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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Social Networking and Home security matters By TITVS ADVXAS

Have you ever been in a position where you have been used by a third person for that person's own benefit?

Remember that old phrase "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemy closer" (as used in politicalMIZZ's last post so eloquently)

Well having been at the 'wrong end' of a situation, by a supposed friend, I know personally that being used is not a pleasant thing.

Simon Bennett's latest article on the BNP website is an interesting and pertinent reversal in that it is promoting the social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg in particular.

My only criticism of it is that most of Simon's friends on those sites are already committed Nationalists and therefore might be a tad sick of receiving 350 hits of the same story on their Facebook wall and on Tweet and on Digg, especially as they've already seen the original article anyhow, before they log on to Facebook!

Another aspect of networking sites is the infiltration by the red scum pretending to sympathise with us and then leaking information to the world, as was done to another good friend of mine whose holiday snaps were released and 'altered' by some infiltrating oik, particularly annoying as my friend had set his photo albums to maximum security of 'view by friends only'

There is no doubt in my mind that the internet is the way forward.

But we have to find new ways of delivering our beliefs to the apathetic, head in the sand voter!

Social networking is a good start point but it would be great to cold call all our posts like a leaflet through a letterbox, but as the internet is more than a leaflet, we also have to safeguard ourselves, protecting our sensitive and personal information.

We certainly don't want to end up on the spam filter list of a microsoft update, like all those spammers who do, through sending out countless "viagra" emails and ads for "penis enlargement" do we?

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