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Monday, 20 July 2009

When is "In Camera" actually IN THE CAMERA'S EYE by TITVS ADVXAS

How many people would vote BNP instead of UKIP or New Labour or TORY or even LIB/DEM, if their vote were 100% secret?

Despite secret ballot arrangements, voting is not secret in the UK, as it is possible to link a ballot paper to the person that cast it. Each ballot paper is individually numbered and embossed and each elector has a number. When an elector is given a ballot paper, their number is noted down on the embossed and again numbered counterfoil of the ballot paper. This means, of course, that the ballot is not secret at all. This measure is apparently justified by Big Brother as a security arrangement so that if there was an allegation of fraud, false ballot papers could be identified. This unlikely process of matching ballot papers to voters is permissible only by a Court order. The legal authority for this is set out in current Parliamentary acts.

I know personally two people who were scared to vote BNP in the recent European Elections. The reason was solely the privacy issue. Extrapolate that over the 1,000,000 BNP votes cast... not quite a landslide in terms of The BNP representation, but it would push us into the realms of the 3rd place position traditionally held by The LIB/DEMs in recent years.

Questions that have arisen surrounding this issue alone should be part of The BNP election manifesto,

Firstly: To calm and allay the fears of prospective voters.

Secondly: To propose a change in the law to make private votes private.

Thirdly: When we do come to power (when rather than if being the pertinent point), to actually fulfill the promise made in the manifesto, with a publicly viewed destruction of each and every counterfoil for every single election that is still in storage.

I have previously predicted 3 MPs in the 2009/10 elections, and a landslide in 2012/14. One single and apparently insignificant policy such as this could resonate to produce those massive gains. In camera is a Latin phrase meaning 'in chambers' or 'in private'. In camera when used in plain English is the opposite, IN PUBLIC.

So do we want our votes to be In Camera or In Camera?

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