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Saturday, 24 October 2009

If The Sun will bring victory to the Tories, Will The Mail make The BNP the "Third" Party? By TITVS ADVXAS

The Scum newspaper have, in their own bigoted opinion, been quite instrumental over the years as it appeared that their changing political allegiance has 'led' the mass voters to firstly put Margaret Thatcher and the vile Tories into power in 1979, then in their much publicised switch in the late 1990s, giving their backing to Tony Blair, when equally vile New Labour seized the baton in 1997.

This year they have switched back to their Blue-Masters, the Tories, and Cameron is expected to take power with a landslide in the next general election.

The 'cynics' as the Scum say, or the 'realists' as the rest of us say, are of the opinion that Murdoch's red topper are actually following public opinion in advance of the next general election, having gauged that opinion very well in the past.

There is no denying that the whole of the United Kingdom expects the reds will wilt away next spring, like a slug that has slid through a patch of salt, leaving a blank canvas to be painted mainly blue with a large yellow belly as the Lib-Dems make a take on the second spot.

But what of the 'Third' party, the traditional Lib-Dem spot?

Many, especially those of us in the Nationalist movement, think that the reds will near extinction after the next general election, leaving Brown and Co in the gutter, awaiting a drizzle of rain to wash that particular shower completely away...

And that would open the door to The British National Party to take the coveted third spot.

Is that just the opinion of a BNP member and supporter?

No, I think not, having seen the news reports following Nick Griffin's ritual halal slaughter on Thursday night, where the Marxist BBC pulled out all the stops and engulfed Nick with an hour log relentless tirade of virtual abuse.

Of the reactions, the most noteworthy was the report in the Daily Mail, today, which almost shows sympathy and compassion for a man who the BNP expect to be prime-minister within ten years.

I say 'almost' because we are talking about the NUJ, another Leninist puppet of LiLaC, whose charter includes an instruction to ALL its members to never show The BNP in a good light or give them any positive credence whatsoever, and of course, to prefix any reference to them with a negative, abusive or vile adjective.

The Mail's report may be a one off, or it may not be.

With up to 15% of people interviewed by them, many from the 'white middle classes of Middle England' that make up their target audience, stating that they would most possibly vote for the BNP, perhaps they are thinking about future circulation figures.

If that is a correct observation, then expect the Telegraph to follow suit..

Whatever the red tops and the broadsheets have spewed forth on Friday and today about the BNP, one thing is certain...

As articles like the one in The Mail today become more and more frequent, The BNP will only get bigger and stronger!

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