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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dirty tricks from the great unwashed By TITVS ADVXAS

Tomorrow in Wimblebury and Heath Hayes East, a 'white flight' area north of Birmingham and Walsall, there is another council by-election, following the resignation of Labour councillor Ian Carr. As reported locally here:

Cllr Carr, who was last elected in 2007, has been commuting between our area and Sardinia since March.

He resigned last month, just days before he was due to be kicked out of the authority for failing to attend a council meeting in six months.

Under the Local Government Act 1972, a councillor who fails to attend any meetings for six consecutive months ceases to be a member of the authority.

Cllr Carr had not attended a meeting since the Safer and Stronger Communities Policy Development Committee on February 23.

Jamie Summerfield, spokesman for Cannock Chase Council, said: “The by-election will be held on October 15. The notice of election will be published on September 10 and nomination forms will be accepted by the council from this date.”

Mr Carr, who is known locally by the Mediterranean nickname Juan, or Juan Carr, will not be re-standing. Instead the people standing are:
  • Chris Collis, Lib Dem;
  • Brian Gamble, Nu Labour;
  • Sean Gleason, UKIP;
  • Shaun Grimsley, BNP;
  • Michelle Lucas, Tory (or Blue-Labour).
BNP candidate Shaun Grimsley has been the subject of typical slurs from the Marxist powers that be, through their violent and militant arm, the uaf, including a vile leaflet alleging criminality where none exists. The leaflet also draws on a a visual similarity between Mr Grimsley and a cartoon character in a children's film.

As we saw during the Euro election campaign, the Marxist left MSM in general and the BBC in particular, actively led the 'undecided' voter and the 'protest' voter away from the BNP towards UKIP.

There are many ways other to undermine a candidate, one of which is by simple confusion tactics such as a similarly sounding candidate from the NUJ's safety valve, UKIP, who is alphabetically listed above Mr Grimsley.

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