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Monday, 13 July 2009

Why won’t they wake up? by Robin Hood

(Printed from The British Nationalist)
It’s a question asked by quite a few within the lower ranks of the party and I feel an explanation of this is as good as any start to my regular posts on British Nationalist.

So why do White people vote the way they do despite “popular opinion” always being in contradiction to the policies of the major parties?

An analysis of White psychology by American professor Kevin McDonald details how Whites, through evolution, have become conscientious which has given rise to material and social success;

McDonald goes on to point out that conscientious people fear social ostracism which results in the material loss and rejection by the broader society,

The prevailing political correctness in the west means that any deviance from pro-multi-culturalism results in social ostracism.

Therefore, McDonald says, Whites avoid any overt display of ethnocentrism ;

Instead, they adopt coded social practices in which they can be ethnocentric, but do not have to use racial terms to describe them: ‘country music’; ’seeking a better place to raise children’ (to explain White Flight for example)

Whites therefore understand what is happening, but are afraid to associate themselves with overt ethnocentric policies because they fear ostracism.

Their behaviour however, is in direct contradiction to their apparent political choices.

McDonald explains this contradiction in terms of self-imposed censorship and screening, driven primarily by the urge to be conscientious and not face social ostracism. White people, he says, instinctively react negatively to their displacement by immigrants, but enforce learned self-control over their instinctive urges, in order to keep their social acceptance and not face social ostracism.

White ethnocentrism is very real and alive, it just manifests itself in ways which cannot be identified as an overtly pro-White fashion.

McDonald concludes by saying the the way out of this problem is twofold: firstly, bold assertive announcements by individuals of price in their racial and cultural heritage; and secondly, the creation of White associations where the Whiteness of that group is overt and regarded as the norm, rather than being cause for social exclusion.

To address the very real fear Whites have with the word ‘race’, requires more than just the two solutions McDonald suggests. The real issue is to tackle and identify those issues upon which the vast majority of the British public feel strongly, the EU, immigration, economics etc in a fashion which will make the comfortable to be associated with, and not make them think they will give up their social status by being known publicly to support such policies.

White voting patterns will not be broken by ‘racist’ arguments, but, by being given the ability to associate on an ethnocentric basis without giving offence to other groups or races;

If offered this alternative, the British voting public will break their traditional voting habits and leap at the chance to vote for a party which represents their instinctive views.
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