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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cannock BNP Honours Henry Allingham and British Service Personnels’ Sacrifice by TITVS ADVXAS

Making serious notes...

Arthur Kemp

Mr & Mrs Kemp

The Group Photo

Cannock British National Party met in Hednesford last night and kicked off with a two minute silence for Great War Veteran and the world’s oldest man, Henry Allingham and all British service personnel who had sacrificed for this country.

The meeting, chaired by fund holder Terry Majorowicz, was then introduced to several prospective local BNP candidates and sitting parish councillors who were in attendance.

Mr Majorowicz provided an amusing introduction and revealed how he had come to the BNP after first trying to do something for this country in the Conservative Party. “All they wanted to do was hold dinner parties, and it was only when I joined the BNP that I was finally able to do something about saving my country,” he said.

Next speaker was organiser Bill Vaughan who read a humorous piece about how ethnic minorities were allowed to organise along ethnic grounds without anyone objecting, but that if indigenous British people tried to do that, they were attacked by the media and other politicians.

Prospective candidate Ray Evan spoke next, giving his first ever public speech in which he pointed out how British people are discriminated against and put last in the provision of public services.

Before breaking for the second half, Mr Majorowicz introduced 70-year-old Bob and 88-year-old Alf, who are still active for the party in Cannock and who have not missed a meeting in three years.

The second half of the meeting was addressed by guest speaker Arthur Kemp, who used a George Orwell 1984 theme to illustrate how decades of Conservative and Labour rule had led to the total inversion of all the things which had made Britain great. His speech had the 30 plus crowd on their feet for a double ovation.

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Anonymous said...

i was at this meeting and would firstly like to thank all speakers well done x secondly how nice to have a 2 minute silence for harry and all fallen comrades who have fought and died for this once proud country r.i.p. i like so many other british people black or white have had enough .the daily influx of illegal immigrants is already taking its toll .they come here for an easy ride and are getting 1.put b4 our own country men is just not on.how many of these afghans iraqis and other creeds are suicide bombers ? i dont know, you dont know and the government certainly doesntr know. lets make our country great once more . say no to asylum seekers, say no to wars in iraq and afghanistan not our problem so why make it so. bring our forces back .stop the building of mosques and stop the attacks of asians on black and white people they are the true racists.british jobs for british people. thank god for nick griffin who i have met a couple of times he truly is a great man thank you mr griffin xx is it to much to ask for our country back . fly your flag with pride xx. one more point why is it my children cant celebrate our st georges day ? yet on dwalli a indian festival of some sort my kids make and bring home cards celebrating this. were 2nd placed citizens in our own land. thats just not on mr brown . long live the bnp and all who sail with her winston wilding x

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