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Thursday, 15 October 2009

The scene is set By TITVS ADVXAS

David Cameron has picked senior Tory Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a Muslim, to appear in next week’s BBC Question Time showdown, completing the jig-saw.

Gordon Brown has already announced that Justice Secretary Jack Straw will appear on the show, which will also feature Lib Dem frontbencher Chris Huhne and American writer and broadcaster Bonnie Greer.

Apparently Warsi "has appeared on Question Time on a number of occasions and been impressive. This sends a clear message about the modern Conservative Party” according to the reds.

All the publicity, however, is about "X" versus the BNP, as if we were being set up for some ritual slaughter, where X = "Straw" or "Huhne" or "Greer" or "Warsi"!

The "X" Factor, of course, being the use of women from supposed minority groups. Greer is a black American, Warsi is British born but of Pakistani parentage, the other two women being from minority political parties, Straw from Labour and Huhne from the Lib Dems.

Perhaps one of the audience will ask Mr Griffin the BNP stance on homosexuality, with the perceived view that the party is homophobic, then he could deflect that question to the "Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion and Social Action" who has issued leaflets during her election campaign which contained the homophobic views of a normal Muslim.

Because I abhor homosexuality why does that make me a monster when if a Muslim has the same opinion it is "their right as a Muslim" to say so?

That said Warsi has also publicly stated ""People who back the BNP, criticised for its racist and homophobic agenda, may even have a point. They have some very legitimate views."

We do also hope that one of the audience does refer to halal in a question, so that we can hear Mr Griffin's incisive comments about that evil and barbaric act, and then of course we will almost certainly hear from the other panellists that people who oppose halal slaughter are racist.

Does that mean that my membership to the Vegan Society makes me a racist too?

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