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Thursday, 30 July 2009


Bournville Village

Austin Village

Charity, benevolence, and philanthropy are all words used to describe the assistance given by people who have ‘made’ their own fortune or been successful in business or other spheres, and are then sharing it with others less fortunate, and I would just like to compare the philanthropy of individuals to the charity from the state.

But at what price is charity to the less fortunate?

As I’ve made known, in several previous essays, I was born and raised in a white working class area of Birmingham known as Acocks Green.

There are two well known housing estates in south Birmingham.

Firstly is the Bournville Village which was built during the years 1893 to 1900 by confectioners George and Richard Cadbury.

The Cadbury brothers were considered by many to be the ultimate philanthropists.

Secondly, The Austin Village was erected slightly later, during the Great War, by industrialist munitions and car manufacturer, Herbert Austin.

Similar employee housing estates and developments exist throughout the country.

On the face of it, these estates were made for the benefits of the workers, although they were actually built to further the ulterior and selfish motives of the employers, to tie people to their house and linked to a job. The workers ended up actually working harder to safeguard their family homes.

Another facet of the Cadbury family philanthropy was to inflict their own religious views upon their own work force.

As Quakers, they were believers in temperance or the non-consumption of alcohol for pleasurable activities.

To this day covenants and bylaws in the Bournville area upon premises prohibit the sale of and the public consumption of alcohol.

This is quite minor in relative terms but still it exists.

Charity from our own country is even stranger, uneven and one sided.

On one side we are giving hundreds of millions of pounds to third world.

Countries such as India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan get aid from us. They, in turn it seems, are using vast amounts of this money, raised by our own income tax and other taxes from within The United Kingdom, to develop their own munitions and space programs.

On the other side, we have British soldiers, sailors and airmen, who in the line of duty, are severely maimed and will require lifelong assistance, are given paltry awards. And now the government is going to courts to try and reduce these minuscule payments even further.

We also have British people unable to get their fair benefits when things have gone wrong, their factory has closed, or their job has been transferred to a call centre halfway around the globe, because the treacle stick has been licked clean by the myriads of newcomers to this land.

This is not the end for us, not as long as we have faith in The British National Party, the only party that will:

End foreign aid when we still have British people living in sub standard conditions, pensioners having to make a choice between eating food and heating their homes.
Deport illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers who are sponging from the pool of our tax contributions.
Support our own forces and their families to a decent level, when they have become injured or killed doing their duty for Queen and country.

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Anonymous said...

well said. we ve been in new labours PC crap for so long we all got brainwashed, now we see what a load of hypocrits they are and filling there own pockets,its about time we had a clear out of all the corrupt bastard spongers
Phil E (via email)

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