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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Engineered Climate - China Tells The Real Story By BC1959

When China, recently amongst the newest ''capitalist superpowers'', Displayed it's love of Communism, by deploying it's air force in a display of pride, a “magic-like” range of chemicals and technology was also employed. This was to ensure that nothing, yes, nothing, got to rain on it's parade. They ensured a clear Beijing sky, and a beautiful day was had by all. Smoggy air for a grand parade, marking the 60th anniversary of Communist dictatorship, could simply not be allowed to get in the way. Oh' dear, surely this doesn't mean.... yes, before this author is accused of again being a ''conspiracy nut'', the weather can be changed by scientists, and yes, it smacks of once again, ''Communists and Capitalists conspiring to create fear'' for the masses. Scare mongering is apparently back in fashion. Reports from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (NOAA) revealed that almost all the “lost ice'' has magically reappeared. A NOAA reports that ice levels, which had shrunk from 5 million square miles in January 2007 to just 1.5 million square miles in October the same year, are almost back to their original levels. Oops, what are we to think now? On February the 18th, a report in the ''London Daily Express'', showed there was almost a third more ice in Antarctica than usual, challenging the ''global warming crusaders'' with real scientific evidence that, Global Warming is simply a fluctuation in natural cycles. Snow and ice appeared to encase whole areas in 2007/8, and many had temperatures that granny would have recognised ''back in the good old days''. Blimey, if this ''Global Warming'' continues, we'll all freeze to death. If China, therefore any industrial power, can achieve this ''tampering'' with nature, then it begs the question: ''Is Global Warming being manipulated by politicised scientists''? Could our weather be so controlled that, along with the massively powerful elites who engineer so much conflict, war, economic instability, and debt, they are taking the idea of a world government, and therefore a global dictatorship to it's ultimate level? " James Warburg openly told the US senate as early as 1950 that: ''We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is, whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent." By scare mongering, something that the elites, whether pro-Zionist American Jews like Warburg, Christians, British MP's or Chinese dictators etc etc, have used to good effect for years, they can control the cattle, and herd them into doing, and saying the most ridiculous things. Common sense has all but vanished, as we have seen by the ''Yasmin Alibhai-Brown'' article yesterday, the elites, led by mostly Communist intellectuals, are using mass immigration, and the arrogance by those allowed to be vocal, to get us here in Britain, very angry. Global Warming, just like the cold war, and the economic depressions past and present, are all absolutely engineered. The hatred by Jewish/Zionist intellectuals, Muslim extremists, and our own traitors, cannot be powerful enough on it's own unless we actually allow it to be. Thus, as far as this author is concerned, and after the heated debate of yesterday, the only important issue in all of this, is simply that: 1 - We stop in-fighting. 2 - We understand each other via the written word, in terms of our democratic rights to determine our own way to victory, ultimately for the good of us all. 3 - There is a serious, but ''non aggressive'' intellectual approach to our response to people like YAB, after all, ''The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword''.
In Wiemar Republic, ''Socialist/Communist'' Germany, by 1923, hyper inflation reached a record level. This was due to foreign elites, taking total control of the institutions of Germany. Paper money was used as wall paper. Zimbabwe in the 21st century is in exactly the same situation as 1920's Germany. Both nations were/are run by Communists. In Britain, America, and the worse case, Iceland, we have seen the collapse of the traditional economic system. The so-called Anglo-Saxon model of Capitalism has failed, but it never actually existed. Once again, the white man has been blamed for a system created by Zionist money lenders, and what some term ''the coin clippers of old''. Jewish money lenders in the middle-ages, used to clip gold and silver coins, therefore, effectively destroying the value a nation's money, at the same time though, they became hugely rich, by ''earning'' money for nothing. One South American leftist called Lula da Silva, said: ''The world's poor people should not be forced to pay for the global financial crisis, it is white, blue-eyed people - not Indians, nor black, nor poor people - who created and spread the crisis throughout the world''. He was speaking at a news conference during a visit by British Prime Minister (Leninist) Gordon Brown. Mr Brown was in Brazil in advance of the G20 summit in London earlier this year. Mr Brown made a joint appeal with the Brazilian leader for the world's biggest economies to provide $100bn to boost global trade. As with Germany, Zimbabwe, Britain and many other nations, whitey is the culprit, and we didn't even invent Capitalism. We have to be brave, and in advance, I say sorry to those who may not like what is written here, but it has to be said, and any white nationalist writer, commentator, politician or activists, must be allowed to oppose the lies, deceit and hate-ful smears and propaganda laid at our collective door. When the Normans deposed our ancient King, and implemented their own strategic, economic, and cultural values on England, we were essentially a nation of farmers, skilled craftsmen, and some-time army folk. The Norman King brought with him, aliens. Aliens in the sense that only money, and the power it gave to their then, employers and ''friends'', could accomplish. These money lending aliens were called usurers. they lent vast sums of money to warring Barons, Kings, and other powerful people. All these people were related by ancient genes. They proceeded to charge large amounts of interest on these loans. Loans then became a way of life for some people, and these foreigners, became extremely wealthy. The Kings, and those powerful elitists carved Europe up, and eventually, almost lost the whole continent to Islam. Thankfully Hungary had leadership, and thus, the Islamic hordes were stopped. Yes, they were stopped, but not by anyone helping white Christians, not by the anti-Christian Zionist money lenders, but racial solidarity, working together ''as one peoples''. The sad state of Spain, was by and large encouraged by these same money lenders, who worked with the Moors, and often funded (loaned money) to both sides, as they did in the Napoleonic wars, as any ''good Capitalist'' would do. In Britain, the ''Blue eyed, white people'' have of course, been battered by decades of debt, mass immigration, and socio-economic destruction. Also, we are solely to blame for Black slavery. The fact that the Zionist money lenders funded slave boat owners, and in the 12th century, owned slaves themselves, along with the Cantonese and Muslims traders, is not one for public consumption. The Capitalist system, and the Communist system, are one and the same. This is beyond argument, as seen by the biggest polluter in modern times - China. White, Blue-Eyed capitalism is non existent, it is an excuse to yet again, lay blame on us, for our foreign masters to hide behind our good name. In this regard, we are to blame, and yes, white people have stood by, and created a system of ''hiding under the pillow'' whilst the deceivers and war mongers make hay. Ultimately, we either acknowledge this, along with the root cause of Zionist antagonism and debt creation, or simply carry on writing, moaning, arguing, and enslaving ourselves. You see readers, China has let the cat out of the bag. China is living proof that the Jewish intellectual and father of Socialism, Karl Marx, and by association, wealthy Zionist ''Capitalist'' funders, Kuhn-Loeb and Jacob Schiff, gave China this cult. You choose, but this author, and many other white nationalists, are simply not for sale in this Marxist, Wiemar ''world'' Republic.

©BC1959 18/10/2009
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