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Friday, 9 October 2009

General Dannatt To Join The Conservatives.

It had been rumoured for months that General Dannatt was to join the Conservative Government, and yesterday it was confirmed that he would be advising the Conservatives on "defence issues".

Dannatt has been very critical of the Labour Government when he was the army chief, he was no puppet of the Labour party, Brown fearing that after the General had retired would be even freer to express his criticism of the Government, set out to smear him regarding his expenses, but it soon became apparent that there was no case to answer, much to Brown's disappointment.

I must admit Dannatt's appointment within the Conservatives did disapoint me, because the Conservatives are responsible for taking us into illegal wars, where the human and financial cost have been totally unnecessary and has also put the British people in grave danger from Islamic terrorism, the majority of the British people do not support the wars and want a complete withdrawal.

The Conservatives talk about change but they are offering much the same as Labour, exactly the same foreign policy, completely at odds from the British peoples wishes.

Cameron has promised the armed forces more resources but doesn't say how he will pay for this, if Dannatt has the best interests of this country at heart he would advise the Conservatives to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Conservatives are also responsible for signing away our Sovereignty to the EU, starting with the traitor Edward Heath and ending with Cameron, Gen Dannatt should be storming Westminster and bringing the traitors and war criminals to account not joining them!

Maybe I'm wrong about Dannatt, you know what they say "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer"?

We can only hope Gen Dannatt will save this country from the traitors within.

I for one will not be holding my breath!

©politicalMIZZ 9/10/2009

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