and Brons lead the way and show UKIP up for the two-faced, trough guzzling hypocrites they are, by their true British gutsy swashbuckling approach. Their first job, it seems is "to send its researchers into the archives to dig out the facts about the conglomerates and corporations which have profited from the privatisation theft of Britain’s “common wealth. The dissolution of the institutions and property of the British nation into the hands of the internationalists is the single greatest piece of larceny in our history,” "

Lets name and shame the bastards!

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