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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Islamification and Colonisation from a more personal viewpoint... by TITVS ADVXAS

Having moderated some comments on my older blogs by Coldragon, I have reflected upon the Muslim demographics video I first saw on my friend Russ Greens blog, and without realising it, it all applies to two of my own children. First is my little girl, "Erica Trientis" who was just 16 when she started "seeing" a new boyfriend. He turned out to be a Iranian asylum seeker in his mid twenties (at least). Thinking back I recall lectures from Nick Griffin and Marlene Guest, and the fondness large numbers of these middle aged 'men' have for our virgin daughters. I was not with the party at the time, so I was completely unaware of the goings on in their circles up and down the land. All I can remember is Erica coming home one night crying after he had more or less told her that "He was going to make her pregnant, and then after the 'babies' were born here, she would be going to Iran afterwards, to join his other wives who were from other EU countries". I never got the full story for weeks, because she knew what I would do to him. When I did find out, he had fled the area. Secondly is my daughter in law "Conjugis Primogeniti" (Wife of my First born Male child) who at 16 fell pregnant to a Pakistani man who was a year older. Over the next few years she had four more children, having five in all by the time she was 23. Over those years she was parcelled back and forth to Pakistan, forced to 'mule' heroin in her luggage, raped by 2 'uncles' over there, and beaten when she tried to report the incidents.
TWO English women... 7 or 8 Muslim children, all with Full British passports and associated rights therein. Only 4.0 and not the 8.4 Muslims per family as seen on Russ's video, but scary none the less.
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