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Sunday, 12 July 2009

More credulity? by TITVS ADVXAS

So whats going on here then? Firstly C4 and now BBC1, we see the BNP interviewed in an adult and professional manner without those previous attempts to seemingly undermine them? Knowing the NUJ and their blatant anti BNP guidelines, this can't be right? Are we being set up to be knocked down? Am I too paranoid about the whole thing?
Here's the interview on BBC iPlayer Nick getting about 8 minutes. And here it is on YouTube...

Apparently according to The BNP website, there was a fair chunk of the interview omitted. This is cut directly from the BNP mainwebsite:

What the Andrew Marr Show Did Not Let You Hear Nick Griffin Say
Europe has no right to censure Iran for the mistreatment of political dissidents when state-endorsed violence against political opponents is rife in Britain and Hungary, Nick Griffin MEP was cut short from saying on the Andrew Marr Show this morning.

Mr Griffin, making his first appearance as a Member of the European Parliament on the highly rated BBC show - from which the British National Party has been refused access till now - had his interview time cut short, ostensibly for a lengthening of the newspaper discussion session.After dealing with a number of vicious lies - which even included the one that his dogs are named Anne and Frank (a lie Mr Griffin successfully squashed on the show - they are, in fact, called Belle and Otto), Mr Griffin was going to answer a pre-primed question about the BNP’s agenda in the European parliament. “I was going to tell viewers that we would, along with other nationalists, expose the hypocrisy of the liberal elite on all levels and were going to start with their moves to censure Iran for that country’s treatment of its political dissidents,” Mr Griffin told BNP News after the show. “While what has happened in Iran is disgraceful, the reality is that the Hungarian government has used extreme force and violence against political dissidents in that country, particularly against the Jobbik party,” Mr Griffin said. “The Hungarian police regularly use violence against peaceful protestors and the EU never says a word. This is because the victims are not supporters of the EU con game,” he said. “In Britain, we have the state-endorsed UAF/Searchlight organisation of far leftist extremists, who are official endorsed by all the other political parties. They have a publicly reported track record of violent attacks again the BNP. These have included attacks on individuals with claw hammers, public violence and attacks on people trying to attend BNP meetings,” Mr Griffin said. “The leader of the Conservative party, David Cameron, is a founding member of the UAF group, which also boasts the signatures of leaders of the Labour, Liberal-Democrat and other parties. Yet for some reason, the EU is strangely silent on this state-endorsed violence against British political dissidents, organised by gangs who are supported with lottery and trade union money.” Mr Griffin said the Euro-nationalists would be campaigning against the EU’s moves on Iran, which are “part of an increasing tide of war propaganda designed to drag us into yet another wicked, immoral and unjustifiable Middle Eastern war.” * Mr Griffin said the producers of the Andrew Marr Show did apologise to him afterwards for having cut the show short.

Call me a cynic, but wasn't the stuff left out about Iran and EU condoning of State run violence like that by the UAF, possibly the most pertinent part of the interview, where Nick was showing the country his eloquence and vast depth of knowledge? The reason for cutting Nicks interview down was the over run of the review of the Sunday Newspaper. The trio of supposed experts had an Antipodean angle and were firstly Australian News columnist from both The Daily Mail (Platell's People) and The Gruadian (Voice From the Right) Amanda Platell, Former Australian Rupert Mudoch Employee, Sun Editor David Yelland and TV anchor, Sir Trevor McDonald (who has I'm told visited Australia). A right old combination whose hidden agenda was surely to meander the papers and to deliberately overrun their time slot. Where was the BBC time keeper then? All politicians are equal, but some politicians are more equal than others, it seems?

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